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Divorced Father of Two Becomes Novus Ordo Priest

Boy, the Novus Ordo Church is really desperate for “priests”. In addition to allowing a select few married men to be “ordained” to the “priesthood”, especially former Anglican clergy, they are now going for divorced men who got their marriages “annulled” by the false Novus Ordo hierarchy. And since they dish out more marriage annulments than they distribute communion hosts in a year, they’ve got a lot of “never-married” (wink, wink) men out there, so the supply should be nearly endless now.

An article entitled “Newly Ordained Priest a Spiritual – and Literal – Father” has been published in the diocesan publication of the Novus Ordo Archdiocese of Seattle, Washington [Update: This publication is now defunct. A secular article on this can be found here]. One such divorced man, a father of two, has now been “ordained” (using, of course, the invalid rite of ordination introduced by Paul VI in 1968). The article gives details, and we could not help but notice how tellingly it presents the issue of the marriage and (supposed) annulment:

First, the article admits that “Fr.” Mark Kiszelewski “got married in 1984” – even though this is (in theory) contradicted by his (truly worthless) declaration of nullity, which says essentially that he merely attempted to get married in 1984, and this attempt failed (since, according to both Catholic and Novus Ordo teaching, a marriage annulment is a declaration that a marriage that was thought to exist did not in fact exist).

Then, the article says that this “marriage ended in divorce”, but of course a civil divorce has absolutely no effect on a valid marriage and certainly cannot end it. The only thing that ends a consummated marriage is the death of one of the spouses (“until death do us part”, remember that one?). Never mind, though, because we all know that the reality in the Vatican II Church is that their bogus annulments are – regardless of what they may say on paper – nothing less than a church-sanctioned divorce. That’s exactly what it is, and the statistics prove it (there are roughly 40,000 “annulments” or more handed out by the modernists each year, which is an admission on their part that either their religion is incapable of producing valid marriages, or else their annulments are bogus and therefore void).

Lastly, to further reinforce the highly prevalent perception that an annulment is simply a “Catholic divorce” (and thanks to the Vatican II Church, that’s exactly what it is de facto), the article quotes Kiszelewski himself: “A lot of people that I talk to say to me, ‘You have a great background, in terms of you’ve done a lot of things. You’ve been married — you know what marriage is about…'” Ah! But the annulment says he wasn’t married all these years!

In order to prevent Catholic orthodoxy from being diluted and a most serious error from making the rounds, Kiszelewski would have to be preaching from the housetops to ensure no one misunderstands: Despite all appearances, he was never married, and thus his children are illegitimate, and the whole thing was a gigantic illusion from 1984 until 2001.

But does anyone really believe this? Do the people? Does the average Novus Ordo?

No, of course not. The proof is in the pudding: The Novus Ordo Church, for all intents and purposes, has created ‘Catholic Divorce’, and everyone knows it. And now these divorced men are becoming Novus Ordo “priests”. No doubt, the “New Springtime” of Vatican II has finally arrived!

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