To Francis, it’s all the same god anyway…

Francis, the Muslims & the Jews

The Call Me Jorge blog has just put up another really interesting post on Francis’ Modernist apostasy. In the video below, you see Jorge Bergoglio speaking to representatives of the Muslim and Jewish religions, in addition to his own, telling them they all believe in and adore the same god:

The majority of us know how to coexist, it’s easier for us, and that’s a clear message. It’s a message that we have the same Father, up in Heaven, and the same Father down on earth, we adore him… What you have done, visiting these towns, the synagogues, mosques and Christian churches, is an act of brotherhood and a seed. A seed to build that culture of encounter that we all have to carry forward.

(“Pope” Francis, Feb. 28, 2014)

Here is the video clip:

For more details and information, see the post An Apostate Says What? here.

This is the same Francis who told Muslims to share their “faith” using the Koran, and who told them that he was confident that their observance of Ramadan would “bear abundant spiritual fruit.” It is the same Francis who believes that today’s apostate Jews are God’s Chosen People who are in a valid covenant with God.

Bergoglio has demonstrated time and again that he is not a Roman Catholic. Obviously, then, he cannot be the head of the Roman Catholic Church.

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