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April 14, 2021

Why you’re not Novus Ordo anymore, reason no. 182

In the Novus Ordo Sect they want to “rethink the way we live out our faith” in order to “save the planet”. Here’s a suggestion: How about they seek “first the kingdom of God and his justice, and all these things shall be added unto you” (Lk 12:31)?

The masks are off: Maskless Novus Ordo priest has homeschooling mom of 11 arrested for not masking in church. Well hey, she probably exhaled, so…

Watch at your own risk: Hellboy explains “Ignatian Yoga”… That’s what he does when he’s not busy promoting feminist theology… By the way: Since he’s all about letting people choose their pronouns, why won’t he let God choose His?

Excluding and marginalizing, Jesuit style: “It is morally irresponsible for churches to invite people to worship and receive the sacraments without taking all effective steps to minimize this risk. Since the approved Covid-19 vaccines provide a simple and effective means to achieve this end, churches would be justified in mandating vaccination.” And again: “Children and young people should not be allowed to attend such [Traditional Latin] Masses.”

Francis again rejects the Blessed Virgin Mary’s rightful role and title of Coredemptrix. He does, on the other hand, have a soft spot for Judas Iscariot

Different audience, different message: Bergoglio suddenly remembers the duty to help people get to know Jesus Christ — at interreligious meeting in Iraq last month, he didn’t so much as utter the Holy Name while surrounding himself with people who need Jesus the most.

An important question for our times: What if a nonbinary transmasculine cisgender embraces queerness? Heteronormative speciesists would like to know…

No, Francis, poverty in a Communist sauce is not Christianity.

Priorities: As world sinks ever deeper into apostasy and teeters on brink of total economic, social, political, and moral collapse, Francis publishes 7000-word “Apostolic Letter” on Dante Alighieri.

While his “Pope” declares that God wills there to be many different religions because diversity, Mike Lewis of Where Peter Is is worried about “dissent on the Catholic right”

In the Vatican II Church, you can be liberal or conservative. Each side has its “bishops” that occasionally crank out statements that make their followers hope and cheer (conservative example | liberal example). That keeps everyone distracted; and in the end, Francis wins.

As Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issues document forbidding the blessing of homosexual unions, the (other) queen of England weighs in.

Poor Damian Thompson tries to decipher Francis and concludes he’s “Catholic after all” because he won’t be changing church teaching on sodomy. But he doesn’t need to. He operates much more shrewdly. He likes to allow practice to change (because accompaniment!), knowing that that will influence what people actually believe. That is a tried-and-true method for the Modernists. For instance, they didn’t need to change Church teaching on the Real Presence. It was enough to introduce the New Mass and communion-in-the-hand, and the heresy followed. Look at what Francis does, or allows, more than at what he says.

Just as the recognize-and-resist crowd does when it goes the other way, liberal Novus Ordos try to explain away Vatican statement on gay unions.

Hidden poison: CDF Statement against Blessings of Sodomite Couples contains a ticking time bomb as it sees “positive elements” in mortally sinful relationships… Similarly, Louie Verrechio warns of that “little leaven” that leavens the whole lump… And Francis? He’s busy sending mixed signals, of course!

Have you gotten vaccinated against racism yet? Asking for an archlayman

Vatican event on priesthood to explore topic of celibacy. What could possibly go wrong? A bunch of Modernists “reflecting” on the priesthood… This event will provide the necessary footnote for Francis’ eventual doctrinal or disciplinary change… Clever fellow!

No more pussyfooting around! Novus Ordo Sect in Bangladesh gets daring with “One Catholic, One Tree” drive! Ecological conversion for all!

Does anyone care? The chief of staff at this “Catholic” hospital moonlights as an abortionist for Planned Parenthood.

Vatican II in action: Novus Ordo diocese in Nigeria builds a mosque for Muslims.

Bergoglio constantly has his trap open, always ready to weigh in on things that are none of his business. Perhaps that’s why he’s silent on those things that are his business.

Francis’ economy meets reality: Vatican can’t make ends meet.

Real Catholicism prevents so many problems: Maybe if Catholics married only Catholics, and evanglized non-Catholics, no one would need a common date for the celebration of Easter.

Lefebvrist (SSPX) superior general Fr. Davide Pagliarani aptly accuses Francis of “the negation of the supernatural order, reducing the Catholic Church to the dimensions of a philanthropic NGO” and also of a “lack of understanding of the wounds of original sin, and the oblivion of the need for grace to restore fallen nature and to promote peace among men.” Indeed, Bergoglio is a Naturalist!

Green Church advances: “The role climate change plays in the Church is to act as a form of displacement activity for those who have become uncomfortable with the salvation and care of souls. It replaces the apocalypse of the final judgment of humanity with the concern for the planet; essentially Gaia takes the place of Jesus under the guise of a new moral responsibility.” That’s why the Vatican just held a conference on caring for oceans. Yes, oceans. At least it wasn’t meteorites this time.

Semi-trad favorite “Cardinal” Robert Sarah clarifies: “Obedience to the Pope is not only a human necessity, it is the means of obeying Christ who put the Apostle Peter and his successors at the head of the Church. …I have never opposed the Pope.”

How to get around the Novus Ordo prohibition against same-sex weddings? Easy! Just have one of the two “identify” as being of the opposite sex

Will that work also for this man who wants to be a “nun”? Let’s see if we can get “Cardinal” Raymond Burke to weigh in

The “Pope Emeritus” circus is still in full swing: Some people believe Benedict XVI made his resignation invalid on purpose so as “to open a new front against his adversaries”. Yeah, he’s really showing them. (OK, at least not everyone is buying it.)

Randy Engel exposes what’s behind Opus Dei‘s Veil of Secrecy: Part 1 | Part 2

Yeah, that’s it: Let’s “accompany” the BLM Marxists!

“Archbishop” Carlo Maria Viganò has once again published countless messages and some interviews since our last news digest. Here’s one of the interviews (English), with the German economic publication Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten.

Vigano’s monographs (so far) have now been collected into one book: A Voice in the Wilderness: Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò on the Church, America, and the World, edited by Brian McCall.

Marco Tosatti publishes new book: Neovatican Gallery: Modernism, Unmentionable Vices and Corruption in the Time of Bergoglio. It’s a “disturbing gallery of horrors” (Viganò) exposing Francis’ “defective way of handling prominent cases of sexual abuse” (Hickson). An interview with the author has been published in English here. And this won’t help: Francis appoints open homo to Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors.

“New Springtime” Update: One in three Novus Ordos in Germany is thinking of leaving the church. That’s probably because the other two already left.

Next time you need proof that the recognize-and-resisters themselves concede that the church they believe in has defected and teaches an anti-Catholic religion that harms souls, you can use this from the Fatima Crusader Summer 2004 issue: “The long-range goal of Masonry is to subvert the Church by seducing Catholics — through the Council’s “new theology” — to join with other religions in an interreligious spirit that plays down religious differences for the sake of the unity of the human family. By doing so, these poor, misled Catholics are led, little by little, to deny the Faith and embrace the new Conciliar religion — all the while believing themselves to be Catholic. Yet, by adopting the new Conciliar mind-set, these people are actually being assumed into the Masonic Religion of the New World Order.” But of course to say that this could only happen because the “Popes” who inflicted all this on the unsuspecting faithful were mere charlatans and usurpers, rather than true Popes, why that would surely mean the gates of hell have prevailed, right? Madness!

If there’s ever a contest on which American Novus Ordo bishop is the wokest of them all, Mr. John Stowe of Lexington should win handily.

“Bishop” Thomas Paprocki has an idea: Pro-abortion politicians forgot to examine their conscience before going to ‘Communion’! There, that explains it!

Vatican official concerned by populist leaders ‘hijacking’ religion. Of course they’ve never expressed concern about non-populist leaders doing that… If these people didn’t have a double standard, they’d have no standards at all!

Church from (way) below: Francis says the Church is ‘never wrong’ when it listens to the faithful. The teacher always gets it right when he listens to the students!

On World Water Day, Francis calls for clean drinking water and sanitation for all. He’s always much more concerned about the world’s bodily well-being, which has temporal consequences, never about the world’s spiritual well-being, which has eternal consequences. For him, the “living water” (Jn 4:10), the “water of life” (Apoc 21:6), is overrated.

Prepare to be astonished: Novus Ordos are looking to create “Amazing Parishes”

Lawyer is as lawyer does: Christopher Ferrara proudly proclaims Francis is “Not My Pope” — while immediately clarifying that he is, of course, his Pope. (But in order to have a Pope, he has long abandoned belief in the Papacy, quite ironically; and so all it means now, for him, is that we must give a verbal acknowledgement that Bergoglio holds the office of the Papacy, much as we would acknowledge that Elizabeth II is the Queen of England, and with as much consequence to our lives.)

A year into lockdown, Novus Ordo Church in Netherlands fears permanent decline. It will get better soon, fellows! Once there is no one left, the decline will stop.

The vice rector of the shrine in Fatima, Portugal, who resigned from his post in January, has now resigned from a little more than that.

Not all Novus Ordos are happy with that “Just call me Father Bob” mentality so prevalent in the American branch of the Conciliar Sect.

Boy, that virus came in handy, huh? Bergoglio calls for “New World Order” after Pandemic.

Put on your surprise face for this one: Next head of Francis’ marriage and family institute is pro-contraception. …And while you still have it on: Canadian Novus Ordo bishops admit its charitable arm funded groups opposing Catholic ‘moral teaching’.

The “Great Renewal” in full swing: Chicago archdiocese announces another round of parish mergers. Meanwhile, Maltese “Cardinal” Mario Grech knows what will usher in (yet another!) “ecclesial springtime”….

Ordained in 1942 and now 102 years of age, the Italian Fr. Calogero Russo has been a priest for 80 years. Imagine what this man has witnessed! Born in 1919 under Pope Benedict XV, he was already 39 when Pope Pius XII died and things would never be the same again.

Must be one of those “inclusive” parishes: Novus Ordo parish bans confession for unvaccinated, reverses course after bishop steps in. “They that are well have no need of a physician, but they that are sick” (Mk 2:17).

Br. Alexis Bugnolo claims he is a religious brother recognized by the Vatican. But apparently the Vatican doesn’t think so.

Video evidence: The state of the “Paulist Fathers” in 2021 AD — in full communion with Rome, of course…

Rules for thee but not for me: “It would not be good to see photos or videos of the man in white violating all the pandemic protocols, especially since he has been one of the most ardent promoters of the vaccine against COVID-19.”

How does the “New Mass” measure up? The Sacred Liturgy and the Rule of Belief.

Australia’s senior cleric lauds report calling for Church governance by lay women. No doubt, they need a more feminine church…

Velcro to the rescue? “Papal” tailors are supposedly struggling to figure out how to solve Francis’ windswept cape problem.

Nighty-night! Francis appoints “Cardinal” Joseph Tobin to help him choose “bishops” for the United States.

Environmentalist Lent: Earth-Worship coming to a Novus Ordo parish near you?

Guess which “Roman Catholic” has publicly stated he is a Zionist — and now his Jesuit is in trouble! Ah yes, a lot of water has flowed down the Jordan river since Pope St. Pius X rejected Theodore Herzl’s request for papal support of a reconstituted state of Israel.

Now that the dust has settled: Randy Engel reviews the McCarrick Report.

Wuerl pool of confusion: Why did retired “Cardinal” Donald Wuerl receive $2 million for “continuing ministry activities”? Who is covering these expenses and why? The Archdiocese responds.

So much for being a visible sign instituted by Christ to give grace: Phyllis Zagano thinks that the consecration of the Mass doesn’t need the pronunciation of words. (Yes, that’s the same Phyllis Zagano who’s serving on the Frankster’s women deacons commission.)

One horrific side effect of the Coronavirus lockdowns: “Pope” Francis has an awful lot of time to give interviews. Even for books and stuff.

Bergoglio’s Annulments Factory in overdrive: Francis ‘sounds like a no-fault divorce lawyer’ in speech to canon law experts.

FREE Audio Book: The Treasures of the Mass (1936) is available for listening online and for download.

Need traditional Catholic home schooling resources? Check out the St. Jerome Library!

Fair questions: A blogger wants to know why “traditional Catholic” Charles Coulombe frequents a Theosophical Gnostic Lodge for Tarot card readings… And why he’s so obsessed with the American psychic and occultist “The Amazing Criswell”.

Priceless video clip: This brief interview with a 19-year-old Carmelite novice around 1950 shows what Catholic nuns used to be like… before the “Springtime” of Vatican II scorched it all.

Steve Speray shows how the Vatican II concept of the church contradicts the perennial Catholic doctrine regarding church unity.

Dr. Thomas Droleskey publishes new book: Bergoglio at War – with the Catholic Faith. 812 pages.

Romanticizing Heresy: A sedevacantist responds to Aaron Debusschere’s rebuttal concerning Vatican II’s Gaudium et Spes.

Dr. Peter Chojnowski has a challenge for the Fatimists and announces the future publication of a book in which a lifelong astrophysicist proves that the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima is a “scientifically verifiable and unprecedented event”.

Video: The world’s most successful forensic artist, Lois Gibson, gives her professional assessment of the “Two Sister Lucys” thesis.

Louie Verrecchio reminds us of the ONLY adequate solution to the Great Reset

Bp. Donald Sanborn explains the correct relationship between Church and state.

And The Burkean introduces readers to Fr. Denis Fahey, Catholic Ireland’s Forgotten IntegralistLINK FIXED

And one for the road…

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