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October 1, 2019

Was Sister Lucy of Fatima replaced with an impostor around 1960?

It’s Extraordinary Missionary Month! Let Amazon Synod participant Sister Solar Panel explain what that means: “It’s not evangelization as it was understood before, that I come to give something, but that I come to encounter someone who has many things, and who already has a relationship with God that is different from mine, but just as valid as mine.”

Just wait till Francis calls them off: Vatican police raid Secretariat of State looking for evidence of financial corruption. While they’re at it, they may want to check the Casa Santa Marta for evidence of a papal impostor…

Francis the Prophet of Doom: “Now is the time to repent, to be converted” — “towards forms of clean energy and a sustainable and circular economy”! See, proselytism is quite alright as long as it’s not for Catholicism!

Anonymous international working group of Novus Ordo clergy releases propositions challenging ‘unacceptable’ elements of Amazon Synod working document. And every single source they use to refute the Amazon junk is from Vatican II or the post-conciliar magisterium — congratulations!

Angels vs. Bergoglio: Steps from Vatican, 200 Novus Ordos implore the angels to banish demons ahead of Amazon Synod.

The Blathering of the Clams: The Remnant‘s Catholicism-free attempt to unite the clans… Plus: A message on that from Louie Verrecchio.

One big happy religious family? Vatican gives nod to ‘Abrahamic Family House’ that equates Christianity, Judaism, Islam. This is nothing but Vatican II theology in concrete! (Meet the architect here.) With groundbreaking to begin next year, it should be ready by the time the Antichrist gets here…

Bug hotels and beehives: An English Novus Ordo bishop is working hard for the salvation of souls.

What happened to them being Christ incarnate and mobile tabernacles? New sculpture in St. Peter’s Square demotes Bergoglio’s quasi-divine migrants to mere “angels unaware”. And of course those statues look just like the people currently flooding Europe from predominantly Muslim nations, right? But not enough: This blasphemous piece depicts St. Joseph and the Blessed Mother as Hasidic Jews!

Hellboy talks to his boss: Jesuit playing priest meets Jesuit playing Pope. And he’s got some after-the-fact testimony to boot!

The Amazon Synod is about to start: Vatican releases full list of participants. It’s going to be a three-week blatherfest producing nothing but carbon emissions, paper waste, and apostasy. Here’s a contribution they probably won’t appreciate: “Why Everything They Say About The Amazon, Including That It’s The ‘Lungs Of The World,’ Is Wrong.” Oh, and of course pro-abortion United Nations leaders are invited! No wonder the paper tigers are roaring already….

That “Conciliar” Church: Louie Verrecchio dismantles the SSPX’s impossible ecclesiology.

USCCB spokeswoman sends tweets praising President Trump, opposing Democrats — “Catholic bishops” take swift action!

Laudato Si’x Feet Under: Dutch Novus Ordo nuns open new cemetery for ‘natural burials’.

Perfect for the gender-confused: Men and women religious live together in Novus Ordo Capuchin monastery in Germany.

Extensive interview with new head of Lefebvrists: Fr. Davide Pagliarani says “…the voice that advocates these errors cannot be that of Christ, nor that of the Magisterium of the Church” — Ah! But it can be the voice of the Vicar of Christ, huh?! Come on, people, figure it out already. By your stubborn refusal to recognize the man as an Antipope, you are totally destroying the Catholic teaching on the Papacy! You complain about Vatican II’s false conception of the Catholic Church but then you yourselves teach that the Catholic Church can teach Modernist doctrines and exists in manifest apostates!

Francis the Modernist has an admission for you: An old Jesuit advised him: “Think clearly, but speak obscurely.”

After redefining “Catholicism” and “Pope”, Vatican II Sect now moves to redefine the meaning of “Life”

De Mattei: “…resistance is growing against a Synod that could possibly go down in history as the ‘Schismatic Synod on the Amazon'”. Someone needs to tell this Church historian that schism is refusal of submission to the Roman Pontiff or of communion with the members of the Church who are subject to the Roman Pontiff. Precisely where, if Francis were Pope, would a “schismatic synod” come into play there? But synod or no synod, based on what happened the last few years, Louie Verrecchio doesn’t see a schism coming.

So you thought that “building bridges, not walls” was something “Pope” Francis came up with? Sorry, but it looks like the Freemasons beat him to it!

With Motu Proprio Letter Aperuit Illis, Francis establishes “Sunday of the Word of God” for “the celebration, study and dissemination of the word of God”. Perhaps he can lead by example and meditate on Mark 16:15-16 for a while… But didn’t you know it? This new feast has “ecumenical value”!

Man reportedly throws candelabra off main altar in St. Peter’s Basilica. Now everyone is outraged, but when “Pope” Paul VI did it, they called it “liturgical renewal”…

Mercy on the go: Campus ministry presbyter brings “absolution” on a golf cart….

Comastri and Coccopalmerio: Two “cardinals” close to Francis accused of covering up sex abuse of “papal” altar boys. Let’s see how transparent Francis really wants to be…

The event name alone should have suggested caution: Woman claims she suffered emotional damage from “lay exorcism” at “Faith in the Fire” retreat

Peter Kwasniewski exposes the Dark Symbolism of California’s “Christ Cathedral”

Bet you didn’t know: “…the Mass is more about us becoming the body of Christ than it is about the bread becoming the body of Christ.” The author is a Jesuit, that explains it…

Swiss Novus Ordo bishop says Amazon Synod could ‘contaminate whole Mystical Body of Church…gravely damage it’. Yeah, like Vatican II didn’t do that already…. But hey, not to worry! A Brazilian Novus Ordo theologian says if you think that the preparatory document teaches heresy and apostasy, you’re just not reading it right! Say it with me now: “Hermeneutic of continuity!” In any case, it’s all “evangelization”, stupid!

Double standards? Michael Voris’ Church Militant praises sodomite Novus Ordo priest who penned steamy love letter to seminarian roommate

Steve Skojec explains how Francis is keeping the gates of hell from prevailing against the Vatican II Sect…

At least he has a sense of humor: Catholic Answers’ Director of Apologetics, Tim Staples, thinks he can still play the “Understanding Pope Francis” game

Finally, something the apostate Jesuits are good at

Hellboy got a new gig: “Fr.” James Martin, SJLGBTQ, appears in Martin Scorsese’s new film The Irishman. Just keep in mind he plays Catholic priest in real life, too.

Forgot your cash to put in the collection basket? No worries, just pay by credit card!

Members of the “Resistance-SSPX” publish book listing “101 Compromises, Changes, and Contradictions of an SSPX in Pursuit of a Practical Accord with Modernist Rome”. The Resistance-SSPXers are those SSPXers who left the SSPX because the SSPX was no longer SSPX enough for them…

“Mary 2.0”: Feminist movement gaining ground in Germany to “modernize” Blessed Virgin Mary, with predictably blasphemous, disgusting, and shocking results.

The Fun Church at the Salesian Sisters’ Provincial House: Fun with the Skateboarding Gabriel, Franciscan Friar of the Immaculate!

Francis the Peronist rewards those loyal to him, regardless of scandals or anything else: “The nine lives of Msgr. Dario Edoardo Viganò.” He knows that by keeping them indebted to him, they will be ever more loyal still. He may not be intelligent, but he is clever!

Good Riddance! The final concert of the people responsible for most of the music you hate at the Novus Ordo “Mass”

Former Francis student: “My literature teacher was none other than Jorge Mario Bergoglio. He was an exceptional teacher, but he was distant, formal, cold. He was very polite but never smiled. …It seems that he reached a turning point when he became pope. This is certainly the work of the Holy Spirit.” — Actually, the explanation is a lot less supernatural: He’s simply putting on an act for when the cameras are rolling. The Holy Spirit is definitely not involved — although some other spirit might be…

Oops! An “unauthorized Chinese bishop” is throwing a monkey wrench into the Vatican’s reconciliation fest with the Chicoms…

First interview with “Uncle Ted” McCarrick conducted after “laicization”. A reaction by his victim James Grein.

Catholicism vs. the Novus Ordo religion: Hell under Fire.

Just asking: Is your First Novus Ordo Communicant gender-neutral?

Sounds about right: German Novus Ordo priest felt “inspired” by his “bishop” to declare that he is sexually attracted to menVatican News reports and notes he remains in ministry! You’ll be relieved to hear that this pseudo-bishop “is heavily involved in the preparations for the Amazon Synod”!

“Permissive will”, my eye: Francis welcomes interfaith committee to implement apostate Abu Dhabi document“Bp.” Schneider blows a gasket. Come on, people, we told you Francis had lied to Schneider!

Congratulations, Lefebvrists: First invalid Novus Ordo bishop celebrates “Mass” for SSPX.

Setting the Record Straight: Matt Gaspers of Catholic Family News on Church Militant, the SSPX, and the controversy about ‘Fr.’ James McLucas.

A 22-minute “cinematic presentation” of the Vatican II Creed: Film dramatizing Modernist “Cardinal” Gerhard Ludwig Muller’s Manifesto of Faith released today.

No, Hilary White, your ‘Shepherd’ isn’t struck, he’s quite alive and well. And that is precisely your problem, since he isn’t a Catholic (yet somehow keeps the gates of hell from prevailing, despite promoting “the annihilation of all religion”). For the real struck-shepherd scenario, you are invited to become a sedevacantist!

Because Dignity! Sometimes a picture says it all.

Philadelphia’s Archlayman Charles Chaput slaps Hellboy on the wrist, immediately gets hailed a hero.

Semi-trad theology: The “Pope” vs. Brian McCall… Guess who makes the final decision!

Actions speak louder than words: The Frankster reinstates a “leading Gay Theologian and Priest”… If Francis were trying to provoke a schism, what would he be doing differently?

“Cardinal” Walter Brandmuller is putting the fear of “existential nothingness” into renegade Novus Ordos

They can’t figure out why no teenaged boy wants to be a priest anymore: “Eco Action” in English diocese of Salford. It’s better that way, considering what else that diocese offers… Come on, what do you want? That same “bishop” is also happy to offer an invalid Latin Mass!

The “New Evangelization” in the diocese of Eichstatt: “Laughing Yoga” has women over 40 laughing and convulsing hysterically… If only it were funny!

Fear not, it’s just a name: Bergoglio has appointed “Fr.” Indunil Janakaratne Kodithuwakku Kankanamalage to the Interreligious Dialogue Council…

A typical day at the Vatican in 2019 AD: Francis’ rabbinical chums drop by for a visit

Of morally depraved clerics in cassocks and hats, the lightness of sexual sin, and the evil of converting Hindus: English transcript of Francis’ Sep. 5 talk with Jesuits in Mozambique released, and it’s got fireworks!

Novus Ordo bishop in Argentina says clerical abuse crisis ‘just beginning’ in Francis’ home country. And it’s not looking good in Chile either…

Speaking of Argentina: Why Francis hasn’t visited his native ArgentinaWhat one hears in Buenos Aires about Francis’ “pontificate” — Bergoglio a “ruthless chameleon”? Say it ain’t so! Speaking of chameleon: Here Francis is pretending to be devoted to St. Pius X again

From the guy that claims to bring you authentic Catholic Tradition — and makes a very comfortable living doing so: Steve Skojec begins questioning Catholic dogma of papal infallibility. How about questioning the status of Jorge Bergoglio instead and leaving Catholic dogma untouched?

Caution! Lefebvrists attempt Catholic theology

Not that face of the Amazon: Regional Novus Ordo bishop says Synod’s preparatory document fails to mention Amazon’s huge Pedophilia problem and Pentecostalism… Come on now, those are the lightest of sins, and it’s all the same religion anyway!

Here’s a preview of what that “Church with an Amazonian Face” might look like…

Oh well: A Novus Ordo Bishop remembers the Apocalypse

Maybe another book will save us all? Interview book with “Bishop” Athanasius Schneider, Christus Vincit, now shipping.

Research in Buenos Aires: “Where Bergoglio Buried His Communist Mentor”

Francis hard at work: New John Paul II Institute Professors question Church Doctrine on Homosexuality, Contraception. Imagine if they questioned Bergoglian teaching on migrants or the environment!

Those Eco-Modernists know how much church architecture reflects theology: How a ‘green’ church in Toronto teaches theology through design

The man who replaced Donald Wuerl is bringin real change: New D.C. “Abp.” Wilton Gregory says ‘Transgender Catholics’ are in ‘heart’ of Church, part of ‘the family’

Yawn: Yet another Novus Ordo priest wants to “reclaim” the Second Vatican Council… You know, time to discover that “real” council for the umpteenth time…

Benedict XVI had promised to remain hidden and quiet, but he just can’t help himself… Related: Catholicism vs. the Religion of Joseph Ratzinger.

From the writer who condemns Catholics who hold fast to the dogma of the Papacy — aka Sedevacantists — as “Ultramontanists”: Dr. Peter Kwasniewski complains that “Catholics who hold fast to truths of faith are now condemned as ‘fundamentalists’”

The man who broke the Viganò story last summer: An interview with Aldo Maria Valli.

Novus Horror Missae: The Modernist happy meal service offered on a packed pile of hay in Italy

Jumping the shark? The Suor Cristina “rocking nun” shtick has gotten old

George Neumayr’s investigation continues: “Monsignor Walter Rossi Is ‘On Retreat’” — “How the Pope’s Man in Washington Is Protecting Monsignor Rossi.”

“A former Catholic priest who is in a same-sex ‘marriage’ with another ex-priest has apparently resigned from his position on the marriage tribunal of the Diocese of Wilmington.” We’ll just leave it at that!

It’s here to stay: Francis’ “Global Compact on Education” is just getting started.

Dr. Peter Chojnowski’s Sister Lucy Truth project is now on Facebook. One of his latest posts argues that the tragic disappearance of the real Sr. Lucy was foretold by the Blessed Mother to Jacinta shortly before her death.

Neither Vatican II nor Feeneyite: The Catholic position on invincible ignorance as it relates to salvation.

Bp. Donald Sanborn condemns Communism in America.

And we left the craziest story of them all for last.

And one for the road…

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