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Holding Hands with Francis

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Jorge Bergoglio with Luigi Ciotti

Get ready, everyone: The Call Me Jorge blog has once again unearthed some explosive information on the shenanigans in the Vatican II Sect. While you probably heard about “Pope” Francis’ denunciation of the Mafia on March 21, 2014, at a prayer service in St. Gregory church in Rome, chances are you didn’t hear about him holding hands with one of his “priests” as they both walked into the building — and not just any priest.

His name is Luigi Ciotti, and he is a pro-homosexual activist and friend and admirer of the scandalous Fr. Andrea Gallo (1928-2013), who was a public Communist, Modernist, and sodomite supporter.

Call Me Jorge has the details with more photos and also some videos:

It’s a most interesting and revealing post. Be sure to read it in full and watch the videos. Just make sure you keep a barf bag handy.

Turning now to Francis, you may recall that when he gave his first interview on the plane flight back from World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro on July 28, 2013, one of the things he was asked about was the “gay lobby” in the Vatican that had come to light under Benedict XVI. Francis cavalierly and disingenuously answered:

So much is written about the gay lobby. I still haven’t found anyone with an identity card in the Vatican with “gay” on it. They say there are some there. I believe that when you are dealing with such a person, you must distinguish between the fact of a person being gay and the fact of someone forming a lobby, because not all lobbies are good. This one is not good. If someone is gay and is searching for the Lord and has good will, then who am I to judge him? The Catechism of the Catholic Church explains this in a beautiful way, saying … wait a moment, how does it say it … it says: “no one should marginalize these people for this, they must be integrated into society”. The problem is not having this tendency, no, we must be brothers and sisters to one another, and there is this one and there is that one. The problem is in making a lobby of this tendency: a lobby of misers, a lobby of politicians, a lobby of masons, so many lobbies. For me, this is the greater problem.

(Antipope Francis, Press Conference during WYD Return Flight, July 28, 2013)

There we have Francis’ entire attitude towards sodomites and their allies: He opposes the Vatican “Gay Lobby” indeed, but only insofar as it is a lobby, not insofar as it promotes sodomy or sodomites. In other words, for Francis the problem with the Gay Lobby is the lobby part, not the gay part. So yes, he might as well be holding hands with one of their members. Perhaps he himself will eventually issue their identity cards.

As we like to say so often: You just can’t make this stuff up!

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