You can’t make this stuff up…

Francis denounces ‘Pseudo-Pastors’ who ‘Talk Too Much’!

This is sure to blow up your hypocrisy detector. From the man who has drowned the world in an unending stream of sermons, speeches, interviews, documents, and off-the-cuff remarks since he stepped onto the world stage as “Pope Francis” on March 13, 2013, now comes a denunciation of false shepherds who “talk too much.” Vatican Radio reports on Bergoglio’s morning rambling of June 25:

[Francis:] “When Jesus warns people to beware of ‘false prophets’, he says: ‘By their fruits ye shall know them’. And here, by their attitude: so many words, they speak, they do wonders, do great things but they do not have an open heart to hear the Word of God; they are afraid of the silence of the word of God and these are the ‘pseudo Christians’, the ‘pseudo pastors ‘.