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The Vatican II Sect after “Amoris Laetitia”

Novus Ordo Priest to bless
Homosexual “Marriage” in Church

Put on your surprise face, folks: Now that Francis has, by means of the exhortation Amoris Laetitia, effectively given the green light for all sorts of sexual perversion under the cover of “discernment”, “accompaniment”, and “integration”, the first Novus Ordo clerics are getting ready to do exactly that.

Take Stefan Sühling, for example. “Fr.” Sühling (pictured above) is the pastor of St. John’s church in Bislich, Germany, which is part of the city of Wesel in North-Rhine Westphalia. On Sep. 30, 2017, Suhling will confer a “blessing” in his church upon a homo-pervert couple that will have civilly gotten “married” the same day. This was reported by the online edition of the German Rheinische Post on Sep. 16.

We have translated the newspaper article for you:

Male Same-Sex Couple celebrate their Wedding in Church

Wesel. The Mayor of Emmerich, Peter Hinze (SPD), is marrying his life-partner, Hubertus Pooth, from Wesel-Bislich. Not only that — but this will be celebrated in the Catholic Church in Bislich. Father Sühling wants “to ask God’s blessing for people who are living in a relationship”. By Sebastian Peters

It is an unusual step the Catholic priest is taking there: Stefan Sühling technically holds a reputation for being a conservative clergyman. And yet, in the near future, he will hold a liturgy of the word on the occasion of the wedding of two men. In the past week, the mayor of Emmerich, Peter Hinze [of the Social Democrat Party, SPD], made his wedding plans public. For a while already he had been living in a civil partnership with Hubertus Pooth, a restaurant owner in Bislich.

On September 30, the 57-year old Hinze and his partner wish to pledge their troth at the Falkenstein Estate in Emmerich Hüthum. Both also want to celebrate the event in the Catholic Church that day — taking into consideration the fact that the Church does not confer the sacrament of matrimony on same-sex couples.

“My partner is closely connected with the Church. He was an altar boy and lives next to the [local] church,” Emmerich’s mayor Hinze told our editorial staff yesterday. Consequently, inquiries were made with Fr. Sühling regarding the possibility of being present at church that day. According to Hinze, there will basically be a kind of liturgy of the word, in which the wedding party and guests will participate.

Not the Sacrament of Matrimony

The church of St. John in the small village of Bislich belongs to the parish of St. Nicholas Wesel. Such a religious service would be unusual enough in the city — it is all the more so in a village. Fr. Sühling says: “It is a religious service in which they both take part”. At the same time he emphasizes that he will not be conferring the sacrament of matrimony, that it will not be a church wedding in the proper sense. He will be asking God to bless people who live in relationships, he says. He is not seeking to make a big deal of it, he just doesn’t want to reject a request by people who see themselves connected to God. Any directives by the diocese are being heeded, Suhling says.

In a sermon at the cathedral of Münster, the diocese’s Bishop Felix Genn had made remarks concerning “Marriage for All” [the German “gay marriage” law] two days after the resolution of the Bundestag [German parliament]: “As church we will continue to take an unambiguous stand for marriage being between a man and a woman, without signifying any discrimination towards homosexual persons by [using] the term ‘civil partnership’, by which we simply designate a different reality.” In the Catholic Church, there are no weddings or ceremonies of blessing for same-sex couples.

Peter Hinze hesitates when being asked whether he is a believer. “When I am in church I always light a candle.” Involving the church is “more the wish of my partner”. Hinze does say, however: “If it isn’t possible to change church from the top, then it is still important, though, to show at the base that we live in different times than we did 20 years ago. The least is to receive a blessing in church”.

The wedding on the Falkenstein Estate will take place one day before the legislative change to allow “Marriage for All” goes into effect and same-sex people are officially allowed to marry. After October 1, the “partnership” will be officially rewritten, Hinze says. He had been thinking for a long time about coming out about his partnership with a man. Ultimately, he took this step because he also wanted to encourage others who love those of the same sex not to keep hidden. Hinze had before been married to a woman and has a son. He has known about his homosexuality since 2004. He was afraid to come out.

The coming-out of the chief mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, has been helpful in these times, Hinze says. Fellow party members gave him strength. He has a very good relationship with his ex-wife and son. Hubertus Pooth and Peter Hinze have known each other for eleven years. They had seen one another on and off before they fell in love three years ago. The two do not make a big deal about their relationship in public. Pooth, being a restaurant owner, is very involved in Bislich, but now and again, he accompanies Hinze at New Year’s receptions.

(Sebastian Peters, “Männer-Paar feiert Vermählung in Kirche”, RP Online, Sep. 16, 2017; our translation.)

What is there left to say, ladies and gentlemen? The Novus Ordo priest, Mr. Suhling, is only “accompanying” and “integrating”, according to the instructions of his master, “Pope” Francis, who in Amoris Laetitia suggests the absurd novel doctrine, rooted in Vatican II, that there there are elements of holiness in every sin.

So, welcome to the Vatican II Sect, post-Amoris Laetitia edition. By the way, did you know that Mr. Suhling is not just any Novus Ordo priest but the cathedral canon in his diocese of Münster?

Sounds like a “bishop” in the making.