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Restoration Radio:
Devotion to Our Lady of Fatima and Her Message

October 13, 2014, marked exactly 97 years since the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to the three peasant children at Fatima in Portugal to once again beg the world to heed Her dire warnings and convert their lives and specifically to pray the Holy Rosary daily.

In this Restoration Radio broadcast, Father Benedict Hughes, CMRI, discusses in great detail the message of Fatima. While it is well assumed that most who will listen to this show are familiar with the essential message of Our Lady of Fatima already, Fr. Benedict takes some time to reacquaint listeners with the core understanding of what Our Lady conveyed at Fatima, as well as what she did not say.

The host, Nicholas Wansbutter, speaks with his guest not only about the essentials but also about misinterpretations of the Fatima message involving the consecration of Russia which Our Lady asked of the Pope and what the common objections are to the consecration which took place in October of 1942 by Pope Pius XII. Fr. Benedict also gives a historic look at other apparitions and explains the nature of private revelation and what bearing it should and shouldn’t have in the lives of Catholics. Furthermore, he addresses some common objections to private revelation by such minds as St. John of the Cross and how that factors in to our adherence and devotion to private apparitions.

Of course, one cannot discuss the consecration of Russia without having a candid conversation about the nature of the Pope’s role in this, and we must deal with the oft-cited rebuttal from many non-sedevacantist traditionalists that if the seat of Peter is indeed vacant, how then do we get a papal consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as Our Lady asked and predicted would occur?

This episode of the Restoradio Radio flagship broadcast will also take a look at the well-known apostolate of the Fatima Center in Canada, headed by the Rev. Nicholas Gruner. What are we to think about his version of the Fatima message and his claim that the message of Fatima is binding on all Catholics as a “public-prophetic revelation”?

To listen to Fr. Benedict Hughes’ informative and refreshingly balanced perspective on Our Lady of Fatima, click the PLAY button in the player below:

The entire show runs 56 minutes. This program was produced by and is being published by Novus Ordo Watch with their permission.

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