So bad, not even Mark Shea likes him…

Francis appoints Blase Cupich as “Archbishop” of Chicago

You have probably heard about it by now: “Pope” Francis has appointed Mr. Blase Cupich (pronounced SOUP-itch) as the next “Archbishop” of Chicago, Illinois, the former diocese of the notorious “Cardinal” Joseph Bernardin, most recently headed by “Cardinal” George. Up until this point, Cupich had been the “bishop” of Spokane, Washington, appointed to this office by “Pope” Benedict XVI. First chosen to be a “bishop” by “Saint” John Paul II, a quick review of the facts about Cupich indicates that he is very much a man after Francis’ heart.

Here are some links to introduce you to this latest “papal” appointment — another Modernist hell-bent on destroying whatever remnants of true Catholicism still remain among Novus Ordo adherents:

The 35-minute press conference from the archdiocesan bishop’s residence in Chicago can be viewed here:

The fact that anti-Catholic entities like Call To ActionAmerica, and National [Non-]Catholic Reporter are celebrating the Cupich appointment tells you all you need to know. (For all those who think a “moderate” is good, make sure you read Chapter 16 of this online book: The Moderate Liberal is the Worst Kind of Liberal.) Even Washington’s most famous “Catholic” blogger, Mark Shea, who is not exactly a conservative by any stretch, is troubled by the man. Here are some links to Shea’s past posts critical of Cupich, in chronological order (let’s hope they will not be taken down):

[UPDATE 9-21-14: Mark Shea has now weighed in on the Cupich promotion: HERE. In his usual style, he simply posted a sarcastic comment that changes the topic. Must have worked well for him up until now. He ought to consider that, even under the false supposition that the Vatican II Sect is the Catholic Church of our Lord, though the gates of hell will not prevail against her, nevertheless souls still go to hell because of bad bishops. Minor detail.]

Of course, there is never lacking at least one Novus Ordo blogger who will tell you that, despite all, there is nothing to worry about, that we need to understand what it all “really means”. So also in this case.

Yet, the Cupich appointment appears to be such a disaster that even the popular Francis defender “Fr.” Zuhlsdorf has not yet mentioned the matter, and instead decided to blog a second time about Talk Like a Pirate Day. But give him some time — he might still be trying to figure out how to spin this whole thing in such a way that it doesn’t make Francis look too bad, especially as it comes right after the credible story over the impending removal of “Cardinal” Burke.

Fasten your seatbelts, folks. “Chaos Frank” has struck again, and he’s just getting started.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons (Goat_Girl; cropped)
License: CC BY 2.0

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