John Vennari has died

Long-time Editor of “Catholic Family News”

John Vennari has died

Mr. John Vennari (1958-2017)

Mr. John Vennari, the long-time editor of the recognize-and-resist flagship publication Catholic Family News, has died at the age of 59. This was reported by his family on Mr. Vennari’s Facebook page. The indult blog Rorate Caeli also posted a notification.

Vennari passed away on April 4, 2017, after a difficult battle with cancer, which had only been discovered about a year ago. He is survived by his wife Susan and their children.

Mr. Vennari’s death comes less than 2 years after the sudden passing of “Fr.” Nicholas Gruner, head of the Fatima Center in Fort Erie, Canada. Gruner and Vennari worked closely together, Catholic Family News actually being owned by the Fatima Center. We pray that Vennari repented of all his sins, died in the state of sanctifying grace, and received a merciful judgment. Please pray for the repose of his soul.

Death is always a good reminder to all of us that we too have a day and time appointed at which we will be called to judgment, to render an account to the Almighty Judge (see Heb 9:27). The circumstances of our own death are entirely unknown to us, and will probably be quite different from what we may expect. Pray for final perseverance always. St. John Vianney has remarked that he who does not pray for final perseverance will not receive it.

Ponder also the questions presented in the following post — this is a good reminder that all these issues we discuss every day at this web site are extremely serious:

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

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27 Responses to “John Vennari has died”

  1. mary_podlesak

    John was 59 when he died. I had cancer also, diagnosed in 2003. I am now 63. I’m still here. We both were born and lived in the same place. I eat raw garlic on a regular basis. It is anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic. His first name was Joseph. I stopped by the hospital he was a patient in and brought a peace lily, garlic, a statue of St. Joseph and a note to him in February. I haven’t yet heard if it was received. St. Joseph is known for his staff’s flowering lily. Garlic is a member of the lily family. I think of Garlic as being St. Joseph’s remedy.
    Like you folks here, I don’t believe Francis is pope. Maybe that’s the issue, I don’t know. I do know he and Fr. Gruner were warriors for Our Lady of Fatima, the true sentinel of the end times of the Church.
    Requiescat in pace

  2. Clare

    Wonderful servant of God. Was feeling sad all day — hearing the news, now I know why. John finished the race; a job well done. Can only imagine what our dear Lord has prepared for this son of His.

    • Paul Lacortis

      Is he really dead or is this just a setup by sinister forces. The Fatima Center was a scam from the beginning.

      • shortlilsqueeks

        Are you kidding? Ask his loved ones if he’s really dead, that ought to go over very well. I’ve known him since I was born, I babysat his kids. I will be at his wake/funeral, praying for peace for his grieving family. I’ll let you know if he’s really there, dead, with his loved ones crying. Nothing like Christian love, right here in this statement. Shame on you. You’re the sinister force.

  3. Siobhan

    My deepest condolences on the anniversary of the death of your daughter. Honestly, no one but we who have experienced the death(s,) of our children truly knows how the heartbreak never leaves a parent. How happy are we that we can tell Our Blessed Mother of our pain. Peace be to you.

  4. Nicholas

    Very sad news. I learned a lot from John Vennari. I was never able to hear him speak in person, but I heard many of his recorded speeches and read his articles. I pray that he will make it to his heavenly reward.

  5. Jack1208

    Mr. Vennari, I believe was a sincere man. I am a sedevacantists and disagree with his theological stance, but he was a Catholic that was fighting the good fight in the way he knew how and I do not judge whether he could of handled more or not- that is not my place. If we all could just stop the crazy fighting within traditional groups- (Of course CMRI and Dolan/St. Gertrude the Great would have to disappear from the face of the earth for this to happen) and try to come together on some levels (at least pray together-I realize there is validity concerns regarding the Sacraments with Indult, FSSP, etc). We all should be uniting in prayer.

    Eternal Rest grant unto him O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him!

      • Novus Ordo Watch

        Everyone: Just a quick reminder that Novus Ordo Watch is not the place to discuss disputes among sedevacantists. The reason for this is that our primary mission is to get people out of the Novus Ordo Sect and bring them into the true Catholic Church, not to resolve differences among sedevacantists. That’s not to say that these issues need not or should not be discussed, only that Novus Ordo Watch is not the place at which to do it. I hope you understand.

    • Novus Ordo Watch

      Everyone: Just a quick reminder that Novus Ordo Watch is not the place to discuss disputes among sedevacantists. The reason for this is that our primary mission is to get people out of the Novus Ordo Sect and bring them into the true Catholic Church, not to resolve differences among sedevacantists. That’s not to say that these issues need not or should not be discussed, only that Novus Ordo Watch is not the place at which to do it. I hope you understand. Thank you.

      • Melanie

        You act like people can just leave the NO and find the Church somewhere else. Where? You have no answer. The Church is where the Pope is. There is clearly no Pope. You don’t want this discussed because it reveals the question, “Where should I go?” And there is nowhere. So God has left us with nothing. No Church. What am I missing?

        • Novus Ordo Watch

          What are you talking about? We address this right here:

          The Church is where the Pope is, correct. This does not mean, however, that where the Pope is not, there the Church is not (that would be fallacious reasoning).

          We also have advice from Fr. Michael Oswalt (former Novus Ordo priest) on how to exit the Vatican II Sect and what to do:

          We must be willing to patiently and lovingly suffer the exile to which God has sent us. Even if you have no parish church to go to, that does not justify accepting a public apostate as Pope and remaining in a false religion. If we want to make it to Heaven, we really need to man up: “…the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent bear it away” (Mt 11:12).

      • Jack1208

        Yes, I understand. My only concern is that Novus Ordo Watch seems to overlook horrific behavior. You seem to propagate groups that have scandalized people right out of the traditional movement. CMRI and Dolan in particular is not a matter of mere gossip. I truly appreciate your work, but I know many over the years that watched your website faithfully and then go to these groups and realize they are only “holy” on the externals, and then return to the Novus Ordo or SSPX because the devil is so obviously working within their organizations, with little resistance. Unfortunately, the infighting within sedevacantists groups is a very serious issue that affects whether people leave the false church or not- you are trying to separate two variables that cannot be done. You are essentially not being spiritually and intellectually honest. Just because they have valid sacraments does not negate the fact that they are, generally speaking, morally bankrupt-with absolutely no apologies for their behavior. Only when groups like CMRI and Dolan are dissolved will there be the peace needed to work together. That is my prayer.

        • Novus Ordo Watch

          We do not propagate groups or individuals, per se, but content. If people want to discuss certain issues they think need to be discussed, they can do so, but not on this web site. I understand what you’re saying, but Novus Ordo Watch is deliberately above any intra-sedevacantist controversies, and we have to be, else this work could not be done at all. Thank you for understanding.

          This will be the last post on this issue.

  6. Michael S

    Sad. Did he receive the last sacraments from a real priest? Here’s hoping he came to his senses before the end… and that he had his brown scapular on. Requescat in pace.

    • Cindy Snipes

      He had Last Rites, Confession and received Holy Communion also. He died wearing his Brown Scapular & with loved ones gathered around him praying the Rosary. Sounds very peaceful and beautiful to me.
      I pray for his soul and that his loved ones be comforted.

  7. Cindy Snipes

    I too, am greatly saddened by his passing. For me, it was like losing a special, favorite Catechist. And we were the same age too.
    I just can’t imagine the Fatima Center now that both he and Fr Gruner are gone.

    • Brother John

      Well, the problem with the sedevacantist heresy is that the 1st Vatican Council decreed Ex Cathedra that “we have perpetual successors in the primacy over the Catholic Church…” and so you have to believe by your true Catholic Faith (and the Church commands you) that there is the true Holy Father in this world by the sole election of our Lord (as He has also selected St. Pater to be the first Pope) BUT because of sin God is not revealing who that person is and where he is in this world.

      I have a bad news for you regarding Mr. Vennari – because he had recognized the NO neo-protestant sect as validly in possession of authority over the Holy Mother Church, he was a public heretic….and the FSSPX priest does NOT in any way possess the true faculty to be able to give valid absolution to the penitents because due to Canon 188 (1917 Code) public heretics loose their clerical offices and due to Canon 873 they thus lack the jurisdiction from the true Catholic Church to hear confessions – this jurisdiction is the matter of the Sacrament of Penance and without it the Sacrament is invalid !

      Moreover (I am saying this using my clerical dignity of the true Roman Catholic Church so there would be no blind and sacrilegious “discussions” of the laymen afterwards) that those who dare to recognize this NO neo-protestant sect as Catholic at THAT MOMENT become heretics because by this recognition they give their heretical consent to the 1962 sacrilegious illicit change of the Sacrament of Holy Orders (etc.) by the enemy of the Church John XXIII Roncalli and also to the heretical and absolutely invalid change of the same by the arch-enemy of the Church Paul VI Montini in 1968….

      The sedevacantist position is heretical because it denies the infinite power of God as if He was not with His true Catholic Church as He had promised (which Is a heresy) and so you MUST believe as the Church has declared that WE DO HAVE A TRUE POPE today and we do have a Pope by the election of God.

      The true guidance to you, with the paternal love we bear to such souls, is that you must separate yourselves from all such heretical lies and deformity of the truth and believe in your heart and soul that the truth is what the Church has always taught and proclaimed which in this case is that we do have perpetual successor on the Chair of St. Peter today.

      Without the Pope there is no Church which would be a heresy of its own.

      This is the teaching of the Church which those who would DARE to presume to try to discuss or take it upon themselves t negotiate in some way that the sedevacantist heresy is feasible in any way, are thus declared by the 1st Vatican Council ANATHEMA.

      You cannot be Catholic and be sedevacantist at the same time as these are contrary to each other. Mr. Bergoglio and prior to him Fr. Ratzinger, Bishop Wojtyla and Lucianni were not the Popes because the sect has lost its authority over the Church so God Himself had to intervene in 1968 and select the Pope Himself….this should be easy enough to believe based on the true Catholic Faith and teaching of the true Councils…

      May God guide your steps and you are ordered to stay away from heretics under the pain of mortal sin of disobedience. Br. John

      Visit for more documentary information and guidance.

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