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May 25, 2018

Giant ‘Jesus’ puppet arrives in St. Peter’s Square…

We had to wait long enough: Francis has given a new Interview, published May 24 in Eco di Bergamo. Here’s a goodie: “The most important role of religions, Bergoglio said, ‘is that of promoting the culture of encounter, along with the promotion of true education in responsible behavior in caring for creation'”. And you thought it was about the salvation of souls!

Immature antics? Could be a greater problem than immaturity here: Wacky “Bishop” Wack doing… something. (Appointed by Francis, of course.)

“In his Providence, God the Almighty has granted you the opportunity to observe anew the fasting of Ramadan… We all have the right and the duty to witness to the All-Powerful One we worship, and to share our beliefs with others, while respecting their religion and religious sentiments.” — Words from the Vatican’s Message to Muslims for Ramadan. (No Vatican message was sent to Catholics, by the way, regarding the observance of the Pentecost Ember Days.)

“I would be failing in my duty if I didn’t reveal what I knew”, says Henry Sire, author of The Dictator Pope, in a new interview. (Another recent interview was published by Church Disneyland.)

Paul VI and Oscar Romero to be raised to the altars tables: Fake Pope to declare prior fake Pope and fake bishop fake saints on October 14.

That’s it: Paul VI didn’t like the liturgical revolution he himself approved! Poor guy — if only he had been in charge!

If you thought that Humanae Vitae was a great conservative encyclical, you thought wrong: The problem, not the solution.

Fair warning: Francis hints at New CDF Document on End-of-Life Issues. Although most conclusions will surely be orthodox, expect “human dignity” uber alles. Drawing correct conclusions from false principles is very dangerous because before long, the false principles will prevail and people will draw the conclusions that truly follow from them.

Yes, this is an actual headline on Crux: “Humanity 2.0: Vatican hosts experts to discuss tenderness”

Culture of Encounter: Francis meets and greets child-corrupting witch Katy Perry at the Vatican. She was there for the Unite to Cure Conference, which offered some exciting New Age gifts.

Priceless: Former Vatican head of Communications — who had to step aside for manipulating a letter from Benedict XVI to concoct a fake news story — gives a talk at the Vatican on fake news. The inmates are running the asylum, folks!

Novus Ordo Ninja Priest: “Fr.” Stephen Gadberry to appear on American Ninja Warrior TV Show.

And not one Catholic among them: Francis to create 14 new “Cardinals” on June 29 — here are their names.

Canadian blogger says it “is time to call out Jorge Bergoglio, the man who is legally Pope as a heretic, an enemy of the Faith, an enemy of the Catholic people and an enemy of Christ”. We suggest this gentleman review Catholic teaching on the Papacy and tell us which of the two he would like to jettison: Jorge Bergoglio or the Papacy. It will have to be one or the other.

Crockodile tears from a viper: Francis publicly laments “hemorrhaging” of vocations in Europe, but we are not fooled because we know what he says when the cameras are off

The New York Met Gala Abomination (CAUTION! offensive and provocative pictures): Hobnobbing “Cardinal” Dolan pretends this is a way to evangelize. The thing was so sacrilegious and blasphemous that even liberal commentator Piers Morgan got it right: “What the hell was the Vatican thinking?” Yes, the Vatican was involved in this to no small extent, even lending sacred vestments and flying in the Sistine Chapel Choir for the occasion. Of course the Jesuit rag America claims this abomination was “a good thing for Catholicism”. Commentary on this by Joseph SciambraMichael Matt, and Phil Lawler. A summary of reactions here. Of course dyed-in-the-wool Novus Ordo apologist and Mark-Shea-in-training Steve Kellmeyer knows this Met Gala was nothing to get worked up over, and Hellboy James Martin had to send out a bawdy tweet about it.

While everyone is focused on Germany, Novus Ordo bishops around the globe are adopting “Communion” guidelines for interchurch couples.

Francis unplugged: Transcript of Q&A with Diocese of Rome.

Memo to Mark Mallett and Phil Lawler: To be a Catholic, it does not suffice to say some Catholic things on some occasions. Pope Pius VI denounced the tactic of mixing orthodox things with heterodox things, and Pope Leo XIII reminds us that just as a single pin pops the whole balloon, so a single pertinacious deviation from the Faith renders one a complete non-Catholic: “There can be nothing more dangerous than those heretics who admit nearly the whole cycle of doctrine, and yet by one word, as with a drop of poison, infect the real and simple faith taught by our Lord and handed down by Apostolic tradition” (Encyclical Satis Cognitum, n. 9).

With the full permission of the local Novus Ordo hierarchy, of course: “Electric Church” comes to desecrate Austria’s largest Catholic church building.

“New Springtime” Update: Catholic University of America will cut full-time faculty by 9% due to lack of enrollment, while Pittsburgh diocese will reduce 188 parishes to 57.

Francis moves to dismantle contemplative religious orders: Vatican okays Social Media, Autonomy for Contemplative Nuns. Let’s be clear: Francis has no use for the vertical dimension of life… Reality check: “Nor should any difference of praise be made between those who follow the active state of life and those others who, charmed with solitude, give themselves to prayer and bodily mortification” (Pope Leo XIII, Encyclical Testem Benevolentiae).

That’s it: Author says Francis is a ‘Mystic’ Trying to Solve Left-Right Dichotomy in the Church. What would we do without these experts always telling us what Francis is really up to?

Recognize-and-Resist No More: An Update on Fr. Ronald Ringrose’s Extirpation of the R&R Heresy at St. Athanasius in Vienna, Virginia. An alternate critique of Recognize-and-Resist was published in The Pennsylvania Review.

Vatican’s Unholy Office issues Document with Considerations for an Ethical Discernment Regarding Some Aspects of the Present Economic-Financial System. Got that?

Because for 2000 years the Church had the wrong attitude, you know: Italian Archlayman endorses “New Pastoral Attitude” towards Perverts… Good thing they’re not changing doctrine — just imagine if they did!

Why didn’t he just appoint James Martin? Francis appoints three women as consultants to the Congregation for the Destruction of the Faith.

Polemicist Christopher Ferrara is still pushing the “St. Paul rebuked St. Peter in Galatians 2” argument — as though that had anything to do with the situation with Francis. (See appendix at end of article here for a response to this argument.)

Fake Pope endorses Fake Pope Emeritus: Francis has penned the preface for Benedict XVI’s new book.

Speaking of Joseph Ratzinger: Rome Reports has produced a documentary on the resignation of Benedict XVI.

Novus Ordo historian Roberto de Mattei: “I am convinced that Pope Francis does not believe in the existence of hell.” So, what follows with regard to Francis’ claim to being the Pope? See if you can figure out what Mattei believes about that

That’s why the Anglicans and Methodists are growing by leaps and bounds: Parishes grow only when people are welcomed and heard, Francis says.

The conservative Novus Ordo flagship The Wanderer is telling its readership that the Chair of St. Peter is not vacant. Argumentation? None.

There is nothing he loves better than hearing himself talk: In speech to Focolare Movement, Francis cranks out such brilliant pieces of advice as: “The opposite of I is not You but We” – we need to “build a culture of encounter and a civilization of alliance” – and a sense of humor is “the human attitude that comes closest to God’s grace”.

Louie Verrecchio asks: Is Bergoglian Joy Catholic? (Hint: It’s a rhetorical question.)

Is Smoochie Fernandez about to get a promotion? Francis’ personal theologian — and author of Heal Me With Your Mouth: The Art of Kissing — is expected to lead a major Argentine archdiocese.

After having been reduced to the status of gossip police, the Vatican Swiss Guards now get new helmets: made of PVC by a 3D printer!

Francis pretends to want you to evangelize. And when you do, he rakes you over the coals for “proselytizing”, for using “arguments to convince”, something he blasphemously likens to “looking for fans cheering for a football team”!

Novus Ordo Eco-Theologian: Earth must be ‘front and center’ for those who love God. Reality check: “Mind the things that are above, not the things that are upon the earth” (Col 3:2).

Good thing they’ve got Francis to keep the gates of hell from prevailing: “…if Pope Francis were not a true pope, things would have been far worse than they have been”, writes a hapless blogger.

Reality check for Benedict admirers: A Novus Ordo monsignor points out that Ratzinger is no solution to the present problems.

The latest Novus Ordo hero, “Cardinal” Willem Eijk opposes giving “Holy Communion” to Protestants — but not to the Eastern Orthodox. Brilliant. That’s what Vatican II theology does to you.

Good Cop, Bad Cop: Alfie Evans as Pawn of the Bergoglian Agenda.

If we know them by their fruits (see Mt 7:20), what does this indicate? Italian philospher says: “Pope Hires the Worst Betrayers of the Faith.” Why this continual refusal to embrace logical conclusions? Isn’t that what the Pharisees did also? They would not believe despite the evidence. Perhaps this handy Antipope Probability Calculator will help….

Because the Great Commission is all about encounter and fraternity: Francis encourages growth of Pantheist Religions

Courtesy of Francis the Master Theologian: You can sleep well tonight, knowing that Baptism is not a “magic formula.”

Put on your surprise face: The Vatican’s official newspaper praises Karl Marx, founder of atheistic Communism — while “Cardinal” Reinhard Marx also had some kind words for his namesake. And in Argentina, then-“Cardinal” Bergoglio celebrated a Funeral “Mass” for pro-gay Ex-President, Nestor Kirchner.

While you’ve got that surprise face up: Catholic Education Service appoints anti-life and anti-family ex-MP as deputy director.

Immodest clothing, lewd dancing: Rocking Novus Ordo Nun Suor Cristina returns with second album.

Damage control to keep the restless conservatives in the game? After recent fallout from his ‘God made you gay’ comments, Francis verbally affirms practice of not admitting homosexuals to seminary. (He probably winked while doing it.)

Pro-abortion mayor given “Communion” at “Cesar Chavez Mass” said by Los Angeles Archlayman Jose Gomez. So what else is new?

Club Francis is concerned about many things that have nothing to do with the salvation of souls: Vatican stresses Need to Protect Forests.

Logic vs. Popularity: Louie Verrecchio comments on the Eclipse of Logic found among Recognize-and-Resist Traditionalists.

Strange logic prevails indeed among the Resistance Trads: You can figure out that Francis is a Pelagian and a Lutheran, you just can’t know he’s not the Pope. Because, you see, Popes can be Lutherans and Pelagians!

The Unholy See has said it insists on the rights of indigenous peoples. Unless they’re Europeans, of course — then they have to welcome the invasion of foreign cultures in bulk…

Francis sends a video message to a conference against human trafficking organized by the Eastern Orthodox and one to youth ministers in Cuba. Where is his video message to help Ireland defeat the proposed constitutional amendment to allow abortion?

Britain’s got Novus Ordo Talent: “Fr.” Ray Kelly the latest clerical TV singing sensation.

Good luck with that: Conservative Novus Ordo priests beg their bishops to teach the truth by launching Cura Pastoralis appeal.

The next “Catholic Woodstock”: A Preview of World Youth Day 2019 in Panama.

Oh goodie: “Cardinal” Robert Sarah has the honor of publicly announcing Francis’ successor, when the day comes…

While the ever-talkative Francis remains deafeningly silent, a Novus Ordo priest is using YouTube to pray for Ireland to keep its Pro-Life Eighth Amendment on May 25.

In Novus Ordo Land, not only do the blind lead the blind, they even ask them for directions!

And so it begins: The working document for this October’s upcoming Youth Synod has been approved.

“Fake Pope” is right! New book, entitled Fake Pope, released in Italy, seeks to refute “fake news” about Francis. The genuine news about the man is bad enough!

Opus Judei: The strange wakes of Opus Dei are something to wonder about…

Decoding a treasure trove of Catholicism: Artificial Intelligence Is Cracking Open the Vatican’s Secret Archives.

No doubt, the Francis Effect isn’t helping: Evangelicals have displaced Novus Ordos as the Anti-Abortion Movement’s Base.

SSPX complains: Diocese of Buffalo Denies Catholicity of Society of St. Pius X. Isn’t that mutual? Doesn’t the SSPX too deny the Catholicity of the diocese of Buffalo? Funny how that works!

Globalization of Catholicism? Fat chance! Francis calls for “globalization of solidarity”.

Released to the public for the first time: Transcript of 1976 Meeting between “Pope” Paul VI and Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre published.

Louie Verrechio has started a new newspaper: The Catholic Inquisitor still essentially takes a recognize-and-resist position but seeks to counter what it sees as intolerable concessions to conservative Novus Ordos by The Remnant, Catholic Family News, The Angelus, and The Fatima Crusader. (FYI: If you’re looking for a sedevacantist newspaper, consider The Four Marks.)

One blogger has some interesting thoughts on Anti-Semitism.

Diversity galore: Why listen to rocking nuns when you can watch rapping padres?

He’s not a sedevacantist, but the sermon is great: A recognize-and-resist presbyter refutes the Error of Juvenilism, according to which the old ought to listen to the young. Reality check: “For behold the sovereign the Lord of hosts shall take away from Jerusalem, and from Juda the valiant and the strong, the whole strength of bread, and the whole strength of water…. And I will give children to be their princes, and the effeminate shall rule over them. And the people shall rush one upon another, and every man against his neighbour: the child shall make it tumult against the ancient, and the base against the honourable” (Is 3:1,4-5).

Finally, a truly traditional Catholic antidote to secular women’s magazines: Altar & Hearth Magazine is made by real Catholic women for real Catholic women.

A sedevacantist blogger summarizes the Catholic teaching on sacramental intention and presumption of validity, as well as the Ordinary Magisterium of the Pope.

Steve Speray explains how Feeneyism is like Calvinism.

Tom Droleskey refutes a recent anti-sedevacantist sermon given by “Fr.” Philip Wolfe, FSSP.

Bp. Donald Sanborn explains how Roberto de Mattei is destroying the Papacy.

And Pope Pius XII gives a beautiful defense of large families.

And one for the road…

Accepting one means rejecting the other. Go ahead, pick one!

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