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“Embodied Souls”: Italian Novus Ordo Parish installs Horrid Artwork for Advent

The “Catholic” church of Beata Vergine Immacolata (“Blessed Virgin Immaculate”) in Longuelo, Italy, is an architectural monster, both on the outside (see front and side) and on the inside. Construction on the eyesore was completed in 1965, the last year of the Second Vatican Council, the assembly that made the Novus Ordo religion what it is.

The parish refers to itself on its web site as a “Christian community” and is part of the diocese of Bergamo. That’s the diocese into which Angelo Roncalli was born, the first Antipope of the Vatican II Sect (“St. John XXIII”). He usurped of the Chair of St. Peter on Oct. 28, 1958.

For the Advent season that is almost upon us, the pastor of Immacolata parish, “Fr.” Massimo Maffioletti, is hosting an “art” installation of Corpi Spirituali or Spiriti Incarnati, which translates as “Spiritual Bodies” or “Embodied Souls”. The creator of this junk appears to be one Viveka Assembergs.

The following images show what is currently being displayed in this Novus Ordo church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. We had to censor one of the photos due to grave immodesty. Please proceed with caution. All the figures are indecent:

Rev. Maffioletti has excitedly announced this horrid and sick exhibit on his Facebook page. According to him, the installation “will guide our Advent path” — because nothing says preparing for Christmas quite like meditating on decomposing nude mannequins that look like zombies straight out of a horror flick. Keep in mind that children, too, will be staring at this infernal trash — at “church”!

There is nothing more to be said.

May God hasten the day the abominable Vatican II religion will finally come to an end.

Image source: (some images cropped, censored)
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