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More free traditional Catholic radio!

Announcing a Partnership with True Restoration

Frequent visitors to Novus Ordo Watch will be familiar with the sedevacantist media apostolate True Restoration, which we link to and promote from time to time on this blog. True Restoration uses the media of print, video, radio, and in-person conferences to bring about a genuine restoration of all things in Christ. In the past we have occasionally sponsored sundry individual episodes as well as entire shows of their Restoration Radio program, allowing people to access this audio content entirely free of charge, without a paid subscription.

But it is now time to step our efforts up a bit.

Over the next four years, through our sponsorship Seasons 3 and 4 of Restoration Radio will gradually be released for free to the public in their entirety (Season 1 and Season 2 are already available free of charge).

In addition, beginning this year, Novus Ordo Watch will be returning as a sponsor of the popular Francis Watch program with Bp. Donald Sanborn and Fr. Anthony Cekada. This means Francis Watch will be entirely free beginning this season and will be released quarterly. Meanwhile, as you eagerly await the next episode of Francis Watch, you can binge-listen (if you can handle that much Francis) to Seasons 3 and 4, which are free to the public now at

Novus Ordo Watch has also acquired the exclusive rights to the TR-produced shows “The Spiritual Life” with Fr. Bernard Uttley, OSB, “Escape from the Novus Ordo” with Fr. Michael Oswalt, and “Tradition and the Church”, likewise with Fr. Oswalt. All of these shows are now entirely free of charge (click the links to access).

It is our pleasure to be able to sponsor this much audio content for the good of souls and for the greater glory of God. In this manner we try to fulfill in part our stated goal of helping to educate people in the true Roman Catholic religion and making people aware of how true Catholicism differs essentially from the fake Novus Ordo/Vatican II counterpart that is currently occupying the Catholic structures.

By helping to make this content from True Restoration free of charge, we render it accessible to a much wider audience than would otherwise have benefited from it. This is one way in which we would like to “give back” in gratitude to our donors, without whom operating Novus Ordo Watch would not be possible.

We pray that souls will benefit greatly from all the content now being released. Please help distribute it by sharing this post or by sharing the direct links to the newly-released free content.

If you would like to support Novus Ordo Watch, you may do so by making a tax-deductible donation here, or you can help out in eleven other ways here.