Days before the “Canonization” of John Paul II – an omen?

Man Crushed to Death by Distorted Crucifix Dedicated to John Paul II

image: Luca Giarelli / CC-BY-SA 3.0


The British paper The Telegraph is reporting that a 21-year-old hiker by the name of Marco Gusmini has died after a large distorted crucifix suddenly snapped and crushed him as he was enjoying a picnic with friends right underneath it. The Modernist crucifix had been created for the 1998 visit of the false “Pope” John Paul II to Brescia in Northern Italy, but has since been transferred to the nearby village of Cevo.

Here is a video report on the incident by the Italian Corriere della Sera:

And here’s a video report by the Wall Street Journal:

The crucifix collapsed in such a manner that the head of what is supposed to be our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ is stuck in the ground facing upside down.

According to news reports, the crucifix audibly began to crunch just before it collapsed, and though other people gathered underneath it were able to remove themselves in time, Gusmini was not, due to suffering from a mild handicap that made it difficult for him to move quickly. He died at once.

In another curious “coincidence,” the deceased man reportedly lived in the city of Bergamo, the home town of the false “Pope” John XXIII, even on a street named after him who, together with John Paul II, is scheduled to be “canonized” as a saint by the false “Pope” Francis this coming Sunday, April 27.

More images of the hideous crucifix can be viewed here:

In Cevo, the local prosecutor has begun an investigation for manslaughter. It is not clear yet what caused the cross to collapse, as there was no strong wind blowing at the time.

Meanwhile, Corriere della Sera has posted a video feed that was taken by a webcam from a distance. It shows stillshots of the crucifix immediately preceding and following the collapse.

Corriere della Sera has several more reports on this story (in Italian) at these links:

The BBC has also published a report on the tragic death of Gusmini, available here; more details of the incident are given by this report of an Australian news source.

A close-up view of the blasphemous crucifix of Cevo, Italy

This is not the first time that disaster has been associated with the supposed “saintliness” of John Paul II. In 2012 and 2013, the famous grotto at Lourdes flooded twice, each time in connection with the cause for the “canonization” of John Paul II. See our report here. Will people finally get the message?

Please pray for the repose of the soul of this young man, Marco Gusmini, who was clearly a victim of the Novus Ordo Sect in more ways than one. His funeral is scheduled for Sunday, April 27 — the same day Francis will declare John Paul II and his fellow-Modernist John XXIII “saints” of the Novus Ordo Sect.

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