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Francis’ Raging Mess:
On Recent Vatican News & Rumors


The Vatican today is a complete mess. Not that that’s anything new, but it’s probably never been worse than it is now. It has been well over 3 years now that Francis first told people at World Youth Day 2013 to “make a mess”, and he’s been leading by splendid example.

Ten days ago we reported on the anti-Francis posters that had mysteriously popped up on Saturday morning in Rome. This rather unusual way of criticizing the pretend-Pontifex did not end there, however. In fact, it was perhaps just the beginning: A few days ago a spoofed cover of the official Vatican newspaper Osservatore Romano made the rounds (see image below). Emailed to a number of Novus Ordo cardinals and members of the press, the fake Osservatore Romano front page claims that Francis answered the dubia about Amoris Laetitia. Amusingly, each dubium is answered with a clear “Sic et non!” – “Yes and no!”

The entire front page of the satirical spoof of Osservatore Romano can be found in Italian here and in English here. It contains biting satire demonstrating to what levels of theological buffoonery the Vatican II Church has sunk since Francis took over almost four years ago. We may very well see more “episodes” like this in the future because Francis seems determined to cause a split between conservative and progressive members of the Novus Ordo Church. (We have warned of this before.)

While some may object to this sort of prank, the truth remains that the biggest joke of them all is “Pope” Francis himself. Nevertheless, it is not a laughing matter. If people take his claim to being a valid Pope of the Catholic Church seriously, the joke is actually on them, and they are the ones being hurt by his spiritual crimes (yes, even those who “resist” him and his errors, because they do so at the expense of Catholic doctrine on the Papacy, which requires the kind of submission they refuse Francis).

Yesterday rumors were swirling around the internet that something big was about to happen in the Vatican, and these rumors were not unfounded: In a rather unusual move, Francis’ advisory council of “cardinals” made an explicit affirmation of “adhesion and loyalty to the figure of the Pope and to his Magisterium”, specifically “[i]n relation to recent events” (source); a number of articles against American “Cardinal” Raymond Burke, perceived to be Francis’ main antagonist, were published in several secular newspapers within a matter of days (see pieces by The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Publico); and then we heard about a press conference that was to take place today, Feb. 14, at which the president of the so-called Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, Benedict-appointee “Cardinal” Francesco Coccopalmerio, was to give the Vatican’s official response to the dubia while presenting his new book on the topic of Chapter 8 of Amoris Laetitia. But this turned to out to be much ado about nothing. Although a low-key press conference was held at Vatican Radio introducing the book, Coccopalmerio himself “couldn’t make it” to the presentation, and the rumored/feared “official response” to the dubia turned out to be a canard. The book itself advances the ridiculous and theologically unsustainable, thoroughly Bergoglian thesis that unrepentant adulterers can receive the sacraments “as long as they want to change their situation but cannot … because doing so would lead to further sin” (source). Too bad for Fr. Coccopalmerio that we already refuted this sorry attempt at theology, which is nothing but blasphemous sophistry, in our TRADCAST 013 podcast.

In any case, it is clear that the tension between conservative and progressive members of the Vatican II Church must soon resolve itself, considering the speed and pressure with which Francis is bringing everything to a head. In particular, the world is still awaiting that much-talked-about “formal correction” that “Cardinal” Burke has promised will be given to Francis, although we suspect that it will end up being not much more than a number of statements handed to Francis that contradict his errors, accompanied by a lamentation that the “successor of Peter” is “confused” and we must pray for him.

In related news: We know that Francis likes to present himself as the tough guy who cleans house when it comes to dealing with clerical sex abuse, and now he’s even penned the foreword to a book written by such an abuse victim, a man named Daniel Pittet. However, words are one thing and actions another. As Life Site News points out, Francis’ actions have simply not been consistent with his words. Quite the contrary: In a recent article, they list six cases where the sexual abuse scandal touches Francis, including the “Pope’s” appalling intervention on behalf of the defrocked “Fr.” Mauro Inzoli, whom the Vatican’s own investigation had found guilty of molesting children but who was reinstated at Francis’ behest.

Not too far off seem to be the claims of a “network of lies, intrigue, espionage, mistrust and … fear” that is allegedly generated by Jorge Bergoglio, about whose past in Argentina still much too little is known in the English-speaking world, according to this interesting piece by a neo-trad blogger. Besides, we just learned that Francis helped an unrepentant terrorist receive a presidential pardon from Barack Obama.

Is a clear picture emerging yet?

“An enemy hath done this” (Mt 13:28). It all starts to make sense once you stop thinking that this monstrous charlatan occupying Vatican City is the Vicar of Jesus Christ. Rather, he is manifestly a raving anti-Catholic hell-bent on destroying souls. A lot of water has flowed down the Tiber since the initial “Good evening” on that fateful day of March 13, 2013, when Francis first manifested himself to the world on the balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica. He’s probably spoken a quadrillion more words since then to prove time and again that he detests the Catholic Faith and is not what he claims to be. What more does it take to convince people that he is an apostate who could in no wise be a valid Pope?

Alas, as a wise man once said, it is a lot easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled.

Meanwhile, the Vatican has released the official logo for Francis’ visit to Fatima in May on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady. Those who thought that perhaps Our Lady of Fatima herself would be a part of the logo, were quickly disappointed:

Yes, Our Lady does get a brief mention further down, but the logo proper — with the heart-shaped dots that could perhaps be interpreted to signify Rosary beads — centers on the one man whom it’s all about: Jorge Bergoglio. Obviously! As is plainly evident, the emblem does not incite anyone to piety or devotion to Our Lady. The girly shape and the choice of colors also seem totally out of place. Logos for sporting events have looked more inspiring than this.

Some more details on this logo and a brief video clip of the press conference introducing it, can be found here.

Thus far our brief wrap-up of recent developments in Rome. One thing seems easy to predict: It won’t be long before there will be more Vatican news to report and comment on!

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31 Responses to “Francis’ Raging Mess: On Recent Vatican News and Rumors”

  1. James Pridmore

    “We insist from the beginning on the individual character of the work, and upon the necessity of maintaining the objective and sceptical standpoint. You are explicitly warned against reliance upon “authority,” even that of the Order itself. Consider my own assets, personal, social, educational, experiential and the rest: don’t you see that all I had to do was to put out some brightly-coloured and mellifluous lie, and avoid treading on too many toes, to have had hundreds of thousands of idiots worshipping me?” – Aleister Crowley, freemason, occultist and someone described as the wickedest man to have lived.

    The cult of personality that is Jorge Mario Bergoglio is straight from the occult playbook. And Satan is not only the father of lies but also the source of chaos. He is bent on destroying God’s order.

    Too harsh? I think not…

    • Pedro

      Could not agree more. Francis is straight out of the Scribes and Pharisees school of “chutzpah”, to use the perfidious Jews own term. You know what our Blessed Lord said to those charlatans, “You do the works of your father, the devil”. It is clear our Lord knew of what He spoke.

          • Tom A.

            Well, religious freedom is one of the teachings of the Church that changed at Vatican II. It appears from your comment that you are a supporter of the changes made at V2 on religious liberty. I do want to ask you if you are aware of what the Church taught prior to V2 concerning religious liberty and if you agree that there was a change in teaching after the Council.

          • Tee Emm

            Nvm that it was an odd question based upon… what? Where was it asserted that (all?) “Jews are evil” or, even more oddly, it was just some request completely from left field, Pavlov prompted by the word ” Jew”.

            At best, more comedy of equivocation from the peanut gallery.

  2. Junior Ribeiro

    “What more does it take to convince people that he is an apostate who could in no wise be a valid Pope?”

    “And thou shalt grope at noonday, as the blind gropeth in darkness, and thou shalt not prosper in thy ways: and thou shalt be only oppressed and spoiled evermore, and no man shall save thee.” Deuteronomy XXVIII, 29.

  3. Pedro

    Here in America we have a citizen’s arrest. Is there such a canonical exigency to be utilized to rid the Vatican of this monster?

  4. Waykent

    Pope Francis was elected by the College of Cardinals on March 13th, 2013. Ergo, he is the legitimate pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

    • Pedro

      Once more, thank you Captain Obvious. However, a non-Catholic is not permissible as a candidate. Ergo, not a valid election. Ergo, troll, the Sede is vacant.

      • alinla56

        and that also blow out of the water that “is the Pope Catholic?” line.

        At least assume be bears still [defecate] in the woods, Pedro.

    • Pascendi

      No, he isn’t. If the College of Cardinals elected my dog, would that make him the pope of the Roman Catholic Church? Obviously not. Why? Because there are other requirements to be a valid pope than simply getting the requisite number of votes. Some of the requirements though not all, are as follows:
      One must a male. Francis meets this requirement.
      One must be validly baptized. Francis apparently meets this requirement.
      One must have reached the age of reason. Francis meets this requirement.
      One must hold the Catholic faith. Francis does NOT meet this requirement.
      If anyone no matter his rank manifests disbelief in even a single dogma, that person is excommunicated ipso facto without the need of a specific declaration by any ecclesiastical authority. Someone who is not a member of the Catholic Church cannot be its head.

    • Michael S

      The “College of Cardinals” were all appointed “Cardinal” by anti-popes & are not actual Cardinals. Most are not even properly ordained as priests. They are all heretics and apostates and therefore don’t have the authority to elect anything other than the flavor of coffee for the day… let alone a pope LOL.

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