The Scandals Continue – And there’s a New One Brewing…

Sandro Magister on Ricca, Francis,
and the Next Vatican Scandal

A week after publishing his explosive article “The Prelate of the Gay Lobby” in the Italian L’Espresso, which exposed “Mgr.” Battista Ricca, head of the Vatican Bank, as precisely the kind of scandalous homosexual “Pope” Francis wants to get rid of, Vaticanist Sandro Magister has penned a follow-up article. Highlights below:

On Ricca:

“About the monsignor [Ricca]’s scandalous past, and the present cover-up, Francis knew nothing when on June 15 he appointed him prelate, meaning his fiduciary at the IOR. He had been shown the file concerning Ricca that is kept at the personnel office of the secretariat of state, and everything appeared to be in order.


“But over the following days a number of trusted persons sounded the alarm for the pope, in speech and in writing, over what had happened in Uruguay between 1999 and 2001 at the nunciature of Montevideo where Ricca had been in service. More information came to the pope on June 21 and 22, when he met with the nuncios who had convened in Rome from all over the world.

“After the news of the looming scandal was published on July 3 on www.chiesa, Francis wanted to see Ricca’s personal file again.

“This time as well they passed him off as immaculate. The chain of command composed of cardinal secretary of state Tarcisio Bertone, his substitute Giovanni Angelo Becciu, and the delegate for the pontifical diplomatic missions, head of personnel Luciano Suriani, did not even take the basic step of asking the nunciature of Montevideo for copies of the reports from the nuncio at the time, Janusz Bolonek, which arrived in Rome but were evidently made to disappear.

“Worse, after L’Espresso last week brought the elements of the scandal to everyone’s attention, they had Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi say that what was published is ‘not reliable.’

“When instead it corresponds in every way to the documents – ecclesiastical and of the civil authorities – kept at the nunciature, including the letter with which Bolonek implored the Vatican authorities to send him in place of Ricca a new and ‘morally sound’ adviser.

“In Uruguay, at least five bishops who were direct witnesses of the scandal are ready to report. ‘Es todo verdad,’ it’s all true, ecclesiastical sources have told the leading newspaper of Montevideo, ‘El País.’

“After seeing L’Espresso, Pope Francis himself picked up the telephone and called persons in his trust in that country, for definitive confirmation of the facts.

“‘Surely the Holy Father, in his wisdom, will know what to do,’ was the succinct statement of the current nuncio, Guido Anselmo Pecorari.”


A New Scandal? The Appointment of Francesca Chaouqui:

“After that of the prelate of the IOR, another appointment is raising strong objections at the Vatican and outside of it.

“It is that of thirty-year-old Francesca Immacolata Chaouqui, the only Italian among the eight members of the newly created pontifical commission reporting on the organization of the financial-administrative structure of the Holy See, instituted by Pope Francis on July 18….


“In the chirograph that institutes the commission its members are authorized to access all of the “documents, data, and information” of every Vatican administrative organism, without any official confidentiality to obstruct them.

“An extraordinary coup for an expert in communication like Francesca Chaouqui, who works at the multinational Ernst & Young but is also an assiduous informer for, the number one collector in Italy of leaks and dirt concerning the world of the Vatican.

“Not only that. From her Twitter page it emerges that Francesca Chaouqui has a direct connection with Gianluigi Nuzzi, whom she says she admires.

“Nuzzi is the journalist who received and published the confidential documents taken from the desk of Benedict XVI by his butler Paolo Gabriele, who was afterward arrested and sentenced.

“The photo [above on left –Novus Ordo Watch] is the one with which Francesca Chaouqui presented herself on her Twitter page before taking it down on July 23, five days after her appointment to the Vatican commission…”



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