Easter in the Fun Church…

Resurrection Sunday in the Vatican II Sect:
Novus Ordo Priest becomes Easter Egg

There isn’t much that needs to be said about this — the above picture and the video from which it was taken, speak for themselves.

On Easter Sunday, this past April 21, “Fr.” Nando Capone of San Bernardino Realino parish in Lecce, Italy, donned an Easter Egg hat during the sermon and preached accordingly: “We are Easter. Every one of you ought to be an Easter egg, a sign of new life, a surprise. Move beyond any malice; that’s resurrection” (our translation; as reported by Giuseppe Nardi).

Here is a brief video clip of the spectacle:

The full video from which the above clip was made can be found on Facebook here.

It is precisely this kind of dumbing down of Catholicism, this Naturalist reinterpretation of Catholic dogma, this dumbest-common-denominator garbage, that makes people lose their Faith and abandon (what they thought was) Catholicism, often never to have anything to do with religion again. It is exactly this effeminate silliness that ultimately drives the youth and others away, because eventually they realize that if this is what God is about, if this is what church and Mass are about, then there’s really no point to it all and they’re better off devoting their time to the pleasures of life. So many souls have been spiritually starved and scandalized with this junk, it defies belief.

So “we are Easter”, huh?

The Fun Church with its hip presbyters has a lot to answer for.

Image source: facebook.com (screenshot)
License: fair use

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