Part of diocesan “sports pilgrimage” in Styria…

Juggling the Novus Ordo: ‘Sports Liturgy’ in Austria

(image: Christina Plankensteiner/Sonntagsblatt)

Let no one say that Novus Ordos never go on pilgrimage.

This past June 26, the Austrian diocese of Graz-Seckau hosted a “sports pilgrimage”, during which participants were able to attend a special “sports liturgy”, which included not only a biking presbyter but also a juggler, a band, and all kinds of entertainment — even young cheerleaders, who gave a performance just before the reading of the Gospel.

We can only be grateful that the presider, a certain “Fr.” Alfred Jokesch, did not attempt to confect the Holy Eucharist. No, this was simply a “Liturgy of the Word”, not a “Eucharistic celebration”.

The full video of the liturgical travesty can be watched below. The “entrance procession” begins at 28:49:

That modesty in dress was not one of the virtues on display there, goes without saying. The following still shots from the video give an idea of what went down during this “Catholic liturgy”:

Please stand for the entrance procession…

The choir at work…

Attendance wasn’t too bad, for Novus Ordo standards…

Mr. Jokesch presided over the liturgical action

A bird’s-eye-view of the sacred assembly

The people in attendance were reverently assisting at the liturgy

The spectacle, which “Pope” Francis must be relieved was at least not one of those backward-looking Traditional Latin Masses that speak to no one, was sponsored by the “diocesan sports association” (Diözesansportgemeinschaft), which has its own web site here. The following advertisement/flyer was used as a promo:

This “sports pilgrimage” was the second of its kind, and it is held annually. So, don’t say you weren’t warned — there is more to come. For those who haven’t seen enough yet, professional photographs of the event are available here.

The diocese of Graz-Seckau is currently led by Wilhelm Krautwaschl, a man who in 2018 made the news for celebrating the sodomite Christopher Street Day together with people who are proud of their unnatural lusts. That Krautwaschl was appointed by “Pope” Francis, should go without saying.

A tip of the hat goes to the Catholic Conclave blog, which first reported on this abomination on Aug. 19, 2022.

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