Why you’re not Novus Ordo anymore, example no. 829

An Ode to Francis:
Irish Singer gushes over Bergoglio

Later this month, the man most people in the world believe to be the Pope of the Catholic Church will be traveling to Dublin, Ireland on the occasion of the World Meeting of Families congress that will be held there from Aug. 21-26. One attendee who will be particularly excited about his arrival on the Emerald Isle is Emily Clarke, an Irish singer who has written a veritable ode to Jorge Bergoglio.

A video of Clarke performing her song inside a very traditional-looking Novus Ordo church has been published on YouTube, and you can watch it here:

The overall performance is grotesque. No, it’s not the singing — that’s very professional. It’s everything else that’s the problem: the sappy tune, the over-the-top lyrics, and especially the fact that she is using the church sanctuary worship space as a set on which to perform her Ode to Bergoglio.

The following screenshots from the video drive home this point:

Clarke has made herself comfortable in (what is supposed to be) God’s holy sanctuary. Notice the little Francis shrine set up on the altar.

Here the singer is sensually lounging in the putative Catholic sanctuary, affectionately glancing at a banner promoting Francis’ Year of Mercy. (This screenshot we had to censor a bit. With her dress much too short, her knees and part of her upper legs were showing.)

Not even the Tabernacle itself is too sacred to be used a prop for Clarke’s performance. Not that the True Presence of our Blessed Lord is actually contained in this one, but that’s just an accidental circumstance. Instead of looking at the camera gushing over Francis, this woman should be facing, and kneeling in front of, what she believes is her Lord and Redeemer.

True happiness: a contented glance at the object of her admiration…

It’s funny that for when it comes to videos such as this one, people always like to use the most beautiful and traditional-looking churches they can find, instead of the typical Novus Ordo space ships or incineration plants the rest of the world actually has to attend.

The video clip of Clarke’s Papa Francis was released in early 2017, before the Vatican made any announcement about the Antipope visiting Ireland. The singer had sent a CD to the papal pretender with an accompanying letter expressing her desire that he would come visit the Emerald Isle.

Be careful what you wish for.

Image source: youtube.com (screenshots)
License: Fair use

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