Darkness over Fatima…

False Lights at Fatima:
Basilica Façade profaned with Light Show

The pre-announced profanation of the facade of the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary at Fatima, Portugal, took place as scheduled. On Oct. 12, 13, and 14, an elaborate multimedia light show called Fátima — Tempo de Luz (“Fatima — Time of Light”) was projected onto the facade of the traditional church building consecrated to the worship of God in October of 1953.

Details concerning this light show were included in our Oct. 9 post announcing the event:

Here is the official video made of the 13-minute spectacle as it was performed on Oct. 13, 2017:

After Electric Church, Francis’ Fiat Lux, and now Fatima’s Tempo de Luz light shows, we predict that all this “let’s project some cool multimedia stuff onto a church facade” phenomenon will become even more commonplace in the future, both inside and outside traditional churches. It’s just “too cool” not to!

For an apostate generation that does not know what church buildings are actually for and rejoices in anything that stimulates the senses, this only stands to reason.

Image source: youtube.com (screenshot)
License: fair use

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4 Responses to “False Lights at Fatima: Basilica Facade profaned with Light Show”

  1. bartmaeus

    13 minutes eh?: 13 – a favourite Masonic number. Probably plenty of occult imagery flashed onto the hated (by the Masons) facade, as well as a few subliminal messages to boot.

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