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Socci: “The Plot Thickens”

“Greater Mystery” seen in
Ratzinger Response to Tornielli

Just as we predicted yesterday, not all who give credence to the idea that Benedict XVI’s resignation may have been invalid are convinced by Ratzinger’s reported reaffirmation of its validity to Italian journalist Andrea Tornielli.

“The plot thickens,” Socci says in a Feb. 26, 2014 article posted on his web site:

Socci claims that the questions he raised earlier this month have not been answered but instead the mystery surrounding Benedict’s abdication is deepening.

Socci, author of the book The Fourth Secret of Fatima, criticizes Andrea Tornielli of the Italian daily La Stampa for not releasing the full text of the alleged letter the “Pope emeritus” wrote him, saying that for a story of such magnitude, it would have been appropriate to at least reproduce the letter in its entirety, or better yet, a scanned facsimile copy showing Ratzinger’s signature and letterhead. Why was this not done?

An undeniably excellent point, however, is made by Socci regarding Benedict’s reported words concerning the reason why he is still wearing white. Ratzinger’s alleged answer is absurd on its face. According to Tornielli, Benedict “explained”:

I continue to wear the white cassock and kept the name Benedict for purely practical reasons. At the moment of my resignation there were no other clothes available. In any case, I wear the white cassock in a visibly different way to how the Pope wears it. This is another case of completely unfounded speculations being made.

(Benedict XVI to Andrea Tornielli)

Seriously? They couldn’t find a single black cassock in the entire Vatican for Benedict to wear, and that’s why he just “had to” continue wearing white? This “explanation” is so patently ridiculous that surely there is not a single person in the entire world who could find it credible.

There are two more articles of interest on this issue, not currently available in English:

More on this to come. Stay tuned, everyone. It looks like Resignationism may just be getting started….

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