No one causes mushrooms to grow like Francis!

Francis Says Sedevacantists Are ‘Mushrooms’ That Have Emerged, Feels Sorry for Them

The web site Religión Digital is a Spanish-language socio-religious news portal. Under the editorship of its founder, José Manuel Vidal, it is firmly in the camp of progressivism and explicitly supports the ‘reforms’ of the Argentinian apostate Jorge Bergoglio (‘Pope Francis’).

For its 25th anniversary, which coincided with the 11th anniversary of Bergoglio’s election as head of the Vatican II Sect on Mar. 13, 2024, several representatives of Religión Digital were received by Francis in the Vatican.

In a brief article posted on its web site, Religión Digital shared some of the words of their beloved ‘Pope’ during the course of the conversation. Among them were the following:

“There are good people who don’t agree with each other.” A different thing are “all these ‘mushrooms’ that have sprung up now, these sedevacantists, who look for any little thing to interpret in their own way. They are not bad people, they are sad people. With a sadness of heart, I feel sorry for them”.

(Words of ‘Pope’ Francis as reported by Religion Digital, Mar. 13, 2024; translation via DeepL.)

The English-language edition of the official German Novus Ordo bishops’ site also published a brief snippet on this:

Pope Francis has described sedevacantists as “mushrooms” in the Church. This group and other critics from the traditionalist environment would deliberately misinterpret his statements, said the head of the Church in an interview with the management of the Spanish news portal “Religión Digital”. Its editor-in-chief José Manuel Vidal told on request on Thursday that Francis had described these critics as “sad people” at the meeting in the Vatican the previous day. “They carry sadness in their hearts, I have compassion for them,” were the Pope’s words.

(“Pope Francis: Sedisvacantists are ‘mushrooms’ in the Church”,, Mar. 14, 2024)

Of course we are happy to hear that Sedevacantists are popping up like mushrooms, and that none other than the man illegitimately occupying the Chair of St. Peter acknowledges as much.

We suspect, however, that the ‘Sedevacantists’ Francis has in mind are mostly those who believe the last true Pope was his immediate predecessor, Benedict XVI (r. 2005-2013, d. 2022); whereas typically the term ‘sedevacantist’ is used to designate Catholics who recognize that there has not been a (known) true Pope since 1958 (or 1963). Why do we say that?

Let us recall that in late 2017, the Italian Vatican journalist Francesco Antonio Grana published a book called Sedevacantisti (“Sedevacantists”), and the Vatican even held a press conference on it. Remember?

The book’s aim was not to refute Sedevacantism in general, however, or to defend all the papal claimants since 1958. No, the author only bothered with arguments made against the legitimacy of Francis specifically, including arguments advanced by Antonio Socci in his 2014 book Non È Francesco (“He’s Not Francis”) and those who based their rejection of Bergoglio on conclave rules laid down by “Pope” John Paul II in 1996.

Some photos of the author, Francesco Grana, handing a copy of his book to the man he defends as the “Vicar of Christ”, can be viewed here. Regardless of the book’s actual contents, however, it is a great satisfaction to know that someone held a book with the word “Sedevacantists” on its cover, straight in Francis’ face.

The fact that the terms “Sedevacantists” and “Sedevacantism” are present to the mind of Bergoglio, is a beautiful thing. And we can be grateful that the Argentinian apostate made these mushroom comments, for many more people will now be interested in researching just what those mysterious ‘Sedevacantists’ stand for, and why.

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