Disaster strikes fourfold…

Chaos Frank in the Philippines

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Wherever Francis goes, there is death, destruction, and disaster. Early on in his “papal reign” we gave him the moniker “Chaos Frank” because he upsets everything in his Modernist church, and this was even before all hell began to break loose around his various special events and trips.

To give you just a few examples: On August 1, 2013, right after Francis had left Rio de Janeiro having concluded World Youth Day, the host nation of Brazil legalized abortion, and not without Francis’ indirect help. In April 2014, just days before Francis would “canonize” John Paul II and John XXIII, a pilgrim was crushed to death in Italy by a distorted giant “crucifix” that had been erected for John Paul II. The 21-year-old victim was a resident of Bergamo, the hometown of John XXIII, and lived on a street named after the same “Pope.” When Francis visited the Holy Land in May of the same year, a fire broke out in the Church of the Nativity in Jerusalem within 48 hours of his departure. In June, Francis hosted Muslims and Jews at the Vatican to engage in an interreligious “prayer for peace” service in which our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ was humiliated by being dragged down to the level of Islamic and Jewish infidelity (cf. 2 Cor 6:14-15), and immediately following this abomination, the Middle East erupted in the fiercest and most barbaric violence seen in recent history.

We could go on and on — the examples can be multiplied ad nauseam (Tom Droleskey has some more examples here). So when the same Jorge Bergoglio visited the Philippines this month, it was no surprise to hear that death and destruction were once again in the news, both before and during his visit (see below for details). As he is officially departing only as of the time of this writing, Heaven help us for what else might be coming in the next few days, if past history is any indication.

Pray for the Filipino people. So many of them are trying to be real and good Catholics — they do not realize that they are the victims of a cruel fraud. They thought they were being visited by the Pope, the Vicar of the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity — instead they got a blaspheming Modernist who kisses babies and talks about the poor.

Francis’ Chaos in the Philippines (Articles & Videos):

Our Blessed Lord is making it really easy even for those who are blind on matters of sacred theology. But none are so blind as those who refuse to see. So, for those who have eyes to see, please see!

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