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Brave New Church:
The Counter-Council of Trent

You may recall that on Oct. 31, 2016, “Pope” Francis traveled to Lund, Sweden, for a joint commemoration of the Protestant Reformation (see our coverage here). Well, it didn’t take long for this milestone event to bear its expected rotten fruit.

In the historic city of Trent, Italy, where in the 16th century the Catholic Church held the glorious Council of Trent to refute the errors of Martin Luther and the Reformation, the Italian Conference of Novus Ordo Bishops recently joined up with Protestants to celebrate 500 years of the Lutheran heresy as part of a three-day conference on the Reformation that took place November 16-18, 2016 (see official program brochure here). One of the featured speakers was the infamous “Archbishop” Bruno Forte, the main author behind the controversial paragraphs on adulterers and sodomites in the interim report of the 2014 Synod on the Family. (Forte is one of the very few individuals who was personally “consecrated bishop” by the then-“Cardinal” Joseph Ratzinger.)

To add insult to injury, the venues chosen for the joint musical and liturgical Reformation celebrations were precisely the two Catholic holy sites in which the Council of Trent had taken place hundreds of years before: the church of St. Mary Major and the cathedral of St. Vigilius. One may, therefore, speak of a veritable Counter-Council of Trent. It is clear that the Modernist usurpers of the Catholic structures are spitting on the sacred heritage of Catholicism and trying to humiliate us by doing a victory dance, as it were, on top of the ruins of the few remaining physical remnants of Catholicism.

Below you will find our working translation of a brief commentary on the abominable spectacle. The original, which includes important photos we do not reproduce here for copyright reasons, is taken from the Italian web site Inter Multiplices Una Vox, which is a non-sedevacantist source, so keep that in mind that it is written from a recognize-and-resist perspective.

Shameless Priests: The ‘Counter-Council of Trent’ in Trent

by Belvecchio

Strongly supported by the Conference of Italian Bishops [CEI] and reported by many newspapers…. What is it? The ‘Counter-Council of Trent’!

It was a propaganda move aimed at sealing the sensational breakthrough Bergoglio foisted on the history of the Church and the Catholic Apostolic doctrine, by means of an irreverent sensational event that would push the very limits of blasphemy.

The pseudo-canonization of [Martin] Luther amidst the Swedish fog having marked the turning point, the brave Italian priests who are part of what was once the Catholic episcopal body, in agreement with the Protestant “archipelago” of Italy saw fit to enshrine the unconditional [theological] surrender of the new conciliar church in the province of Trent, in the same city and in the very same churches where the Catholic bishops once irrevocably condemned the German monk’s [Luther’s] revolution against the Church of Christ.

We will not recall here the doctrinal premises which led to the condemnation of the “Reformation”, because it is not the theological discourses that interest us [here] but the sound doctrine based on the words of Our Lord: “But let your speech be yea, yea: no, no: and that which is over and above these, is of evil” [Mt 5:37] and “By their fruits you shall know them” [Mt 7:16]. It will suffice to call to mind the fact that the Protestant “Reformation” was the seedbed from which sprang the modern world, whose fundamental and unstoppable concern is waging war against God….

It was not surprising that Bergoglio’s irresponsible act would pave the way for new initiatives to boost the protestantization of the Catholic Church begun by the nefarious Second Vatican Council. But what was the reason for choosing the city of Trent a few days after Bergoglio’s unconditional surrender, if not to cause in people the impression that the Council of Trent is dead and buried?

At Trent, the Catholic Church condemned the subversion of Catholic doctrine and life… at Trent, the new conciliar church whitewashes the subversion and stipulates that the Catholic Church is outdated: Coming from Lund and from Bergoglio, a new phase has begun in the life of the Church, the phase of the official equation of error with truth, and of the definitive rejection of the principle of non-contradiction, by establishing that two things that have always been opposites must now be considered the same.

This new subversive event, strongly supported by the CEI [Italian Bishops’ Conference], has seen some champions of the modern anti-Catholic line that nowadays prevails within the new conciliar church that was once Catholic: from the unavoidable Cardinal Walter Kasper, taking the role of “animator” (among other things), to the unfading Monsignor Bruno Forte, who plays the role of “theologian”. And these talented champions of anti-Catholicity highlighted as one of the “gifts” of the “Reformation” the centrality of the Word of God in the life of the Church, proposed and implemented by Luther and adopted by Vatican II. Of course, this is a solemn hoax, used as a crowbar to introduce into the life of the Church the free interpretation of Holy Scripture according to one’s needs — following the example of Luther — and the abandonment of Tradition and the perennial Papal Magisterium — in light of Vatican II.

The [ecumenical] events took place in the Basilica of St. Mary Major, in which [once] took place the meetings of the Council of Trent, so as to enshrine in a particularly incisive way the value of the “Counter-Council of Trent”. And [the ecumenical events] ended in the Cathedral [of St. Vigilius] of Trent, the very same place where the decrees and canons of the Tridentine Council were solemnly proclaimed. All this took place with the blessing of the [current] bishop of Trent, Lauro Tisi, accompanied by Ambrogio Spreafico, Bishop of Frosinone — both of whom, together with certain Protestant “shepherds”, also officiated a kind of communal celebration in which they literally broke a [loaf of] bread and distributed it to the people in attendance.

A symbolic tribute to Bergoglio, to whom all must show the highest gratitude for paving the road to heresy in the very bosom of the Church of Christ, was unavoidable. The Catholic agency SIR reports that “as a sign of reconciliation, they brought onto the altar a basket of soil, an interdenominational Bible, and a suitcase as a symbol and icon of all the migrants saved thanks to the humanitarian corridors supported by the Community of Sant’Egidio, the Evangelical Churches, and Tavola Valdese”.

It is clearly another euphemism trying to disguise the subversive action of modern priests who do everything to facilitate the mass arrival in Italy and in Europe of millions of “migrants”, mainly of Islamic faith: This is conducive to the big plan of the New World Order wishing to reduce Catholicism to a mere “denomination”, equal to the others, and incorporate it into a universal secular religion. In order to achieve this end, it is essential to annihilate the Catholic identity by drowning it in a formless and fluctuating multi-fideism, the much-vaunted new multiethnic and multicultural civilization.

Which is a colossal lie, because in such a new society no ethnic group will exist apart from an indistinguishable hybrid race, and there will be no culture apart from that of one single way of thinking, which, in the name of democracy, will not permit any differences [of opinion] or opposition, apart from those of scattered, non-approved groups of Catholics, speciously tolerated, that will have to remain in hiding if they do not want to be wiped out physically, but this will serve as a democratic alibi for the new masters of the world.

To those concerned that what we are writing is political fiction, please, look around and tell us if you can find anything still based on common sense and on the proper order of Catholic social and family life. There is ruin everywhere: a widespread destruction of order and normality, from which arises the increasingly dense, sulfurous stench of a civilization in decay. And all this is happening with the encouragement and support of those who should be the “shepherds” of Christ’s flock, who have instead become the leaders of hordes of ravenous wolves killing the sheep of the Lord, in the name of an adaptation considered unavoidable in a world characterized by increasingly inhuman elements.

And if anyone thinks that we should mercifully meet sinners [in this ecumenical way] to lead them back to the right path, tell us, please, how many conversions to the Lord have the actions of the new priests of the new conciliar church brought about, and how many people have returned to follow Christ during the three-year “pontificate” of Master Bergoglio? Perhaps we are blind and deaf, but we cannot find any ray of even dim light in this current landscape of ruins surrounding our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren.

Our only hope is in the Lord, and it is to Him alone that we turn so as to receive … support that will enable us to persevere in the teachings and commands of Christ, with the help and intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. To Mary we turn as petitioners confident to obtain from her divine Son the strength not to fail in this vale of tears, and mercy for the eternal salvation of the souls of us contrite sinners.

[Source: Belvecchio, “Preti Spudorati: Il Contro-Concilio di Trento at Trento”, Inter Multiplices Una Vox, Nov. 2016; working translation by Novus Ordo Watch.]

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5 Responses to “Brave New Church: The Counter-Council of Trent”

  1. Sonia

    The big ‘rainbow’ tent of Post-Catholicism is simply too irresistible to those whose, ‘give up to get along’, chips have gained more value over the years.

    If St Peter and St Paul were preaching Christ and ordaining priests in this day, they would be, at best, shouted into obscurity by Novus Ordites too indifferent, bored, or tired to deal with the real.

    Protestantism has made ‘Christian’ nominal and nothing more.

  2. Nick Pastore

    The choice of Trent and those two churches in particular was no mere coincidence. They were chosen to send a message: “Luther was right, the Catholic Church was wrong.”
    Even though these men have no authority in the true Church, they wield great influence over people who still consider themselves Catholic. Publicly embracing the errors of Luther might be the most spiritually destructive act since Vatican II, and worse still is coming.

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