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August 17, 2018

Blast from the Past: Liturgical Anarchy with “Cardinal” Jorge Bergoglio…

Deo Gratias! Brazilian congregation of religious abandons recognize-and-resist position to embrace Sedevacantism. On Aug. 12, they released a public declaration, available in English here.

A preview of the clerical vestments to be used at next week’s World Meeting of Families in Ireland can be enjoyed here. Don’t worry — it’s a “Celtic” symbol! The fact that the emblem in the middle basically spells 666 is pure coincidence…

New Italian government mulls requiring all public buildings to display a Crucifix. Great idea? Sure, but… guess who’s opposed to it!

It is pure Satanism: Pennsylvania Sex Abuse Report reveals 301 “Predator Priests” who “were raping little boys and girls”. The actual report can be downloaded in full as a PDF file here (1,356 pages), and a video of the Attorney General summarizing the report is available here. CAUTION! Content is extremely sickening! The U.S. Novus Ordo Bishops released this statement in response. Rod Dreher reports on the PA Sex Abuse Horror here. Latest developments: “Cardinal” DiNardo has released a reaction here. The Vatican Press Office has also issued a statement.

And they just keep going: “Pope” Francis reportedly appoints flaming sodomite head of Vatican Library, while Archlayman Wilton Gregory of Atlanta appoints pro-homo “priest” as “spiritual guide” for sex abuse victims. They’re laughing at you, folks! Although… not everyone!

Just what we needed: A conference in England with Hellboy James Martin, “Bishop” Peter Doyle, and an LGBT poster that shows the hand of a child moving towards the hand of an adult. A time to build a bridge? It’s time to burn that bridge!

Remember when Francis said that God needs man in order to be God? We may just have found the source from where he got that idea

Respected Vatican journalist Edward Pentin has reported that Francis’ bosom buddy “Cardinal” Oscar Maradiaga is protecting a cadre of sodomite seminarians in Honduras. Background: Honduran seminarians allege widespread homosexual misconduct / Maradiaga is not amused!Honduran Novus Ordo bishops respond to accusations.

He was among the first to expose “Uncle Ted” McCarrick: Relentless sex abuse investigator A. W. Richard Sipe has died at the age of 85.

Vatican meets #MeToo: Novus Ordo nuns accuse priests of abusing them.

Theology of the Body: Nothing says “I celebrate my [invalid] ordination” quite like inviting an almost-nude homo-erotic dancer to perform in church for you…

Esotericism? Occultism? Satanism? The bizarre ministry of “Fr. Pontifex.”

Death Penalty Catechism kerfuffle: Someone had the brilliant idea of launching an appeal to the Novus Ordo cardinals to correct Francis on the death penalty! That’s going to be as effective as all the other petitions have been in the last 5 years….

Guess who won the annual scarecrow festival in Ireland… It’s basically a photograph!

Circus Maximus is right: Francis offers endless psychobabble to youth. Speaking of dreaming: Look who’s using churches to sleep in

Oops, did he say that? Vatican advisor “Fr.” Thomas Rosica says Francis “breaks Catholic traditions whenever he wants”, but these and other much-too-candid words disappear from Zenit after backlash…

Let that sink in for a minute: “Dublin archdiocese seeks 4,000 Eucharistic ministers for papal Mass.” In the true Church, Holy Communion would simply not be distributed during Mass at a mega event like that. But in the Novus Ordo Sect, their worship service makes no sense without distribution of “Communion”, since it’s a meal and not a Sacrifice. And a meal simply makes no sense if the attending guests aren’t offered any food…

Can’t get enough of the Frankster? Now there’s an app for that!

If you’re Novus Ordo, these are the people running your church: Belgian “Cardinal” Jozef de Kesel backs prayer ceremony for sodomite couples.

Joke of the month: Francis has a Dominican advisor who reads over his texts before they get published to ensure they contain no heresy!

New Lefebvrian Superior General: Who is Fr. Davide Pagliarani? SSPX doesn’t provide a whole lot of information.

Only in the Novus Ordo: Ruckus ensues after gum-chewing boy who dresses like a girl is refused the Novus Ordo cookie. The only thing surprising here is that he actually got refused!

Another victim of Vatican II’s “New Springtime”: After 185 years, the only seminary in Northern Ireland will close.

Laymen have launched a web site mapping “Uncle Ted” McCarrick’s network in the U.S. Novus Ordo Church. More on that “uncle” moniker is posted here.

One of his “nephews”? McCarrick’s connection with homosexualist “Fr.” Daniel Horan. Speaking of McCarrick, Sandro Magister comments on the “miraculous career of Cardinal Farrell”.

No consecration and no virginity: Atila Guimaraes analyzes the Vatican’s changes to consecrated virginity. That’s not surprising, coming from an institution that claims to be the Catholic Church but is neither a church nor Catholic…

Always moving forward: “Train Mass” on the way to Lourdes, including a super-ugly coal monstrance! But that’s nothing compared to the ecologically-correct “in-water Mass”!

Just in time for the World Meeting of Families: Novus Ordo marriage counseling agency in Ireland agrees to help sodomite couples. They just couldn’t turn down those thirty pieces of silver…

“Cardinal” Coccopalmerio argues how “Communion” to a non-Catholic spouse is possible. That’s the same guy, by the way, who last year advocated the idea that sacraments should not be simply considered either valid or invalid. Such rigid black-and-white thinking!

The Half-A-Million Dollar Man: Well-paid Catholic League‘s Bill Donohue admits he knew about the sexual misconduct of “Cardinal” McCarrick.

Put on your surprise face: Vatican advisor “Fr.” Thomas Rosica offers the Novus Ordo worship service for an “all-inclusive” group promoting sexual perversion.

The Lepanto Foundation reveals that Catholic Relief Services is a major funder of contraception lobbyists.

After McCarrick: A former Novus Ordo seminarian comes forward. By the way: Would it bother you to find out that “Cardinal” McCarrick was one of the men in charge of drafting the U.S. church’s 2002 sex abuse policy? Just asking…

If “every architectural decision in church is a theological decision as well” — and it is — then you can guess what theology Novus Ordo churches have

Brothers and Blades: Vaticanist Sandro Magister blogs about the “Risky Ecumenism of Pope Francis.”

While you’re still wearing that surprise face: Novus Ordo priest says there are same-sex partnered officials in the Vatican

A new interview with the former head of the Congregation for the Destruction of the Faith, the Transubstantiation denier “Cardinal” Gerhard Muller, is available to read here.

One of the worst Modernist clerics in the U.S. has been called to judgment: Bishop Raymond Hunthausen dead at 96. Good riddance!

Sexual crimes by clerics are not new, but there are alternative ways of punishing the perpetrators

One Peter Five‘s Steve Skojec wants to “lose the labels” and “just be Catholic” again. The problem is that everyone in the Novus Ordo Sect claims the label “Catholic” for himself, from Nancy Pelosi and Richard Rohr on the left all the way to Atila Sinke Guimaraes and Bp. Richard Williamson on the right. Tells you how much of a “principle of unity” Francis is…

Beyond Bergoglio: The Sodomite Lobby is hard at work in Buenos Aires

Another political “beatification” farce: Francis seeks to beatify Communist Novus Ordo bishop as “martyr”.

Powerful and moving story: A chaste man afflicted with same-sex attraction explains how the Novus Ordo Sect prevented him from becoming the man he wanted to be.

This is what you get for peaching human rights instead of the Gospel.

If you’re a “priest” in the Vatican II Church, you can now campaign for the legalization of abortion, and the worst that will happen to you is that your superiors and peers will tell you that you are wrong! (Even very wrong!) Now just imagine the fuss that would have been made if this dirtbag had attended a Trump rally instead…

In Italy, the first global analysis of the “pontificate” of Benedict XVI has been published.

Ah, all those rigid moral rules! Dr. Jeffrey Mirus slams Francis’ dismissal of moral norms as mere “legalism.”

Retired Texan Novus Ordo bishop appeals to Benedict-appointed “cardinals” to examine if Bergoglio’s election was invalid and, if so, to proceed to a new conclave. That would definitely make for some great video footage in the Vatican — fist fights outside the Sistine Chapel and more!

As Francis gets rid of pre-Vatican II sins like fornication and adultery, he invents new ones to fill the void: Francis detects Christ condemning the throwing away of food in His miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fish. Memo to the papal impostor: The reason the Gospels record how many fragments were gathered up (see Jn 6:12-13) is to underscore the truth of the miracle, not to teach that we’re not allowed to throw food away.

Historical gem: This video shows the bishops attending the Second Vatican Council offering their private Masses.

What could possibly go wrong? “Catholic Woodstock” in Alberta aims to “strenghten young people in their faith”

Aww, shucks: In Italy Francis is losing popularity because of his excessive pro-migrant preaching. This proves exactly what we’ve been saying about Francis’ popularity with the masses: It was never a sign that they were seeing in him such a great Catholic (note well, Mark Shea!); rather, people saw in him someone who was confirming them in the opinions they already held. Once that is no longer the case, they turn on him, as is evident now. This ain’t rocket science.

Francis defeated: Despite his deafening “papal” silence, Bergoglio’s home country of Argentina keeps abortion outlawed in most cases.

Perfect timing! Archdiocese of Los Angeles promotes “Born Gay” propaganda documentary

When someone questions their beloved migrant worship, suddenly the Novus Ordo Sect in Italy remembers the existence of Satan… even the coming of the Antichrist!

It is tragic to see how a Novus Ordo priest can get so close to the truth about Vatican II and heresy and then still mess up the most important part!

Disco Church: Rome’s Basilica of St.-Paul’s-outside-the-Walls turned into rock music hall for German altar server pilgrims.

Novus Ordo priest tells how it works: “Evil Gay Bishops Persecute, Blackmail Faithful Priests Who Might Expose Their Secret”. USCCB = Underlings of Satan Corrupting Children with Buggery?

The Naturalistic family is the antithesis of the Catholic family. Do you know the difference? Which kind is yours?

Other than mistaking the Novus Ordo Sect for the Catholic Church and John Paul II for a true Pope, this transcript of E. Michael Jones’ remarks against Michael Davies in their 1993 debate on the SSPX schism is right on the money — and well worth the read! (A devastating refutation of the errors of Michael Davies can be found here.)

Shocking quotes of “Pope” Francis compared to prior Church teaching can be found here.

Investigative reporter Randy Engel discusses the controversial and secretive Opus Dei in this informative podcast.

A sedevacantist blogger offers a defense of Pope Pius XII and, in another post, warns of the dangers of modern psychology.

A set of 14 books by the unforgettable Fr. Denis Fahey (1883-1954) is on sale here.

The St. Jerome Library has fantastic resources for homeschoolers.

Real Catholic music is available from Catholic composer Nicholas Wilton at Four Marks Music.

Dr. Peter Chojnowski wonders if THIS is the reason why the Vatican authorities needed to get rid of Sr. Lucy of Fatima…

And sedevacantist Bishop Donald Sanborn provides a good reality check to statements made by former SSPX superior Bishop Bernard Fellay.

And one for the road…

We have updated the cover of the Vatican II Catechism for the new 2018 edition…

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