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Perfect for Lent…


True Restoration News:
Season 5 Launched, Season 2 Available Free

Great news from our friends over at True Restoration: The traditional Catholic internet radio and media apostolate is now in its fifth season and has received a complete makeover, a wholly redesigned and easy-to-navigate web site that combines and consolidates all the former individual component sites (blog, radio, videos, press, etc.) into one. Find all their content now at a single, easy-to-remember location: Another exciting improvement: You now have three different membership options to choose from:

  • Digital Free Membership — get free access to Seasons 1 and 2 of Restoration Radio and any other sponsored episodes from Seasons 3-5
  • Quarterly Membership — get access to all seasons of Restoration Radio and access to all forums (new!) — for $45.00 USD per quarter
  • Annual Membership — get access to all content (Restoration Radio, forums, videos, and select transcripts) and a 10% discount on any purchases from True Restoration Press — for $150.00 USD per year

Be sure at least to get the digital free membership so you don’t miss out on the great content that’s provided free of charge. Lent is almost here, so take charge of your spiritual and doctrinal life!

Plus, we are happy to announce that Novus Ordo Watch has sponsored the entire second season of Restoration Radio so that all of Season 2 is now available to the public entirely free of charge. You’re welcome!

Here are some highlights of the programs of Season 2, now free of charge:

Restoration Radio is a member-supported worldwide podcast (internet radio) apostolate which features more clergy than all their imitators combined. Topics include but are not limited to catechetics, pastoral matters, sacred liturgy, and — new for Season 5 — Apologetics.

This year, they’ve upped the ante, adding more video conferences, downloadable transcripts of their best episodes, as well as a more substantial bookstore, with great pricing based on strategic acquisitions made. As noted above, they have both annual and quarterly memberships available.

Remember — access to Seasons 1 and 2 is free (Season 1 was sponsored by another benefactor), but in order to get it, you have to register for a Digital Membership, which, again, is free. You can do so here. Lent is coming, and while it is the season for “cutting back”, this is definitely the sort of content you can “binge” on even during the season of penance.

At Novus Ordo Watch, we understand that professional undertakings like this have to be supported materially as well as spiritually, and thus we are pleased to do our share by sponsoring occasional shows, including all of Season 3’s Francis Watch, and now all radio shows of Season 2, for your benefit.

Give Restoration Radio a try. You won’t regret it.

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