All hell has broken loose…

After Viganò’s Volley:
Novus Ordo Sect in Meltdown Mode

A Chronological Overview

[UPDATE: More links added Aug. 30, 2018]

One struggles for words to describe what is happening in the Novus Ordo Sect right now. All hell has broken loose, and we appear to be witnessing a meltdown of epic proportions. It is difficult to absorb it all and calmly analyze the situation because news keeps breaking….

In this post, instead of offering some great commentary or analysis, we’ll have to content ourselves simply with providing links to stories that sketch all the developments in chronological order. The situation is “fluid”, as they say…

Background Information

Saturday, Aug. 25, 2018

Sunday, Aug. 26

Monday, Aug. 27

Reactions from Select Blogs and Web Sites

Appearing on EWTN’s Nightly News on Aug. 27, Vatican journalist Ed Pentin reported that Vigano is concerned that his life is in danger and that it is not known where he is living:

A succinct chronological overview of how the Vigano testimony ties in with the Vatican Bank scandal of 2009/10, the Vatileaks scandal, the resignation of Benedict XVI, and the election of Francis, is provided in this informative video clip of Dr. Taylor Marshall, who until the most recent events was always an avid defender of Bergoglio:

As this catastrophic Novus Ordo crisis develops, we will certainly be “watching” and keeping you informed.

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