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Brazil: Protestant Women Priests concelebrate Novus Ordo Bishops’ Mass

If there’s one thing “Pope” Francis likes, it’s moving forward. It looks like the Novus Ordo Bishops of Brazil have done just that, and moved even a little further forward than their boss.

The web site Fratres in Unum reports that on Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018, in the diocese of Osório, Brazil, a “Catholic Mass” was offered that featured two Protestant women “priests” as concelebrants! What makes this all the more explosive is the fact that this farce of a Catholic liturgy was presided over by the local “bishop” and concelebrated by a number of other “bishops” from Brazil!

Fratres in Unum posted the following photo of the travesty:

The two females can be seen on the very left. This took place in the municipality of Mampituba on the occasion of the 41st “Earth Pilgrimage” (Romaria da Terra) in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. This event was sponsored in part by the diocese of Osório. This is the official banner:

video of the entire “Mass” can be found on the official “Earth Pilgrimage” Facebook page. Beginning at the 50 min 20 sec mark, one can see the two “priestesses” actively joining in the epiclesis (calling down of the Holy Ghost) and then in the “consecration” of the bread and wine.

The main celebrant of this chaos liturgy was “Bishop” Jaime Pedro Kohl of Osório. According to the Fratres in Unum report, the other concelebrants included the following characters:

That’s quite the pseudo-episcopal posse! (They’re not truly bishops because the Novus Ordo rite of episcopal ordination is invalid.)

These people know that with Bergoglio running the show in the Vatican, they have nothing to fear. The worst that could happen is that he expresses his displeasure in an upcoming interview. Actual disciplinary action, they know, is reserved for people who are suspect of Catholicism, and so these seven bozos clearly have nothing to fear.

The entire Novus Ordo Sect is such a gigantic tsunami of apostasy, heresy, sacrilege, impiety, and moral filth at this point that one can only shrug at this and say, “Well, what does it matter now?”

Perhaps that’s what these seven “Catholic bishops” thought as well.

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