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The SSPX War Continues:
Bp. Williamson Excoriates Bp. Fellay


Please Note: Novus Ordo Watch does not side with either Bp. Williamson or with Bp. Fellay. In fact, we reject the position of the Society of St. Pius X (whether that of Fellay or of Williamson) as at least doctrinally erroneous if not outright heretical, as absurd, as unworkable, as offensive to pious ears, and so forth, as some of the links below will demonstrate. We merely provide this information about the SSPX and Bp. Williamson’s latest salvo to keep our readers informed about the problems inside (and outside) of the Society, as a lot of good-willed people who seek to be true Catholics are entangled in it to some degree or another.

Click the link below to listen to (or download) a talk given by Bp. Richard Williamson, SSPX-SO [Strict Observance], on July 2, 2013, at 8:00 pm in Rossville, Kansas (near St. Marys).

In this talk, Bp. Williamson does not mince words. He severely castigates Bp. Fellay and his leadership, so expect some real fireworks. Yet, lest anyone accuse us of favoring one side over the other, or of either desiring a reunion of the SSPX with Rome or of loathing it, the truth is that we simply do not care because no matter what they do with regard to Rome, their “recognize-and-resist” position is flawed and so cannot be accepted as a Catholic solution to anything.

This crisis the SSPX is currently undergoing does not come as a surprise. In fact, it is but the inevitable consequence of its doctrinal position, which is inherently contradictory: accept the Vatican II Church as the true Roman Catholic Church and its leaders as true Roman Catholic “authorities”, yet reject the religion that is professed and promoted by these men. Such a position cannot but result in two different, warring factions: Those who place more emphasis on the “accept the authorities” part, and those who place more emphasis on the “reject the new religion” part. Both at the same time is impossible, and hence there is a perpetual struggle going on between these two camps. We currently have in preparation a lengthy critique and analysis of the SSPX’s position towards the Vatican Modernists and Roman Catholic doctrine, but in the meantime, we offer the “reality check” below.

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