Ratzinger writes Letter to Hans Küng

Benedict XVI delights in “Great Agreement of Views” with Francis

UPDATE 2/26/14: Benedict Confirms Accuracy of Hans Kung Testimony (click here)

Bad news for Resignationists and all those who believe that “Pope Emeritus” Benedict XVI is gravely at odds with his offbeat successor, Jorge Bergoglio. The Italian newspaper La Repubblica reports that in a Jan. 24, 2014 letter Joseph Ratzinger wrote to his former colleague and collaborator Hans Kung, he expressed his satisfaction to be united to “Pope” Francis not only by a “cordial friendship” but also — and this is clearly much more important — by a shared concurrence of points-of-view:

“I am grateful to be joined to Pope Francis by a great agreement of views and a cordial friendship”, the retired Benedict wrote to arch-apostate Hans Kung, who basically denies every Catholic dogma in the book, including that of the Most Holy Trinity, and who announced in 2013 that he is considering committing suicide as he is now advanced in years and suffers from Parkinson’s Disease and doesn’t really see the point of sticking around. (Suicide is a mortal sin against the Fifth Commandment, of course, one that sends the perpetrator directly to hell inasmuch as it precludes any possibility of repentance and contrition.)

The article by La Repubblica, which consists of an interview with Küng, is only available in Italian, but you can access it here:

Like Ratzinger, Kung too attended the Second Vatican Council as a theological “expert” (peritus) and was likewise effective in ensuring that the Modernist Nouvelle Theologie (New Theology) would successfully find its way into the official conciliar documents. The two German-speaking Modernists are united theologically in their rejection of the true Catholic Faith and traditional Catholic theology, and in their hatred for Scholasticism and the Neo-Thomism of which the great Anti-Modernist Fr. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P, was the uncompromising champion. The illustrious Mgr. Joseph Clifford Fenton battled Kung directly in his writings.

In 2012, a 1963 letter from Karl Rahner was unearthed in which the Modernist Rahner relates to his brother Hugo that Ratzinger was being denounced as a “heretic who denies hell” at the infamous Vatican II Council in progress at the time. There is a lot more that unites Ratzinger and Kung than what divides them, that’s for sure.

In 2005, the newly-elected Benedict XVI invited his fellow-Modernist friend Kung over for a friendly chit-chat at the Vatican, at which the German Antipope reportedly offered his support for Kung’s interreligious Global Ethic Foundation (Weltethos) and engaged in “no polemics.”

There is one more interesting quote from Benedict’s letter to Kung that is relevant to the point that he is supportive of and in agreement with most of Francis’ views: “Today I see it as my only and last duty to support his pontificate in prayer.”

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