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November 18, 2019

Why you’re not Novus Ordo anymore, example no. 713: Anastasis church in France

More altar boys coming forward: Vatican youth seminary scandal grows with new abuse claims.

The Frankster tolerateth no dissent: Vatican envoy tells U.S. Novus Ordo bishops to get in line with Francis in ‘bomb-drop’ address.

Nothing to see here: Francis meets with Anglican Lesbian activist who seeks to criminalize psychological help for people who struggle with disordered sexual attractions.

Under water: Record floods in Venice, famous St. Mark’s Basilica damaged, crypt completely flooded. This is the cathedral used by Pope St. Pius X when he was the Archbishop of Venice (Cardinal Giuseppe Sarto).

The New York Times’ columnist Ross Douthat exposes the floundering intra-NovusOrdo resistance to Francis and shows the dilemma of those who recognize Francis as Pope. They have two options: “One is a conservative Catholicism that strains more mightily than [“Cardinal”] Burke to interpret all of Francis’ moves in continuity with his predecessors, while arguing that the pope’s liberalizing allies and appointees are somehow misinterpreting him…. Another alternative is a conservatism that simply resolves the apparent conflict between tradition and papal power in favor of the latter, submitting its private judgment to papal authority in 19th-century style — even if that submission requires accepting shifts on sex, marriage, celibacy and other issues that look awfully like the sort of liberal Protestantism that the 19th-century popes opposed.”

Yeah, the Vatican needs more estrogen: Francis says women’s voices are needed in Vatican leadership.

The Novus Ordo bishops of the Philippines are about to celebrate a “Year of Ecumenism, Interreligious Dialogue, and Indigenous People”, and their logo for it looks accordingly.

Francis the Modernist has a question for you: “Do I adore God or do I adore dogmatic formulations?” — Well, let’s see: “God is a spirit; and they that adore him, must adore him in spirit and in truth” (Jn 4:24). Truth is found in dogmatic formulations, buddy!

Proud to be perverts: LGBT “Pride Masses” taking over multiple Novus Ordo dioceses in England.

This is too crazy to be fake news: The so-called Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate announces its has elected “Abp.” Carlo Maria Vigano Pope (they have released a video here). Did anyone tell Vigano about it?

Now there’s an app for that: Vatican promotes “Smart Rosary” with electronic “eRosary” bracelet… But be careful! It’s hackable!

Francis appoints “Cardinal” Joseph Tobin of “nighty-night” infamy a member of the Pontifical Council for Culture, as Tobin hires an LGBTQ leader as a consultant for archdiocesan operations.

Someone needs to tell Dr. Popcak that no, Francis’ claim that sins of lust are among the least serious sins was not “the product of jet lag” but is an idea he holds firmly and has happily published in a book.

Diabolical disorientation? Mentevacantism? Words of advice to Christopher Ferrara: “…at this point only you and your ‘clan’ seem to be ‘disoriented.’ Everyone else, whether for good or ill, seems to know where the ‘light switch’ is”

Francis hosts a lunch for 1,500 poor people in the Vatican’s Paul VI hall. All well and good, but did they really have to use plastic bottles?! Someone obviously didn’t listen to the cry of the earth there!

The “New Evangelization” in Tennessee: Breakdancing and beat-boxing Novus Ordo priests fascinate high school students.

Forget liberation theology, here comes liberation ecology: From Marx to Gaia.

Just brilliant: “Catholic” theologian Rich Raho tweets a quote from the Frankster: “Reality is superior to ideas.” How’s that for an idiotic, uh, idea!

Dr. Peter Kwasniewski argues that “But the Pope said so!” is an excuse that won’t help on Judgment Day. Well, maybe that’s because the correct way to put it would be: “But I followed the Magisterium of the Vicar of Christ, as I’m bound to do per the teaching of Holy Mother Church.” Which goes to show once more that Francis cannot be a valid Pope.

Francis offers wishes to Jews on their holy days… To do such a thing, however politically correct it is nowadays, is actually an act of blasphemous apostasy and very uncharitable, as it implicitly recognizes a false religion as valid and expresses one’s wish that the recipient remain in his errors and be happy in his rejection of Christ or His true religion.

Mark 9:41 Alert: Children abused for decades at ‘sadistic’ Novus Ordo school in England, report finds.

“Tradition unrepresented”: Louie Verrecchio reviews the pre-Amazon Synod Roundtable in Rome.

“New Springtime” update: The effects of Vatican II continue unabated in the United States

Recognize-and-resist apologist Roberto de Mattei wonders if the head of his religion believes in Jesus Christ. “Abp.” Carlo Vigano wants Francis to reassure the world he really does believe in Him. Like he wouldn’t lie about that, you know.

“Bishop” McElroy knows: Climate change is a Pro-Life issue!

On the topic of euthanasia, the “three Abrahamic religions” have issued a joint declaration. Complete document in English: HERE. Reality check: There is only one true religion of Abraham, and that’s Roman Catholicism, that is, the religion of Jesus Christ (cf. Jn 8:56).

Brazilian president posts video on Twitter comparing Novus Ordo bishops to hyenas. We demand an immediate apology to all hyenas! (At least they can’t help behaving the way they do!)

Bergoglian cheerleader Austen Ivereigh has published a new book: Wounded Shepherd: Pope Francis and His Struggle to Convert the Catholic Church. For insights and background info on Ivereigh, Marco Tosatti has published some of his findings. Oh, and there’s a review of the book here.

Well yeah, when everybody goes to Heaven, even those who die as atheists, what’s the point of having cemetery walls that separate the faithful from those who died outside the Church? And there, once again, we see the bonafide contradiction that exists between the true Catholic religion and the Novus Ordo pseudo-Catholicism: The ideas of the new religion simply do not jibe with what the world had always known as Catholicism. Sorry, hermeneutic-of-continuity adherents!

Nobody can stand to see or listen to the man anymore: Extremely low attendance at Francis’ Nov. 13 General Audience.

The Francis Effect: After Bergoglio’s treacherous agreement with China, Chinese Novus Ordos barricade themselves in church to prevent its demolition by the Communist state authorities.

Roman Encounters: The unemployed Vatican Modernist “Cardinal” Gerhard Ludwig Muller publishes one more book

The head of Francis’ security team, Domenico Giani, has resigned after a confidential memo was leaked to the press. Some commentary: John Allen / Edward Pentin / Robert Moynihan. A successor has also been appointed: Gianluca Gauzzi Broccoletti. But Giani had better be careful: You just never know when your boss shows up unannounced!

With Summorum Pontificum, Benedict XVI gave them all the external smells and bells so they wouldn’t leave the Modernist Sect and become sedevacantists. It worked!

The Pachamama Rohrs: Old heresies in new book by one of the worst, “Fr.” Richard Rohr. Yes, that’s THIS Richard Rohr.

Long-time Novus Ordo online apologist Mark Bonocore concludes Francis cannot be Pope, and neither is Benedict.

Sounds like Francis needs to send in a commissioner: Fraternity of St. Peter parishes (in communion with the apostate Jesuit) growing rapidly in United States.

Pro-abortion Joe Biden: ‘The Holy Father…gives me Communion’ — Yeah, except he’s not the Holy Father and it’s not Communion! The joke’s on you, buddy!

When Novus Ordo bishops sign a pact in a catacomb, you can be sure it isn’t to promote authentic Catholicism…

Finally, someone has attempted to give a definition of “ecological sin”. It’s just too bad that since Bergoglio’s 2016 exhortation Amoris Laetitia, sin is no longer a big deal and more like an imperfect realization of virtue…

Recognize-and-resist theologian Dr. Peter Kwasniewski warns of Francis’ new document on Sacred Scripture, Aperuit Illis.

On St. Paul’s stance on idolatry, Francis is trying to sell a bridge to his sheeple

As we’ve been saying, Francis takes the supernatural and reduces it to the natural: Francis shows how Eucharist supposedly is foundation of our need to care for earth.

Sounds reassuring: Vatican Secretary of State and Bilderberger attendee “Cardinal” Pietro Parolin promises to shed light on obscure Vatican purchase of London luxury property.

In France a new book presents the case for Sedevacantism: La Crise de l’Autorité dans l’Eglise: Les Papes de Vatican II sont-ils légitimes?

Makes a perfect addition to your garbage can: In new interview book, Francis again slams traditional Catholic evangelization in favor of his politically-correct, non-proselytistic “witnessing”, which he claims is the “true” evangelization.

Beyond parody: “The greatest problem the Church faces today is not the scandal of sexual abuse of minors by its clergy, but the scourge of clericalism and power seeking by clerics”, says rector major of Salesians of Don Bosco in India.

For the next “papal” visit: Japanese Novus Ordo Church released Theme Song for the Frankster.

We told you it was a dog and pony show: Novus Ordo priest brings stray dogs to “Mass” so they can find new families. Alright, now where are the ponies?

Resignationism rising: Another traditionalist blog dumps Francis but instead adheres to Benedict XVI as the “real Pope.”

A brief overview of Francis’ new “cardinals” can be found here.

“Bishop” Athanasius Schneider’s latest effort to ensure souls stay in the Vatican II Sect and don’t abandon Bergoglio: Christus Vincit. Some thoughts on it by Louie Verrecchio.

Put on your surprise face, if you have one left: Vatican hosts youth conference with pro-abortion UN activists.

Twilight of the idols, in reverse: Statue of ancient Pagan god of child sacrifice, Moloch, put on display in Rome.

Smoochie weighs in: The Archlayman of La Plata of Heal Me With Your Mouth infamy does not want churches to be defended against feminist violence.

You can bet your bottom Australian dollar that Club Bergoglio was thrilled to have “Cardinal” George Pell sent to Australia and then unjustly imprisoned there: “A 50 million Euro loan request to secure the purchase of a bankrupt hospital was vetoed by Cardinal George Pell and financial authorities at the Institute for Works of Religion, commonly called the Vatican Bank, before it was approved by the Holy See’s central bank…”

“Cardinal” Robert Sarah clarifies: “…those who oppose me to the Holy Father cannot present a single word of mine, a single phrase of mine, or a single attitude of mine to support their absurd, and I would say diabolical statements.”

Where Francis is, there is the United Nations: Pontifical Academy of Sciences Embraces UN’s ‘Sustainable Development’ Agenda.

LGBT activist and professional Hellboy “Fr.” James Martin meets with Vatican education chief to discuss document critical of “gender theory”. What could possibly go wrong?!

Pell wasn’t the only one the Vatican got rid of who was getting a bit too uncomfortable for the powers that be: Vatican’s Former Chief Auditor: “We were getting too close to information that they wanted to be secret, and they fabricated a situation for me to be thrown out.”

Tom Droleskey slams Chaos Frank: Jorge the Idolatrous Scoundrel Plays the Race Card.

When it comes to the environment and not saving your soul, of course “authentic conversion” is suddenly necessary: Brazilian Novus Ordo bishops decry beach pollution.

Dispelling a grave error that had misled hundreds of millions of Catholics for decades, Francis finally clarifies: Christ’s love is not like a soap opera!

Famous Italian journalist Vittorio Messori says ‘so many bishops’ disagree with Francis but are ‘afraid’ to say so. “Personally opposed, but…” — eh?

“Angels Unawares”: St. Peter’s Square now sports a 3-ton shrine to migrants!

Vatican “cardinal” Peter Turkson has had enough of the sex abuse scandals, says “…we need to find a way of exiting this experience….” If only the victims could exit it too…

Because fraternity: Italian diocese in talks to sell land to Muslims to build mosque. Well hey, if God wants the diversity of religions, as Francis has blasphemously asserted…?

Polish Novus Ordo bishops call for “Pope” John Paul II to be declared a Doctor of the Church. Great idea — as long as it’s Witchdoctor of the Vatican II Church!

Good question: Peter Kwasniewski wonders why the Vatican II Sect isn’t commemorating the 50th anniversary of Paul VI’s Novus Ordo Missae (“New Mass”).

“Not since the glory days of the Renaissance has the Catholic Church had a pope who makes orthodox Protestantism so attractive”: Accepting the public apostate Jorge Bergoglio as the Pope of the Catholic Church has consequences…

Life Site‘s editor John-Henry Westen says he has “documents and testimony directly from two Bishops and a Cardinal admitting to refusing to issue a public statement supporting a clergy sexual abuse victim for fear of tarnishing the reputation of Pope Francis.” Shocker, huh?

Let’s see how many people are still in favor of married men being ordained priests if as a condition both spouses have to promise to live in perfect continence… like in the Early Church.

Even the former rector of the Gregorian University in Rome knows that a publicly heretical Pope would lose his office immediately and without a declaration by the Church.

Francis’ Library of Judaica gets yet another addition: First English translation of the Tikunei Zohar published by The Kabbalah Centre.

Novus Ordo ecclesiology expert Fr. Francis A. Sullivan, S.J., dies at 97. In his 1983 book Magisterium: Teaching Authority in the Catholic Church (Paulist Press), Sullivan admitted: “…on several important issues the [Second Vatican] council clearly departed from previous papal teaching. One has only to compare the Decree on Ecumenism with such an encyclical as Mortalium animos of Pope Pius XI, or the Declaration on Religious Freedom with the teaching of Leo XIII and other popes on the obligation binding on the Catholic rulers of Catholic nations to suppress Protestant evangelism, to see with what freedom the Second Vatican Council reformed papal teaching” (1983 ed., p. 157). No hermeneutic of continuity there, huh?!

USCCB (Underlings of Satan Creating Chaos for Bergoglio) elect new president: the Opus Dei Archlayman Jose Gomez of Los Angeles, California. That’s the same group George Neumayr calls the “United States Conference of Catholic Blowhards.”

Would you like some fries with that latest Vatican financial scandal? There’s a new book, too!

Hellboy James Martin vs. the Most Holy Trinity: “The issue is precisely whether the biblical judgment is correct”. Yeah, that’s a tough one…

John Allen is already shedding tears: Yet another documentary on “St.” John Paul II is about to be released.

The joys of ecumenism: Lesbian Episcopal (=Anglican) ‘priestess’ named new head of National Abortion Federation. According to Francis, you should be “walking together” with this sick woman by serving the poor together. And if some Islamic terrorist massacres you and her because you’re not Muslim, then you’re united in an “ecumenism of blood”! Welcome to the gospel according to Bergoglio.

Hellboy invites you to a perverts’ conference “LGBTQ Catholic ministry gathering” for 2020…

Cardinal James Gibbons would not approve: Novus Ordo priest gives “epic” dance performance with immodest cheerleaders.

Absolute majority: At this point, Francis has appointed more than half of conclave-eligible “cardinals”….

The sedevacantist blog Christus Rex just had its first-year anniversary.

Listen up, Michael Matt: Non-sedevacantist blog explains why there can be no “uniting of the clans.”

You can listen to and/or purchase beautiful and edifying traditional Catholic music at the Four Marks Music site.

Peter Chojnowski highlights the contradictions between the pre- and post-1960 Sister Lucy of Fatima and provides responses to objections from his critics. He has also published the last known authentic correspondence of the real Sr. Lucy before the forgeries began.

A YouTube video explains in 30 minutes why the Novus Ordo bishops ordained since 1968 are not valid bishops.

A sedevacantist blogger dismantles Novus Ordo feminist theology and refutes Bergoglio’s false eco-theology.

Fr. Anthony Cekada explains how best to present Sedevacantism to an SSPX layman.

Bp. Donald Sanborn refutes some of the errors of Darwinism.

Louie Verrechio asks why the “Gatekeepers of Tradition” won’t see the absurdity of an “apostate Pope”.

And a YouTube video explains how wearing masculine clothing changes the psychology of women.

And one for the road…

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