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In the 16th episode of our popular TRADCAST podcast program, released on Dec. 24, 2016, we announced that in the new year we were going to start cranking out little “quickie” podcasts as an additional service to all who enjoy TRADCAST and/or Novus Ordo Watch. We decided to call these mini podcasts “TRADCAST Express”, as they are produced “on the fly” and are only a few minutes in length. There is no fancy music, no long introduction, no show notes, not much of anything except powerful audio content. These express podcasts will not be showing up on our blog, nor on YouTube, nor anywhere except for the RSS feed which delivers them automatically to anyone who subscribes (and as part of this episode list here!). The reason for this is that the idea behind TRADCAST Express is for us to be able to deliver good content quickly, at a moment’s notice, and get it out as fast to our subscribers as possible. So, we’ve kept the bells and whistles to a minimum — in exchange for that, you can expect a few express episodes a week.

So far, three express episodes have been produced. As a courtesy, we are linking all three of them here:

So, how do you get these delivered to you automatically? That depends on how you would like to receive them. You can choose any one of these options:

  • By E-Mail – receive an email message in your inbox every time a new podcast episode is released. The email will include a link to where you can download the episode. CLICK HERE to subscribe (after you have signed up, be sure to look for a confirmation message in your inbox and accept the confirmation request, else your subscription will not be activated)
  • Through any podcast application – have the podcast delivered to your computer or mobile device automatically with any RSS-based podcast app – simply enter the following link as the RSS source feed: RSS FEED
  • Through iTunes – if you use Apple iTunes, you can subscribe by going to TRADCAST on iTunes (click on “View in iTunes”, then hit “SUBSCRIBE” button)

If you are not sure which of these you should choose, then go for the e-mail subscription. Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time.

For those who are wondering what’s happening to our longer “classic” TRADCAST program: not to worry! This will continue to be produced just as before. TRADCAST Express is simply an additional product for you. Just like all our other content, it too is entirely free of charge; you simply have to subscribe. Subscribing to TRADCAST Express also subscribes you automatically to the classic TRADCAST, and vice versa — so if you’re already signed up to receive the classic podcasts, then you’re also getting the express podcasts because both the regular and the express editions are published using the same feed. You’re welcome!

Remember: TRADCAST is your “Novus Ordo Watch on the Go” — you can easily take it with you using your smartphone, your tablet, or your laptop and listen at your own convenience — while exercising, while waiting at the doctor’s office, while driving, while walking your dog, while relaxing on your sofa… you name it!

Ready to subscribe? Do it! And tell your friends to do the same. If you need to catch up on some prior episodes you may have missed of our regular TRADCAST, you can see the entire episode list here (scroll down) and listen free at any time you like. (Although we offer all our content free, it is not free to produce, and so we gratefully accept tax-deductible donations here.)

So, what do you have to lose? It’s free, it’s fun, and it’s anti-Francis!

Someone is not amused…

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4 Responses to “TRADCAST EXPRESS is here!”

  1. Pedro

    Not much for podcasts but I believe these will be worthwhile, as is the majority of the “Anti-Francis” commentary and news items on NOW. Keep up the exposure of this buffoon!

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