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Move over, Year of Mercy:
Here comes the…

If there is one thing our wicked world does not need, it’s more of the bogus “mercy” promoted by Jorge Bergoglio (“Pope” Francis) and his Modernist henchmen. Yet, the Vatican II Sect will be celebrating a so-called “Jubilee Year of Mercy” from December 8, 2015 through November 20, 2016, as announced by Francis earlier this year.

At the opening of the so-called “Second Vatican Council”, Antipope John XXIII said: “Nowadays … the spouse of Christ prefers to make use of the medicine of mercy rather than that of severity” (Opening Address Gaudet Mater Ecclesia, Oct. 11, 1962). Well, 53 years later, how’d it work out? Applying the supposedly salutary “medicine of mercy” has led to the near-total collapse of Roman Catholicism, both the authentic kind and the Novus Ordo religion that the world mistakes for true Catholicism. If the Novus Ordo “popes” had been sincere in their errors, they would have long abandoned the course taken by Vatican II and undone all of the decisions and teachings since John XXIII ever claimed the Chair of St. Peter in 1958. The fact that this has not happened, and instead ‘more Vatican II’ is perpetually offered as the panacean cure for all apostasy, is simply one more shred of evidence that the charlatans in Rome are malicious deceivers, rather than just sincerely-mistaken Catholics.

Indeed, since Vatican II, the world has been subjected to a veritable torrent of Modernist blather about Divine Mercy, and has heard virtually nothing about Divine Justice and the hard truths about hell and purgatory, the real threat of eternal damnation, the Particular and General Judgment, God’s wrath, perseverance in grace, the narrowness of the road to Heaven, self-denial, courage, mortification, penance, and a salutary filial fear of the Lord. Indeed, the German apostate “Cardinal” Reinhard Marx of Munich is on record stating that it is impossible to offend (insult) God, that only man can be offended – “in his religious feelings”!

This is where decades of phony “mercy” have led: Absolute theological trash being passed off as “Catholic theology” by the Modernists’ highest ecclesiastical authorities — no wonder the Novus Ordo Church has become theologically and socially irrelevant!

Clearly, it is time to counteract the false “mercy” of the Modernists.

Therefore, after some deliberation, we have decided to run, concurrently with the bogus Novus Ordo “Holy Year of Mercy”, our very own Year of Exclusion, Judgment & Condemnation, or simply “Year of Condemnation” for short. We have created the following fitting logo for it:

Throughout the Year of Condemnation, we will publish brief blog posts with little tidbits from Holy Scripture, Sacred Tradition, the Church’s Magisterium, the Church Fathers, Church history, etc., that deal with such politically incorrect but thoroughly Catholic ideas as intolerance, punishment, exclusion, justice, judgment, and condemnation. The posts will be extremely narrow-minded, negative, intolerant, not at all diverse, “hateful”, “bigoted”, and everything else Modernists and liberals hate. Deal with it.

Whatever you may think of our logo, it is definitely better than the one the Novus Ordo Sect has chosen for its “Year of Mercy”, which shows a water-skiing “Jesus” sharing an eye with a man he carries on his back.

As long as it’s ugly, repellant, and definitely not Catholic, the Novus Ordo Church is bound to love it. That explains its “art”, its church buildings, and its liturgical rites.

While you wait for the Year of Condemnation to start, why not listen to some of our free podcasts and review 12 ways you can help Novus Ordo Watch and spread the word!

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