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Catholicism on Fire:
Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral is Burning

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[UPDATE 15-APR-2019 23:32 UTC: Vatican releases statement / “Archbishop” of Paris releases statement / Less than a month ago: Paris’ St. Sulpice church engulfed in flames / Brief reflection: Paris and the Abomination of Desolation]

In case you haven’t heard yet, Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral of Paris, France, is on fire. The blaze has been absolutely devastating, and it seems that the entire frame might burn to the ground, with only the stone structures remaining. The steeple collapsed earlier today. The above image carousel contains as many as five different photos of the fire.

Here are some video reports on the fire:

More images and video clips can be found here.

For comparison, this is what the cathedral looked like before the fire broke out:

The Archlayman of Paris is Mr. Michel Aupetit. Daniel DiNardo, head of the U.S. Conference of Novus Ordo Bishops, has released a brief statement here.

At this point, no deaths or injuries have been reported, but Notre Dame contains relics of the true Cross and the Crown of Thorns. It holds many pieces of invaluable historic Catholic art as well. As to the cause of the fire, nothing is known yet and of course the investigation is just beginning.

The fire at Notre Dame Cathedral is highly symbolic of the destruction of what was once Christendom in the West. It is a destruction that was triggered, for the most part, from enemies of Christ on the inside. The abominable Second Vatican Council (1962-65) did greater damage to Catholicism and to souls than any external threat ever did or could have done. “They have set fire to thy sanctuary: they have defiled the dwelling place of thy name on the earth” (Ps 73:7).

“Pope” Francis, it may be surmised, is probably most worried about the carbon emissions associated with the fire.

Image sources: Getty Images / Wikimedia Commons (Madhurantakam)
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