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Welcome to ‘Garnet Chapel’ in Austria

Nothing expresses the new religion of Vatican II better than the bizarre “sacred” art and architecture that have accompanied it. On this blog, we occasionally feature some of the worst examples in that regard.

Today we would like to showcase the so-called “Garnet Chapel” (Granatkapelle) in Tyrol, Austria. It was constructed in 2013, the year Jorge Bergoglio became “Pope Francis”. Not that there is any kind of connection there, but it does fit, since the chapel is built in the shape of what is called a “rhombic dodecahedron”, and Francis is a big fan of polyhedrons, at least philosophically (see ‘Apostolic Exhortation’ Evangelii Gaudium, n. 236).

The following photos provide an inside view of Garnet Chapel (all images are screenshots taken from YouTube):

Yeah, so… whatever.

The following roadtrip video includes a 90-second visit to the bizarre chapel, which is no more Catholic on the inside than on the outside (see time stamps 6:42-8:19; video is cued up):

As a popular hiking destination, the chapel has its own web site, in German and English:

Garnet is a mineral. In fact, according to the information found on the official web site, it is the folk gemstone of the Ziller Valley (Zillertal), where the chapel is located. It was built at the initiative of the Brindlinger family, who made a living mining garnets there in the 19th century.

The hideous pseudo-Catholic chapel is dedicated to Bl. Engelbert Kolland (1827-1860), a Franciscan priest and missionary from the Ziller Valley. He was martyred in Damascus, Syria, trying to win souls for Christ by proselytizing for the only true, divinely-established religion — the religion which “Pope” Francis claims is only one among many willed by God. Bl. Engelbert was beatified by Pope Pius XI in 1926.

More images of the inside of this monstrous edifice can be found here: complete view“sanctuary” up close | “altar” up close. The pixelated portrait on the wall is supposed to show Bl. Engelbert. It was created by Austrian sculptor Markus Thurner, who creates plenty of questionable art, and some of his sculptures include nudity.

Garnet Chapel was designed by Swiss architect Mario Botta, who also created other hideous religious edifices, such as the Cathedral of the Resurrection in Évry, France, or the Church of St. John the Baptist in Mogno, Switzerland, which can be seen in the video below:

Garnet Chapel was officially dedicated on Sep. 22, 2013. It is part of the diocese of Innsbruck, where “Bishop” Hermann Glettler, appointed by Bergoglio, habitually blasphemes our Blessed Lord with “art” installations, such as the horrific “Jesus Clock” a few years back.

It all fits, except for the association with Bl. Engelbert. This holy friar would certainly not recognize the Vatican II religion as the religion for which he so generously and lovingly gave his life.

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