A phony river for a phony Pope…

The Francis Show at the River Jordan


“Pope” Francis is dipping his hand into the River Jordan — or is he?

The “Francis Show” is currently in full swing, ladies and gentlemen. When Jorge Bergoglio — commonly referred to by his official stage name “Pope Francis” — visited the Holy Land last month, he also paid a visit to King Abdullah of Jordan and stopped by the eponymous river in which our Lord Jesus Christ was baptized.

Or at least that’s what you were supposed to think.

The photo above shows Francis visiting in Bethany beyond the Jordan the site of Christ’s Baptism, dipping his hand in what looks to be the waters of the Jordan river, standing there recollected as he is supposedly beholding the very water in which our Blessed Lord was baptized (see Mt 3:13-17).

The facts, however, are a bit more sobering. As the Call Me Jorge blog points out, the river Jordan has long altered its course and is now about 5.5 miles (9 km) removed from the baptism site. The water Francis was looking at was nothing more than plain old city water, duly pumped into the basin hours before by workers using fire and garden hoses:


The Making of the “River Jordan” for “Pope” Francis

Francis standing there at the baptism site looking at dirt and a dried-up basin just wouldn’t make that good of a photo op, you know? And show is what the Vatican II Church is all about!

Be sure to read the entire post, “Turning our Lord’s Baptism into a Photo-Op”, which includes many more photos and other details.

Though the Vatican has announced that Francis will be “resting” during the month of July as he is getting worn out from his taxing schedule, rest assured (no pun intended) that he will soon be up to his old tricks again, because… the show must go on!

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