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New Donor Gifts for October are here

Friends and Supporters of Novus Ordo Watch:

We are approaching the end of our fundraiser for this year, and this will probably be your last chance in 2017 to get a special incentive gift for your qualifying donation.

In the month of October only, we are offering the following incentive gifts:

Please make sure you give us your mailing address to receive your thank-you gift, else we cannot send it to you. If you do not wish to receive a gift with your donation (which helps us even more), please include a note/comment to that effect with your donation.

Act quickly because these gifts are only available while supplies last and only if we receive your donation in the month of October 2017! For more offer details & legal disclaimers, please see our October Donor Incentives Page before making your donation.

So, are you ready?



We would also like to use this opportunity to issue a big thank-you to everyone who has been contributing, whether in smaller amounts or in larger amounts. A number of people are monthly recurring donors, and we are most appreciative of this. Donations that recur automatically on a monthly basis make things easy for the donor — you set it up once and you’re done — and they also assure us of income for the future.

Keep in mind, too: The less time we have to spend fundraising, the more time we have available to blast Chaos Frank and the Vatican II Church! Your contribution helps to keep things running smoothly so we can focus on the important stuff rather than on worrying about how the bills are going to get paid.

By the way, if you’re looking for a page that lists all of our blog posts and articles, in fact, all content available on Novus Ordo Watch, we have that for you:

All of our podcast episodes and videos can be found at these links:

Your donation helps make all this content possible, so please help us by making a contribution today. Thank you & God bless you!

To thank you for reading this post, here is a hilarious video clip we made about “Pope” Francis’ reaction when he finds out Vatican staffers have been reading Novus Ordo Watch:

2 Responses to “New Donor Gifts for October are here”

  1. Tom A.

    Question on unrelated subject. I have heard some argue that the SSPX was “unjustly suppressed” in the 1970s. I thought I once read that the SSPX had a 6 year charter and that it simply wasn’t renewed. What would be unjust about that? Where they truly suppresed or was were they simply not renewed?

    • Eric H

      It’s explained in chapter 7 of John Daly’s book Michael Davies — An Evaluation (link). See pp. 279-280. Conclusion: “Upon no basis whatsoever, therefore, not even as a mere “pia unio”, can it be claimed that the Society has any canonical basis for its existence after the year 1982.”

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