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Fundraising Update:
March Donor Incentives are here!

Friends and Supporters of Novus Ordo Watch:

We’re a little late in posting this update, but so much has been going on that we’re struggling to keep up. So, here we go:

You are terrific! Thanks to your charity and generosity, we were able to meet the fundraising goal for the month of February, and that is terrific news! It is great to see people really making an effort to do their part in making this web site possible. Thank you!

As far as the amount of money goes that needs to be raised, what we raised in February we basically need to raise every single month. But this isn’t possible unless we also get the support of those people who thus far have always declined to make a contribution. Therefore, we now call on all of you who have passed up our appeals so far: If you too are benefiting from and using this web site frequently, could you please help out your brothers and sisters who have made the sacrifice in the past and do your part this month?

We know that financial contributions are a burden on people. If there were any other way, we would not be running a fundraising campaign at all. However, like anything else, it costs money to run this web site and produce timely quality content for it. We believe it is worth it. Do you?

Our goal for the entire year of 2017 is to raise $50,000. This isn’t possible if most people who use the site are pleased to pass the buck, lean back, and say to themselves, “That’s alright. Others can pay for it. I’ll just take the info for free.” No, we need everyone who can to chip in, even just a little bit — but, remember, we have gone out of our way to make this fun and rewarding for you as well:

  • throughout our 2017 campaign, we offer incentives (gifts/perks) to all who make a qualifying donation
  • we offer you a tax-deduction for your donation to the full extent permitted by U.S. law
  • we have stepped up our efforts to bring you more content faster, such as by producing our new express podcast TRADCAST EXPRESS (more info here / see complete episode list here)

So, we are doing our part in this as well, and are happy to.

To all who have not yet contributed to this campaign but are financially able: If we spread the financial burden to many, it will make it lighter on everyone. What’s the alternative? A for-pay web site? No, we are not going to do this. This content needs to be available to all people, especially those who cannot afford to pay for it and those who would never give money to a sedevacantist cause, because it is they whom we need to reach with the greatest urgency. After all, we seek to make converts, not simply preach to the choir. But unless the choir stands together and helps make it possible, there will be no converts.

So… What are the donor incentives for this month? What gift can you get with a qualifying donation? Here’s the list:

For more offer details & legal disclaimers, please see our March Donor Incentives Page here.

Remember too, it is Lent now, and that’s a really great time for almsgiving (cf. Lk 12:33)! Plus, remember that by helping to keep Novus Ordo Watch up and running, you potentially assist in the making of converts, something which God rewards most generously: “He must know that he who causeth a sinner to be converted from the error of his way, shall save his soul from death, and shall cover a multitude of sins” (Jas 5:20).

So, are you ready?



There are a lot of bloggers, journalists, and pundits out there who are now saying things about “Pope” Francis that we told you three or four years ago. It’s great that they’re seeing things better now, but we have no time to lose in this fight. This is all a very serious matter, and we can’t experiment on souls. We can’t spend years trying out different theories that deny the clear facts before our eyes or run afoul of traditional Catholic teaching. Besides: Consider that the SSPX-type traditionalists have “resisted” for five decades, and what has it gotten them? “Pope” Francis!

We cannot afford to play with souls. People die in the Novus Ordo Sect every day — without valid sacraments, with no real knowledge of Catholicism, and without supernatural contrition.

We’ve tried it the resisters’ way. It has gotten us to this. Not only have the heresies and errors in the Vatican never been worse, the resisters themselves have never rejected the traditional Catholic doctrine on the Papacy more than today. Nice job, folks!

No, denying Catholic teaching is not the way to a restoration of Catholicism. Give up the Novus Ordo Sect for Lent, and forever thereafter. Only if we shout from the rooftops that the whole thing is a farce and all these “Catholic authorities” are in fact not what they claim to be, can we ever hope to defeat that abominable Vatican II Sect with all its works and pomps. True, it alone is not the solution — but it is a start, a necessary start that has the potential (if enough people join in) to implode the entire Modernist establishment:

The entire force of the Conciliar revolt comes from the fact that it has apparently been imposed by the authority of the [Catholic] Church. How many bishops, priests, religious, and laymen, would have swallowed the lies of the heretics if they had not believed themselves bound to do so by the voice of Christ’s Vicar on earth? Questioning the authority of these men renders their revolution of doubtful authenticity.

(John Lane, “Concerning an SSPX Dossier on Sedevacantism”, p. 65)

Yes, Holy Mother Church is suffering her own Mystical Passion today, but it’s a passion in which she is the victim, not the perpetrator. She is suffering from an apostasy against the Vicar of Christ, not of or by the Vicar of Christ. She remains spotless and pure in her persecution; she is not herself the cause of the loss of faith or the damnation of souls!

So now what, you ask? Here’s what. You can also sign up to pray for a true Pope, here.

And please help us by making a contribution today. Thank you & God bless you!

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