Bergoglio’s Naturalism has no Answer…

Francis Stumped — Can’t Answer Child’s Question about Suffering, says “There is no Answer”

We have long said that the religion Francis promotes is not that of genuine Catholicism, but rather an empty greeting-card spirituality that thrives on platitudes about “love”, “brotherhood”, “encounter”, “dialogue”, and anything else the Dalai Lama wouldn’t object to. Such spirituality is totally devoid of anything distinctively Christian, distinctively Catholic, as though our Blessed Lord had come to earth merely to help the poor and ease suffering. This sort of Naturalism is necessarily dumfounded when confronted with the question for the cause and purpose of human suffering, which it cannot explain, because to a Naturalist, happiness is necessarily tied to the enjoyment of the pleasures of this world, which human suffering contradicts.… READ MORE

New Radio Show — Listen Free

I: Recognizing the Problem


Former Novus Ordo priest (now true Catholic priest) Fr. Michael Oswalt

A new radio show has been launched at Restoration Radio — it is called “Escape from the Novus Ordo” and features Fr. Michael Oswalt, a former Novus Ordo “priest” of the diocese of Rockford, Illinois, who converted to traditional Catholicism (sedevacantism). Realizing that the church he was a part of was not in fact the Catholic Church, that the training he had received was in contradiction to 2000 years of Catholic teaching, and that his “ordination” from his “bishop” was invalid, he exited the impostor church and entered a real Catholic seminary.… READ MORE