The problem that just won’t go away…

Francis & Homosexuality:
A Review of Disturbing Facts

The video above was posted on GloriaTV, a conservative Novus Ordo video and news portal. The accompanying video description provides additional information.

Though many in the Novus Ordo would prefer to ignore this unpleasant topic, it is one that must be looked at most closely. This is the man in charge of the Vatican II Church, which practically everyone on the planet believes is the Pope of the Catholic Church. The scandal is beyond measure, and, to make matters worse, chances are that under “Who-am-I-to-judge?” Francis, the perverted homosexual agenda in the Western world will advance even faster and with renewed vigor.

Shortly after his election in March 2013, news spread that as “Archbishop” of Buenos Aires, Jorge Bergoglio had favored legal recognition of homosexual “civil unions” (not however, calling it a “marriage”) — then came the denials. So, did he or didn’t he? As it turns out: Yes, he did. The links below give the necessary information.

Background Information (in chronological order):

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