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Sickening Blasphemous Art in German Seminary Church

The outside is beautiful: St. Michael’s Church in Würzburg, Germany

The Novus Ordo diocese of Würzburg, Germany, has many gorgeous old church buildings in its possession. They are the remnants of the true Catholic religion that was once believed, taught, and practiced there.

One such church is St. Michael’s, which is part of the diocesan seminary. It is not used for regular public Sunday “Masses” anymore. After their invalid ordinations, new Novus Ordo priests go there to make their thanksgiving. The Novus Ordo worship service is perpetrated there every Monday night for the public, according to the diocesan Wiki page.

The inside of the church is now thoroughly Modernist. Take a peek (click image for larger view):

Over 100 years ago, that same interior looked like this:

That was then. What happened in the meantime? Why, the “New Springtime of Vatican II”, of course.

Just recently, on Nov. 7, 2019, the liberation theologian “Bishop” Erwin Kräutler — of Amazon Synod and Pachamama infamy — gave a lecture at St. Michael’s on the topic of “new paths for the church”. It can be viewed in the original German here:

The interesting construct behind Krautler, by the way, is the “tabernacle.”

But now we must come to a piece of explicit blasphemy that is on permanent display in this church. The following image is part of a hideous depiction of the Stations of the Cross. All fourteen stations are ugly or at least questionable, but this particular one — the Seventh Station — is overtly and horrifically blasphemous. We must apologize for showing this image, but there is no other way to expose this wickedness:



On the advice of a priest,
we have removed this image.


No commentary is needed here. It shows what it shows, and what it is, is obvious.

The “artist” responsible for this abomination is Heinrich Gerhard Bücker (1922-2008), who created it in 1991. He was called to render an account before God Almighty on Aug. 11, 2008.

By the way, the Modernist who played Catholic bishop in the diocese when this was put up is Fr. Paul-Werner Scheele (1928-2019), appointed to the post by “Saint” John Paul II in 1979. The current squatter in Wurzburg is the layman Franz Jung, sent there by “Pope” Francis last year.

Let’s keep in mind that the worst sin a person can commit is hatred of God. It is directly opposed to the greatest commandment and the greatest virtue: the love of God (see Mk 12:30). Hatred of God is even worse than heresy or apostasy, and so much worse than sins of sexuality: “Hatred of God is the worst of all mortal sins; for it is directly opposed to God (the supreme good) and to charity (the most excellent virtue in a creature), whereas other mortal sins offend against these goods only indirectly” (Rev. John A. McHugh and Rev. Charles J. Callan, Moral Theology, n. 1301b).

Some people are not content just being perverts or heretics.

Some truly hate God.

Image sources: wuerzburgwiki.de (Wolfgang) / wuerzburgwiki.de (Julia) / wuerzburgwiki.de (Wolfgang) / wuerzburgwiki.de (Wolfgang)
Licenses: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 DE / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 DE / public domain / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 DE

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