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Francis and his False Opposition:
TRADCAST 026 now available

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In case you missed our initial announcement on December 7: We have published another full-length episode of our popular TRADCAST podcast program. As always, it is loaded with real traditional Catholicism, hard-hitting refutations of various errors, and razor-sharp analysis. Our content is typically challenging but is always delivered with a relieving touch of humor.

The general topic of TRADCAST 026 is Francis and his false opposition. The episode consists of two separate segments. We start off by reflecting on Christ’s warning of a great deception that would precede His Second Coming (see Mt 24:23-25; cf. 2 Thess 2:3-11), which leads us to ask some important questions: Is Francis’ deception not too obvious to be effective? And if so, does this mean that the real deception is to be found elsewhere? What role does the former “Pope” Benedict XVI possibly play in this? And what do we make of “Abp.” Carlo Maria Vigano’s observation that Francis is changing the Catholic religion? Switching gears, we then proceed to critically analyze the SSPX U.S. District Superior Fr. Jurgen Wegner’s comments in his Jan. 2019 newsletter about the “struck shepherd”. In addition, we dismantle “Fr.” Thomas Weinandy’s absurd argument about an “internal papal schism” taking place in the church. We end the first portion of the program with a scathing critique of Dr. Peter Kwasniewski’s contention that following the magisterium of a true Pope could get one condemned by Christ at the Last Judgment.

In the second segment of the podcast we dissect a dangerous tweet by Steve Skojec, who claimed in a moment of great emotion that none of the theological controversies of our day ultimately matter. Then we refute Francis’ recent blasphemous contention that Christ’s Light illuminates all religions, as well as his absurd claim that mankind has a “covenant” with inanimate matter. We end this busy podcast episode by comparing what Michael Voris has recently said about liberal Novus Ordo journalist John Allen with what he said to him when he had him on his Mic’d Up show a few years back.

If you are new to the program, you will find that listening to TRADCAST is like drinking from a firehose of information. As always, the podcast is interlaced with important insights, quotes from solid Catholic sources, and some much-needed humor! The total run time of TRADCAST 026 is 58 minutes.

You can listen free of charge by playing the YouTube video above, or you can go to our TRADCAST 026 page, where you will find all the information you need for this show, including links to all the articles, books, blog posts, etc., mentioned in the podcast, and where you will also find ways to download this episode to your computer and sign up to be notified of new episodes by email.

Here’s an idea: Christmas is coming up, and you will probably be getting together with family. Why not take the opportunity and listen to the show together and discuss it over Christmas cookies, hot chocolate, tea, and coffee? Or, if this is not an option for you, how about hosting a virtual discussion with traditionalist or non-traditionalist friends using Google Hangouts or a similar conference tool?

If you are interested in listening to older shows, you can do so using our complete episodes list; or listen to a sermon or an apologetics/catechism class with your friends and family as well. This makes for great conversation — much more important than the usual family discussions — and will open people’s eyes about Francis and the Novus Ordo Sect! It’s one way you can do evangelization the easy way. In any case, don’t miss this TRADCAST and spread the word!

As always, TRADCAST is entirely free of charge. Listeners who would like to support this podcast with a tax-deductible donation, may do so here.

Annoy the heck out of Francis — listen to TRADCAST!

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