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Francis fires Commander of Swiss Guards

The internet is abuzz with news about Francis’ firing of Daniel Anrig, head commander of the Vatican Swiss Guards since 2008, for allegedly being too “rigid.” Here are several interesting news stories covering Francis’ latest move:

The British Telegraph has also provided this video regarding Anrig’s dismissal:

Not everyone believes, of course, that Anrig’s rigidity is the (sole) reason for Francis’ insistence that he step down. The reliable Rorate Caeli blog suspects that there may be a connection to that infamous Vatican ‘Gay Lobby’ that is no longer spoken about since Mr. Bergoglio took over in March of 2013:

Approximately one year ago, news broke from Switzerland that the former head of the Vatican Swiss Guards revealed that Novus Ordo “cardinals” had solicited him for sex — in an explosive interview, Elmar Mader made serious accusations against a homosexual lobby allegedly found in the Vatican:

When Francis was asked directly about a Vatican gay lobby in July of 2013, he agreed that such a thing was bad — not the “gay” part, mind you, but the “lobby” part. As far as resolve to eradicate such a sordid stain on the Vatican’s record, Bergoglio was less than zealous: “We need to see what we can do about it.

What was “done” about it? Nothing, of course. If anything, sodomite perverts are even more powerful now under Francis than before:

For now, all the reasons for the firing of Swiss Guard commander Daniel Anrig will have to remain on the level of speculation. But one thing’s for certain: At least Anrig now won’t have to worry about having to play gossip police around the Vatican any more.

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