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Radio Maria Fires Roberto de Mattei

The “culture of dialogue and encounter” promoted by Antipope Francis doesn’t apply to everyone, apparently. After ridding themselves of Mario Palmaro and Alessandro Gnocchi in 2013Radio Maria has now also fired the Novus Ordo historian Prof. Roberto de Mattei, who hosted a monthly show for the “Catholic” Italian radio network.

In a letter that was very polite and gracious in tone, Radio Maria‘s program director “Fr.” Livio Fanzaga tells Prof. de Mattei that he can no longer in good conscience retain him as a show host for as long as he criticizes and does not support Francis’ “pastoral program”, and that for this reason his show has been canceled.

What brought this on was de Mattei’s recent article “Motus In Fine Velocior“, published on Feb. 12, 2014, by Correspondenza Romana. Here are links to the essay:

De Mattei responded to the program director by explaining and defending his critical attitude towards the Argentinian “pope”, which triggered a brief acknowledgment from “Fr.” Fanzaga. The correspondence seems to be availabe in only two languages at this point:

Roberto de Mattei, despite his criticism, is firmly a member of the Vatican II Sect. In 2012, he published a historical study on Vatican II, entitled The Second Vatican Council: An Unwritten Story.

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