Tradcast Express #166

Podcast: The Rev. Frank Pavone Defrocking Drama

The news that broke this past Saturday, Dec. 17, regarding the Rev. Frank Pavone having been removed from the [Novus Ordo] priesthood by ‘Pope’ Francis, has developed into a drama that will probably be with us for a while.

Our initial blog post, since revised with countless updates, can be accessed here:

Although one’s gut reaction upon first hearing this news may be to assume that the usual suspects in the Vatican are simply trying to delegitimize an outspoken opponent of abortion, it quickly becomes apparent that there is more to this story than meets the eye at first.

In TRADCAST EXPRESS 166, released late on Dec. 20, we seek to bring some clarity to the whole matter, trying hard to do justice to all parties involved. In such a controversial and sensitive matter, it is best to proceed dispassionately and systematically, identifying all the various issues involved and keeping separate things separate.

You can listen to our podcast episode in the players below:

Those who prefer a direct link to the audio can find it here.

A number of Novus Ordo and traditionalist commentators have weighed in on this controversy, and Pavone himself is currently giving one interview after another. Here is a small selection of articles and videos on this drama from various perspectives, in reverse chronological order:

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