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This particular page exists to provide some resources to all Catholics of good will regarding matters pertaining to the Faith (doctrine), living a devout life (spirituality/virtue), and dressing properly and being pure (modesty/purity).
Even in traditional Catholic circles, where the Faith is usually vibrant and without corruption, and right spirituality is practiced, nonetheless often there is a lack of modesty, and Catholic standards of dress are either unknown or simply ignored. The importance of proper apparel and its relation to the Faith and spirituality cannot be underestimated, yet it seems to be the most neglected matter among traditional Catholics.

On July 17, 1954, Pope Pius XII warned:

“How many young girls there are who do not see any wrongdoing in following certain shameless styles like so many sheep. They certainly would blush if they could guess the impression they make and the feelings they evoke in those who see them. Do they not see the harm resulting from excess in certain gymnastic exercises and sports not suitable for virtuous girls? What sins are committed or provoked by conversations which are too free, by immodest shows, by dangerous reading. How lax have consciences become, how pagan morals!”

Remember that he said this in 1954. What would he possibly say today?

We must likewise remember that at the heart of the Catholic Faith is not merely or even primarily a rejection of the Novus Ordo Church but most importantly a true love for and devotion to the Most Holy Trinity, the Catholic Church, and the saints. As bad as things are with the Novus Ordo Church, this can never be an excuse for not loving our Lord or for not practicing virtue and avoiding sin. Personal holiness is what leads to Heaven, and everything we do must be geared towards and conducive to this ultimate goal, Eternal Bliss, loving God forever. If we miss this ultimate goal, whatever we may have accomplished in this life is utterly worthless, and we will have been an utter failure forever.

Doctrine / Faith

Video and Audio Recordings

  • The Vatican II Ecclesiology Debate (2004)
    Bp. Donald Sanborn vs. Dr. Robert Fastiggi
    A sedevacantist bishop and a Novus Ordo seminary professor debate whether the teaching of the Second Vatican Council about the nature of the Catholic Church is heretical. Loaded with fireworks!

  • The Syllogism of Sedevacantism (2013)
    by Bp. Donald Sanborn
    A sedevacantist bishop explains that if we hold that the Second Vatican Council (1962-65) represents a substantial change in Roman Catholic teaching -- as opposed to merely accidental change -- then we cannot escape the conclusion that the authority that promulgated it (Paul VI) was false, meaning that Paul VI was an antipope. Airtight, compelling, and never refuted.

  • Traditional Catholic Conference & Debate on Sedevacantism (2002)
    Mr. John Daly & Mr. John Lane vs. Mr. Gerry Matatics
    A traditional Catholic conference with presentations and Q&A session regarding the “sede vacante” thesis, i.e. the question whether the Popes after Pius XII are valid and legitimate. Objections answered. Recorded in Verona, New York, July 6, 2002. Total runtime: 3 hr 53 min. 

Miscellaneous Books for Download

  • Concerning an SSPX Dossier on Sedevacantism [PDF Download]
    by John Lane
    Sedevacantist John Lane critiques and refutes SSPX Fr. Dominique Boulet's book Sedevacantism: A False Solution to a Real Problem. Find out why sedevacantism is the only reasonable and possible diagnosis of -- and answer to -- the problem of the Novus Ordo religion.

  • NikitaRoncalli: Counterlife of a Pope [PDF Download]
    by Franco Bellegrandi
    Written in 1977 and published in 1994, this book stirred quite a commotion. The author, who served for years on the Vatican's Noble Guard and as an editor at the Vatican's newspaper,
    L'Osservatore Romano, reveals what he knows about Angelo Roncalli, supposedly elected "Pope" John XXIII in 1958. Roncalli's "election" had been told to him beforehand, while Pius XII was still alive, as the plan of Freemasons in the upcoming conclave: "He has already been chosen, and is the Patriarch of Venice, Roncalli."

  • The Robber Church: The Collected Writings 1968-1997 [PDF Download]
    by Patrick Henry Omlor

  • Paul VI ... Beatified? [PDF Download]
    by Fr. Luigi Villa
    This book was the result of Fr. Villa answering the call of "Cardinal" Ruini, Vicar of the "Pope" for the city of Rome, who had issued an “Edict,” appearing in the diocesan weekly Roma Sette on May 13, 1992, which, “invited every single faithful to communicate to us directly … any information” which, in any way, may argue against the reputation of sanctity of the said “Servant of God” by writing this book. Father Villa, playing the “Devil’s Advocate”, wrote this book basing it on the critical study of thousands of pages of encyclicals, speeches, Conciliar documents, historical journals, commentaries and magazines.

  • John XXIII Beatified Too? [PDF Download]
    by Fr. Luigi Villa

  • Michael Davies — An Evaluation (2nd Ed.) [PDF Download]
    by John Daly
    First published in 1989 and now revised and updated in a new edition (2015), this is a comprehensive work taking to task English writer Michael Davies for the sundry errors, fallacies, false theology, and slipshod scholarship found in many of his books. Davies was one of the most prolific traditionalist English authors, who was also the main lay defender of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and the Society of St. Pius X, as well as a decided foe of Sedevacantism. Lots of what passes for Catholic Traditionalism today is ultimately based on the research of Michael Davies — all the more reason for a thorough examination of its validity and the author’s credibility. The clear evidence presented demands an unpleasant verdict.

  • The Moral Obligation of Voting [PDF Download]
    by Fr. Titus Cranny
    An exposition of the true Catholic position of voting in political elections. What are our rights? What are our duties? Whom are we allowed to vote for, and for whom are we not allowed to vote? Is it permitted, perhaps even obligatory, to vote for an unworthy candidate to keep an even less worthy candidate from obtaining office? Etc. Fr. Cranny answers all the burning questions. Imprimatur, 1952.

Articles by Gregorius

  • Quo Vadis, SSPX?: The Society of St. Pius X after the Lifting of the “Excommunications” of 1988
    In January 2009, Modernist Rome issued a decree removing the censures against the SSPX from a decade before. The author looks at the ensuing doctrinal talks between the two sides and warns of what could be a very dangerous outcome.  
  • Sede Vacante 1958-2008: Reflections on a 50-Year Vacancy of the Apostolic See
    Nineteen fifty-eight was one of the most disastrous years in the long history of the Catholic Church, for with the passing of Pope Pius XII was set in motion a sequence of events so devastating that the Church still hasn't recovered―and this report points to the seizing of the Holy See by her enemies as pivotal.
  • One and the Same Rite: How Benedict XVI Aims to Destroy the Traditional Latin Mass
    This study concerns Summorum Pontificum, Benedict XVI's supposed liturgical Magna Carta liberating the Traditional Latin Mass, and shows how it is being used to draw unsuspecting Catholics into the Novus Ordo Church.
  • Refinishing the Great Facade: The Vatican, the SSPX, and the 'Restoration of Tradition'
    An in-depth exploration of why the "recognize and resist" position regarding Benedict XVI held by the Society of St. Pius X, The Remnant, and others represents a false solution to the crisis that will do exactly the opposite of what they intend: Seriously impede the restoration of Tradition, rather than hasten it.
  • No Friend of Fatima: Unspinning Christopher Ferrara's Defense of Benedict XVI
    Prior to April 19, 2005, lawyer/journalist Christopher Ferrara was one of the most scathing critics of Fr. Joseph Ratzinger, the head of Modernist Rome's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, yet on that fateful day, when Ratzinger became Benedict XVI, Ferrara has switched from prosecutor to defense attorney. Revealed here is how Ferrara plays spin doctor on a crucial subject: Benedict and the Third Secret of Fatima.
  • The Chair Is Still Empty: A Response to the Attack on Sedevacantism by John Salza, in 2 Parts
    Also available in French (here) and Spanish (here)
    Ex-Freemason John Salza has become a popular writer/speaker in conservative Novus Ordo and neo-traditionalist circles for his exposés of the Lodge in the Vatican II Church (a "priest" urged him to join the Masons!). But he is also the New Church's latest darling to attempt to refute sedevacantism. Part 1 of Gregorius' response addresses Salza's 2010 article "The Errors of Sedevacantism": Gregorius shows that Salza's critique is based on a flawed understanding of Sacred Theology and Canon Law and so does not pose a genuine challenge to the sedevacantist position. In Part 2, Gregorius deconstructs Salza's embarrassing 2011 article "Sedevacantism and the Sin of Presumption" and shows that Salza's incredibly poor scholarship is matched only by his complete incompetence on the matter he "presumes" to pontificate on. Exit John Salza... Two absolute slam dunks!

  • You Can't Have It "Your Way": A Response to Fr. Chazal's Arguments against Sedevacantism
    On Dec. 8, 2013, Fr. Francois Chazal (SSPX-SO) penned a letter to the Rev. Paul Kramer upon learning of the latter's rejection of Francis as the Pope of the Catholic Church and his embrace of "Resignationism", the idea that the Pope is still Benedict XVI. Chazal used the opportunity to make several arguments against the sedevacantist position. In this essay, Gregorius takes Fr. Chazal to task and demonstrates that his argumentation does not hold water and can in fact be used against his own "recognize-and-resist" stance. Absolutely devastating!

Articles by Francis del Sarto

Articles by John Kenneth Weiskittel

Other Online Books, Writings, and Resources

Traditionalists, Infallibility and the Pope (2nd ed., 2006) [PDF]
A brief, powerful explanation of sedevacantism, the position that the papal claimants since 1958 have not been valid Popes and the Vatican II Church is not the Roman Catholic Church. Includes plenty of documentation from Roman Catholic magisterial sources, theologians, doctors, Popes, saints, canon law, etc. Several appendices and bibliography included.
by Fr. Anthony Cekada

"But who are YOU to judge who is a Heretic?"
Answering a common objection, this is an excerpt of the book Liberalism is a Sin, which was endorsed by the Vatican's Sacred Congregation of the Index under Pope Leo XIII, and bears an imprimatur.
by Fr. Felix Sarda y Salvany

Did Vatican II Teach Infallibly?
A very common error among people who consider themselves to be Traditional Catholics is the idea that the documents of Vatican II can be rejected by the faithful on the grounds that the teachings contained therein are not infallible, that they came merely from a "pastoral" rather than a dogmatic council. This essay blows these false ideas completely out of the water and proves that the only way to reject the errors of Vatican II is to reject the authority that promulgated it: the false "Pope" Paul VI.
by John S. Daly

The Strange “Papacy” of Jorge Bergoglio
An excellent summary of the first 11 months of the “pontificate” of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, “Pope” Francis.
Miles Christi

Showdown in Rome: The Synod on the Family 2015
Complete coverage by Novus Ordo Watch

The Trojan Horse of the SSPX-Vatican Negotiations
How Bp. Richard Williamson puts souls at risk by gutting all meaning from a well-known expression.

Could This Be the Real Third Secret of Fatima?
Judge for yourself: A text that allegedly appeared miraculously and makes a heck of a lot more sense than what the Vatican released in 2000 as the supposed Third Secret of Fatima. Could this text be the true Third Secret?

Est Sane Molestum (1888)
Apostolic Letter of His Holiness Pope Leo XIII, in which some journalists are warned about the submission and respect owed to bishops, who are the legitimate shepherds of the faithful.

Epistola Tua (1885)
Apostolic Letter of His Holiness Pope Leo XIII on the submission that is incumbent on writers as regards religious affairs and the action of the Church in relation to Catholic society. Totally devastates the popular “recognize-but-resist” position of today’s false traditionalists.

Auctorem Fidei (1794)
Apostolic Constitution of Pope Pius VI condemning the errors, novelties, and ambiguous wording of the synod of Pistoia. Very relevant in our day because the synod of Pistoia was a prototype of the modernist Second Vatican Council (1962-65) of the Novus Ordo Church.

The New Ordination Rite: Purging the Priesthood in the Conciliar Church (1981)
An analysis of Antipope Paul VI's rite of priestly ordination (1968) in light of Roman Catholic Sacramental Theology shows that it is doubtful, which means that it must be considered invalid in practice.
by Fr. William Jenkins

Canonical Warning on Ecumenical Gatherings (June 5, 1948)
The Monitum issued by the Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office under Pope Pius XII regarding Catholics attending mixed religious gatherings.

Denzinger - The Sources of Catholic Dogma (1954)
Edited originally by Henry Denzinger, this is the English translation (Roy Deferrari) of the 30th edition, edited by Karl Rahner (pre-Vatican II). The proper Latin title of the book is Enchiridion symbolorum definitionum et declarationum de rebus fidei et morum.

Documenta Catholica Omnia
An exhaustive collection of both popular and rare Roman Catholic magisterial resources and related documents. Mostly in Latin but also in other languages. Free PDF downloads. (Includes many documents of the Novus Ordo church.)

My Catholic Faith (1949)
A beautiful Family Catechism with illustrations
by Bp. Louis LaRavoire Morrow (Imprimatur)

Liberalism is a Sin (1899)
by Fr. Felix Sarda y Salvany (Imprimatur)

Catholics and Freemasonry (1951)
Why Catholics cannot be Masons, explained by a Catholic priest.
by Rev. Dr. Leslie Rumble, M.S.C.

"Must I Believe It?" (1935)
Just because the Catholic Magisterium doesn't propose something as infallible doesn't mean we don't have to believe it...
by Canon George Smith

The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation (1953)
The Program of Christ vs. the Naturalistic Plans of Satan
by Fr. Denis Fahey, C.S.S.p. (Imprimatur)

The Talmud Unmasked (1892)
by Rev. I. B. Pranaitis (Imprimatur)

The Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church (and of the Novus Ordo Church)
Biographical entries of the cardinals (and "cardinals") from 492 to 2012 and of the events and documents concerning the origin of the Roman cardinalate and its historical evolution.

Sacramentum Ordinis (1947)
Apostolic Constitution of Pope Pius XII on the requirements for valid conferral of Holy Orders

Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio (1559)
Apostolic Constitution of Pope Paul IV on valid papal authority

Mortalium Animos (1928)
Encyclical letter of Pope Pius XI on the errors of ecumenism

Iam Vos Omnes (1868)
Apostolic Letter of Pope Pius IX, calling Protestants back to the Catholic Church

Singulari Quadam (1854)
Allocution to Cardinals of Pope Pius IX the day after the definition of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception of the Bl. Virign Mary

Questioning the Validity of the Masses using the New, All-English Canon (1968)
by Patrick Henry Omlor

The Plot Against the Church (1962)
by Maurice Pinay

Traditional Catholic Radio Online
"A Workshop for the Soul" - WFTS

Sedevacantism and Mr. Ferrara's Cardboard Pope
by Fr. Anthony Cekada


Spirituality / Virtue


Modesty / Purity

“Clothes should hide the shape of the body rather than accentuate it. Only this kind of clothing can truly be called 'decent.' This rule automatically excludes slacks (which are masculine apparel) for women. Feminine apparel is a skirt or a dress which must cover the woman's knees when she is seated.”

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