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The October SINod – Go and Sin Some More

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Restoration Radio presents another episode of the “Francis Watch” series, a monthly show dedicated exclusively to all things Bergoglio. Tune in live each month or listen on demand at your convenience for a truly Catholic perspective on Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the Anti-Catholic Modernist who falsely claims to be the Pope of the Catholic Church.

In this month’s episode, host Justin Soeder covers an immense amount of material with his guests Bp. Donald Sanborn and Fr. Anthony Cekada, who analyze, dissect, and comment on the latest heresies, errors, and contradictions of “Pope” Francis, from the perspective of the traditional and true Roman Catholic religion, the Faith as it was known and proclaimed by all Catholics until the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958.

The first part of this 2-hour-37-minute broadcast covers:

  • The appointment of Blase Cupich as the new Novus Ordo “Archbishop” of Chicago
  • More “Reform of the Papacy” in conformity with the ecumenical directives of Vatican II at the behest of lay monk Enzo Bianchi
  • More Francis denouncement of “law and order Christianity”
  • Francis’ admonition to his bishops to stop “defending their own borders” and make no effort to convert people
  • Francis once again telling people “not to be slaves to little laws” (like adultery)
  • The Dr. Roberto de Mattei article which lambasts Vatican II as a de-dogmatization of Catholicism and a substantial change of Catholic doctrine
  • More tripe about not judging
  • Francis doubling-down to once again boldly and objectively deny the miracle of Our Lord feeding the five-thousand
  • Francis’ new (and false) gospel telling the masses that we encounter Our Lord Jesus Christ in our sins
  • Francis telling Evangelicals that he does not want them to convert to the Novus Ordo religion
  • Francis’ demotion of Novus Ordo “Cardinal” Raymond Burke – the traditionally-minded nuisance who has been given his walking papers as Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura for a patronship of the Order of the Knights of Malta
  • And much more!

In the second segment of the September ’14 episode of Francis Watch, the host discusses with his guests the upcoming Synod on the Family (scheduled for Oct. 5-19 in Rome), which has everyone braced for a formal defection from Catholic doctrine. Items being discussed include the preparatory document Instrumentum Laboris and the four key issues that this Synod is going to address and how in all likelihood, it is going to produce a formal break from Catholic doctrine relating to the Catholic understanding of marriage, the rules on reception of the Sacraments for the divorced and “re-married”, “same-sex” couples, as well as issues revolving around the sixth and ninth commandments. We will hear Bp. Sanborn’s and Fr. Cekada’s predictions for what they think we will see on the other side of this event.

Novus Ordo Watch is pleased to be the sponsor of this Francis Watch season on Restoration Radio. For a well-written summary of the first 11 months of the Revolution of “Pope Francis”, please see The Strange “Papacy” of Jorge Bergoglio.

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