Sodomy made into a Novus Ordo sacrament…

Official “Catholic” Same-Sex “Wedding” in Austria

[UPDATE 14-NOV-19: Follow-Up to Homo “Wedding”: Diocese explains what happened

It was bound to happen before long: Two lesbian women have “married” each other in a “Catholic wedding” at St. Margarethen Church in Wolfsberg, Austria, which belongs to the diocese of Gurk in the state of Carinthia.

Gloria TV has published a news blurb on this with numerous photos documenting the abomination:

The spiritual criminal who officiated the ceremony was “Fr.” Michael Kopp, who is himself not exactly the epitome of masculinity at least visually. Kopp is from the neighboring diocese of Graz-Seckau, where he is — get this! — the head of the diocesan family office. Until the end of 2018, Kopp had held the same position in the Gurk diocese, and the town of Wolfsberg is his place of birth, according to a diocesan report.

So, now we have the first “official Catholic wedding” of two homo-perverted women. Think about what this means: Not only is unnatural sexual attraction being tolerated here, it is being celebrated and approved; and not only is it celebrated and approved, it is being raised, putatively, to the status of a sacrament! In addition to the horrendous evil of unnatural vice, then, this is also — and this is so much worse — a blasphemy and a sacrilege of such colossal proportions that one shudders to ponder the judgment God is preparing for these people when he calls them from this life, if they do not properly repent in time.

In Austria the diocese of Gurk is currently vacant, that is, there is no Novus Ordo bishop running the show for the time being, as its former long-time ordinary, Mr. Alois Schwarz, was transferred to St. Polten last year and a successor has not yet been appointed. “Pope” Francis has sent “Bp.” Werner Freistetter to play Apostolic Administrator there in the meantime.

As for Kopp’s current diocese of Graz-Seckau, the “bishop” there is Mr. Wilhelm Krautwaschl, another recent Francis appointee. Considering what we know about the man’s own “pastoral outreach” to sodomites, Kopp will have nothing to fear from his boss.

By the way: As evil and abominable as a “gay wedding” before a Catholic altar is, the recent offering to the Mother Earth goddess Pachamama on the High Altar at St. Peter’s Basilica was so much worse.

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