Typically a sign of demonic possession…

September “Pope Video” Shows People Walking Backwards

Francis always likes to talk about “moving forward” (see examples here, here, here, and here). No matter whether you’re standing in the middle of a field, at the top of a mountain, or on the edge of a cliff, for Francis there is only one direction: forward!

It is no coincidence that “forward” is one of the chief mottos of Marxists. Add to that Francis’ repeated statements in favor of Communism (for example, see here and, more recently, here), the good time he had with Communist dictator Fidel Castro, the mentoring he received from Communist Esther Ballestrino de Careaga, and his delight in receiving a blasphemous hammer-and-sickle crucifix from Bolivian President Evo Morales, and a clear picture emerges.

Apparently, however, the dogmatic call to move forward does admit of one exception for Francis, as can be seen in his latest “Pope Video”, released on Sep. 1. In that video we actually see people literally walking backwards. At the 0:42 min mark, we can even see them entering a church backwards:

Now obviously, the people in this video didn’t truly walk backwards — this effect was achieved by recording a clip of them walking normally and then playing it backwards. But that’s not the point. The point is that this video deliberately shows people walking backwards.

For those who may not be aware, walking backwards is a typical sign of demonic possession. In fact, the so-called “Law of Reversal” is a hallmark of Satanism. It is dangerous to be curious about the occult because one can open oneself up to demonic influence, and so for this reason we only share the following links with this disclaimer and with great caution. The only reason we make them available at all is that we need to offer documentation for our claims:

It is inconceivable that nobody involved in the production of this latest “Pope Video” is aware that walking backwards is a sign of demonic possession. Least of all Francis himself, who constantly talks about the reality of the devil (so that people like Jimmy Akin can say, “But look, he believes in the devil!”), has the education of a Jesuit, and is familiar even with such bizarre and evil concepts as coprophagia. Besides, this wasn’t the first time that a “Pope Video” has included something bizarre with occult associations. Recall the odd use of mirrors in the May 2017 clip — not to mention the promotion of idols in the very first “Pope Video”.

By the way, did you notice that the church in the video is a traditional Catholic church building? It’s funny how for media productions like this, the makers always choose a gorgeous old-style church and never one of those modern space-ship temples that most people actually have as their parish church. This just as an aside.

Francis has been publishing these monthly “Pope Videos” with his prayer intentions for the world since January 2016. These highly professional (and therefore no doubt costly) productions are each about one minute or so in length and typically contain something erroneous, heretical, bizarre, or just plain silly; or else they simply reduce the Catholic Faith to little more than a help-your-neighbor philosophy with a liturgy.

As was to be expected, the September 2017 “Pope Video” is once again about the corporal works of mercy (rarely does Francis ever mention the spiritual works, which are superior to the corporal works because they chiefly pertain to the soul rather than the body), and the Catholic Faith is merely used as a prop to motivate people to engage in these works — a very common theme in this “pontificate”.

Let’s review what Francis says in that video message:

Parishes must be in contact with homes, with people’s lives, with the life of society.

They have to be houses where the door is always open so as to go forth toward others.

And it is important that this going-forth follows a clear proposal of faith.

The doors must be opened so that Jesus can go out with all of the joy of his message.

Let us pray for our parishes, that they not be simple offices, but that animated by a missionary spirit, may be places where faith is communicated and charity is seen.

(“Pope Francis’ prayer intention for September: ‘For parishes at service of mission'”, Vatican Radio, Sep. 1, 2017)

What may seem at first glance to be a fairly uncontentious message, when viewed in light of the accompanying video and what else we know about Francis and his doctrines, reveals itself to be just more of the same false gospel of man he’s been preaching from the beginning.

Once we decrypt the above Bergoglian message, what we get is that we must constantly be engaged in some sort of activity, always interacting with people, lest we become — heaven forbid! — “self-referential”. Yes, Francis talks about “going forth”, but by this he does not mean the Great Commission of the Gospel (Mk 16:15), for the actual preaching and teaching of the Faith to unbelievers is something Francis adamantly rejects as evil “proselytism”.

Instead, what he has in mind is serving the poor, “caring for creation”, and including the marginalized. He wants you to announce God’s mercy, but not the true Gospel, which is a bit more than simply saying that God is merciful. Ultimately, all of the activity Francis proposes is oriented towards helping people in their temporal needs, to give them a better life in this world. Eternal considerations — the salvation of souls — are entirely eclipsed by this false naturalist gospel.

Thus, do not be misled when you hear Francis talking about “missionary spirit” and the “faith [that] is communicated”. Missionary activity for Francis is providing clean water, building shelters, caressing the elderly, hugging transvestites, and running a soup kitchen. The “faith” for Francis is declaring that God loves you and forgives you and is always there for you. That’s it. It all fits on a Hallmark card.

So, the latest “Pope Video” preaches Francis’ usual gospel of man with ideas that no Atheist, no Pagan, no Protestant, no Jew, no Muslim would find objectionable.

It’s all about moving forward!

Or backward, as the case may be.

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6 Responses to “September “Pope Video” shows people walking backwards”

  1. Patrick O'Brien

    “So, the latest “Pope Video” preaches Francis’ usual gospel of man with ideas that no Atheist, no Pagan, no Protestant, no Jew, no Muslim would find objectionable.”

    If Jorge Bergoglio is a believer, he hides it very well.

  2. Gisèle A. Demers

    The cult of satanism in three stages:
    a) Satan makes us believe that he doesn’t exist.
    b) the cult of man
    c) adoration of Satan

  3. That Hat Lady

    They came to mass in their soiled work clothes, not their Sunday best. Atypical in a traditional church. Could be migrant workers paid below minimum wage.

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