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The National [Non-]Catholic Reporter blogs about Novus Ordo Watch

The American Über-Modernist newspaper that deceptively calls itself the National Catholic Reporter has published a blog post in which the author, Robert McClory, mentions Novus Ordo Watch and Sedevacantism.

Entitled “Pope Francis and His Really Hostile Critics”, McClory correctly notes that we identify Francis “as a heretic [and] deceiver.” In particular, he takes issue with our post of November 3, 2013, in which we accuse Antipope Francis of heresy for saying that today’s Jews are the Chosen People of God and that the Old Covenant is still valid.

Not surprisingly, this doesn’t sit well with the Pseudo-Catholics at the NCR, who, of course, are in absolute awe over Jorge Bergoglio and have long thrown Catholic dogma overboard.

McClory states that we believe that “Jews no longer have any claim on God’s favor”. This way of putting it is very clever, because it is both vague and ambiguous, allowing the author to communicate a certain impression to the reader yet without commmitting himself to any clearly formulated assertion. This is how Modernists have been operating for over 100 years — and quite successfully so, as we have seen since the death of Pope Pius XII.

But let’s respond to Mr. McClory and get straight to the heart of the matter: The Jews have a “claim” on God’s favor as much or as little as anyone else. They, too, can find salvation only in Jesus Christ and His Mystical Body, the Church. In Acts 2, St. Peter addressed a group of devout Jews, and unlike what Novus Ordo clerics would have done in such a case, Pope St. Peter did not congratulate them for being Jews, ensure them of his closeness to them, and work for peace and harmony — all the while leaving them spiritually starved.

On the contrary, he preached Jesus Christ to them and concluded: “Therefore let all the house of Israel know most certainly, that God hath made both Lord and Christ, this same Jesus, whom you have crucified” (Acts 2:36).

Holy Scripture then relates what happened after St. Peter finished preaching:

Now when they had heard these things, they had compunction in their heart, and said to Peter, and to the rest of the apostles: “What shall we do, men and brethren?” But Peter said to them: “Do penance, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ, for the remission of your sins: and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. For the promise is to you, and to your children, and to all that are far off, whomsoever the Lord our God shall call.” And with very many other words did he testify and exhort them, saying: “Save yourselves from this perverse generation.”

They therefore that received his word, were baptized; and there were added in that day about three thousand souls. And they were persevering in the doctrine of the apostles, and in the communication of the breaking of bread, and in prayers. And fear came upon every soul: many wonders also and signs were done by the apostles in Jerusalem, and there was great fear in all. And all they that believed, were together, and had all things common. Their possessions and goods they sold, and divided them to all, according as every one had need.

And continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, they took their meat with gladness and simplicity of heart; praising God, and having favour with all the people. And the Lord increased daily together such as should be saved.

(Acts 2:37-47)

The preaching of the first Pope produced rich fruit, based, as it was, not on Vatican II, but on the Teaching and Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ: “And he said to them: Go ye into the whole world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized, shall be saved: but he that believeth not shall be condemned” (Mark 16:15-16).

This is what we believe at Novus Ordo Watch. There simply isn’t a separate, “special” way for the Jews. They too must acknowledge Christ, be baptized, and enter the Catholic Church:

For you are all the children of God by faith, in Christ Jesus. For as many of you as have been baptized in Christ, have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek: there is neither bond nor free: there is neither male nor female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus. And if you be Christ’ s, then are you the seed of Abraham, heirs according to the promise.

(Galatians 3:26-29)

The New and Eternal Covenant Christ established is the only valid covenant; salvation can only be found in it.

Obviously, the testimony of the Holy Bible means nothing to Mr. McClory. No wonder that the decrees and dogmatic definitions of Catholic councils and Popes leave him cold as well: “These on-edge Catholics see themselves as holding to the ancient, unchangeable decrees of earlier councils and earlier popes, and they intend to do so until the heresy of ‘Modernism’ is put down for good.”

And so it is!

So why is Mr. McClory concerned about our rejection of Vatican II? Our position at least makes sense: We reject Vatican II because we hold that it didn’t come from the Catholic Church; it is not a valid council. Even those who disagree with us will have to admit that the position is consistent. McClory, on the other hand, rejects a whole host of councils and their teachings even though he technically believes them to be true and valid ecumenical councils of the Catholic Church.

Or is he going to tell us that he adheres to this infallible teaching of the Council of Florence?

[This council] firmly believes, professes, and proclaims that those not living within the Catholic Church, not only pagans, but also Jews and heretics and schismatics cannot become participants in eternal life, but will depart “into everlasting firewhich was prepared for the devil and his angels” [Matt. 25:41], unless before the end of life the same have been added to the flock; and that the unity of the ecclesiastical body is so strong that only to those remaining in it are the sacraments of the Church of benefit for salvation, and do fastings, almsgiving, and other functions of piety and exercises of Christian service produce eternal reward, and that no one, whatever almsgiving he has practiced, even if he has shed blood for the name of Christ, can be saved, unless he has remained in the bosom and unity of the Catholic Church.

(Council of Florence, Decree Cantate DominoDenz. 714; underlining added.)

The mere fact that Mr. McClory has found some “far-right Jews” that consider even Francis to be hostile to them, what does that prove? Nothing other than the fact that there’s hardly an opinion in the world that isn’t held and represented by somebody. So what else is new?

Note well that this blogger at the National Non-Catholic Reporter bases his endorsement of Francis and his heresies about the Jews entirely on the Second Vatican Council, on nothing else. That’s because for them, there really is nothing before the Council; it was a new beginning for a new church, and all their adherence is to it.

We call it the “Vatican II Religion” for a reason, folks.

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